Sheriff David Clarke Crushes Don Lemon Over Hateful Black Lives Matter

Sheriff David Clarke Crushes Don Lemon Over Hateful Black Lives Matter

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20 Responses

  1. datnigga andy says:

    i love how don brings up a harvard study and then when based david clarke
    turns it around on him don says the study isn’t credible.

  2. Jack Freidel says:

    Crazy delusional Republican

  3. GrandFunker says:

    By God I want to slap Don Lemon so badly. As a father I see a spoiled eight
    year old who needs to learn a few things.

  4. Chris Shannon says:

    Lemon is a complete tool…what rock did cnn find him under?

  5. GreyboSneed says:

    Don Lemon will burst into flames if he answers a question lol.

  6. The7thm-age says:

    The shooter in Baton Rouge was a person who murdered another person. The
    police were responding to a gunfight and the murderer didn’t want to be
    taken in when the cops came. This is not a result of #blacklivesmatter.
    This is the result of a man who didn’t want to be taken alive. Don’t
    believe the hype

  7. SwankBanker says:

    It would be nice if Don Lemon didn’t constantly interrupt his guests. Let
    the guy speak and shut your damn mouth!

  8. Erin Vasquez says:

    who puts this idiot on the news!!!

  9. Aeternuss says:

    Damn. That is a satisfying video. Mr Clarke making some Lemonade

  10. Yeah Man1000 says:

    Ha Ha Don Lemon ? can’t talk properly cause he doesn’t know what he is
    talking about.

  11. Holden Kim says:

    More like Sheriff Uncle Tom.

  12. Pacific Warrior says:

    Lol! Is a Lemon a fruit?

  13. Venom Snake says:

    When life gives you Lemons,
    David Clarke makes Lemonade.

  14. PapaFrizArcade says:

    Don Lemon can suck a dick for all I care.

  15. Marc S says:

    Don Lemon is a clueless liberal hack who ran away at the end and tried to
    play off Clarke’s valid points on BLM as him being “stressed”.What an

  16. Danation2288 says:

    Ok Sheriff who the fuck created the ghettos and hoods

  17. hilltopmanful says:

    Lemon was trying the frame the narrative about what Lemon wanted to talk
    about, and sheriff Clark did not fall into his trap of controlled
    conversation. Pretty sure Lemon ran to his safe space after the interview.

  18. killerorca1 says:

    don lemonhead is a total wuss would have been nice if clark took over and
    pushed lemonhead off the set

  19. BringOn TheCrusade says:

    Don “Lemming” doesn’t WANT to hear the Truth,.. He only wants this Officer
    who knows FAR MORE FACTS then this POS could EVER fathom,.. to agree with
    HIS nerrative.

  20. Richard Sandoz says:

    I applaud Clarke’s restraint from any violence against that tool. He is a
    better man than me.