Shep “Shepard” Smith reveals the horrible truth behind Hurricane Matthew

Shep “Shepard” Smith reveals the horrible truth behind Hurricane Matthew

Shepard Smith reveals the horrible truth behind Hurricane Matthew. If you’re reading this, your children are already dead.

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20 Responses

  1. Jake Hassett says:

    well said, love the part about the dead kids

  2. ainteeeeeee says:

    Some people just can’t handle the truth smh

  3. Phil Theebauls says:

    Ol Shep, lol he must have done a bump before he went live.

  4. Oklahoman Mapper says:

    Anyone who doesn’t listen deserves whatever happens to them at this point.

  5. Baba 432 says:

    Mother Nature doesn’t have to be politically correct because it isn’t a
    pussyfooting hypocrite like some people. Don’t expect the anchor to
    sugarcoat it for you when your life is at stake. Pack your shit up and

  6. randomguy8196 says:

    What wrong with some of you? Why risk your lives? Is moving to a safe zone
    for awhile that big a deal that you would risk your life over it?

    Yes, his message is crude but that because he wants to drill into your
    heads that this isn’t something to fuck around with.

  7. D Mur (Murdan) says:

    for those of you wondering, kids are actually immune to the deadly effects
    of hurricanes. Normally kids get swept up in the air and fly around like
    Peter Pan harmlessly. This does not apply to this storm apparently, so I
    guess there fucked.

  8. Caitlin G says:

    The saddest part about these comments is you know at least a couple are
    going to be the account’s last activity ever.

  9. admstyles says:

    Can confirm, am dead.

  10. kerata76 says:

    Stop mincing words Shep, what are you really trying to say?

  11. Claire Rouge says:

    “And your kids die too” *Smiles to the camera*

  12. simpsonfan13 says:


  13. Red Judas says:

    All those smug assholes who think they know better.

  14. B Carroll says:


  15. Anthony Yang says:

    It’s pretty comfortable in Melbourne right now. Sunny right now, nothing to
    worry about.

    Australian weather is pretty great, huh?

  16. RaginPooh says:

    Material shit can be replaced… Life can not.

  17. autismpete says:


  18. Nicholas Denson says:

    That’s how you get stubborn people to evacuate thus saving lives. Well done
    Sheppard you deserve a raise.

  19. SandmanCam says:

    The horrible truth is our infrastructure can actually handle category 4
    hurricanes so nobody will die. Haiti got destroyed because all their houses
    are shitshacks.

  20. Mad Matt says:

    I must be dead then.