Shepard Smith to Florida woman: “Do you expect us to cover your funeral?”

Shepard Smith to Florida woman: “Do you expect us to cover your funeral?”

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20 Responses

  1. Basato “Based Salvation” Angelo says:

    That was just awkward.

  2. Nick Rotellini says:

    let em go Shepard it’s natural selection. If they wanna stay then they are
    not mentally fit for this planet.

  3. Madison One says:

    Shep’s contract up!

  4. VTBM says:

    He is a hero.

  5. venezolanatrini says:

    Lmao, he gives 0 fucks 😆😆😆😂😂😂

  6. Tom Tilley says:

    Drama Queen

  7. Jason ok says:

    What do you expect?? This is Fox News and their viewers respond best to

  8. Big Cheese says:

    Katrina survivor here–life long resident of the Gulf Coast-why do weather
    people feel comfortable talking to us this way but we NEVER hear this kind
    of rant when a hurricane is heading to, say, the upper northeast coast,
    like Sandy did? Hmmmm, just sayin’……

  9. Soraya Esfandiary says:

    Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

  10. MADMAN says:

    What a madman

  11. SPACE POTATO says:

    I live in Florida, she died.

  12. Kevin Clements says:

    Isnt great how quickly peoples tragedy will be turned into a political game
    by our canidates.

  13. ya boo says:

    He was like “Fuck her, she was a waste anyway” lmao.

  14. Mnd s says:

    I agree with him. Bottomline.

  15. Jonathanedward2010 says:

    what a dick

  16. Workers CCCP says:

    let us hope it only cover minor damage and not like sandy lets us hope for

  17. CriticalShot1 says:

    Anyone else think that hurricane looks like a penis? Or have I just learned
    something about myself

  18. Logan smith says:

    Sheps a savage

  19. Julian M says:

    Jeez, he must feeling a bit…

    ..under the weather :I

  20. Hilo says: