Shenzhen Centre (660 meters)

Shenzhen Centre (660 meters)

For more than a year ago we’ve climbed Shanghai Tower certainly not expecting the resonance and the amount of feedback we’ve got. And so, that amount of feedback led us to an idea of making a tradition of roof toping new skyscrapers all around the world. Today’s hero of attention is a new financial center still under construction and is situated in Shenzhen, China. Right now its height is about 660 meters and that makes it the second tallest tower in the world. Right after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

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Music: Gandzhu – Your Motivation

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Cohen says:

    Your were teenagers… It wasn’t your fault

  2. randomassockss says:

    please invest in some hooks ffs..

  3. Alvin Yang says:

    Sweaty as usual

  4. j0n0j0n0j says:

    All I can say is fuck that!

  5. Kris Cross says:

    Rofl my adrenaline started going just by watching that video ><, these kids have balls of steel.

  6. ProgramOrBeProgrammed says:

    It’s hard to even watch

  7. User says:

    I remember walking on the edge of the tall buildings back in Russia, when I
    was like 13-14 years old; I had no fear of heights. now im 32, don’t think
    could do it now))

  8. Tony W. says:

    You guys should get Periscope :)

  9. MrRevertis says:

    Not that it’s any less impressive a feat, but I really feel they completely
    destroyed the tension and excitement with the editing and music here.

    The Shanghai video and that free climbing tower maintenance video both
    STILL make me feel physically nervous every time I watch them, and I’ve
    seen them both at least 3-4 times. But this one didn’t have that effect at
    all, it was just too removed from the terrifying reality by the editing and
    music, just made it feel like a game or a movie.

    30 seconds uninterrupted climbing inside that godawful deathtrap of a
    crane, with just the wind and rattling metal would be ten times more
    engaging than all the electronic music you could fast-cut to.

  10. tmoney says:

    Kingdom tower one day?

  11. thunderap16 says:

    I was watching this video trough vr glasses and at the moment he looked
    down at the city i took them off and got the chills real fast

  12. Frank Pen says:


  13. Karub Syms says:

    I love your videos

  14. jeff13151 says:


  15. WilliamRayWalters says:

    I never ever get bothered at all watching these types of videos but this
    one….this one was different. I was actually anxious a few times….damn
    they were high up.

  16. 이종호 says:

    한국인도 많이 보고있다는걸 알아주세요 Thx!

  17. Peter Kinzio says:

    If u slip and fall thats alot of time to think, oh I fucked up

  18. Cognitive Overdose says:

    How do they know when the places are empty?

  19. dtox12 says:

    Thumbs up if your anus is tingling and your balls hurt

  20. Harsimran Singh says:

    They probably used a program from the Internet that tells you possible
    combination depending on the resistance of the spings