Sherlock Special: Official TV Trailer – BBC One

Sherlock Special: Official TV Trailer – BBC One

Programme website: Victorian London and an impossible case – Sherlock returns for a special episode. Coming Soon.

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20 Responses

  1. MrDili4sure says:

    This looks freaking cool ………………….

  2. Joshua Shaw says:


  3. The Antithesis says:

    Does anyone think that Moriarty Will make an appearance? I would love to
    see civilised Andrew Scott.

  4. Ondřej Černý says:

    How long will the episode be? 90 minutes as usual?

  5. Cailin Coane says:


  6. The Mystic Gamers says:

    @Thomas Oliver omfg, please tell me you are kidding or I’ll cry

  7. Mario Di Domenico says:

    Does anyone know if this will only air on BBC or if it will get an
    international Theater release? :

  8. Saurabh Sahoo says:

    wow. So its a Christmas special episode and sherlock gets more dark and
    intense. coincidence? I think not.

  9. Daniel Lakin says:

    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes

  10. José Bueno says:

    What is The name of The music in the background of the trailer?

  11. Alice V says:

    I am so afraid of what it is ACTUALLY going to be.
    Never trust Moffat based on a trailer. Ne-ver.

  12. keny mccormick says:

    I’m gay :v

  13. Andro A says:

    ”After all this is the 19th century.” :D

  14. ansh kumar says:

    yeah bitch

  15. GIGnome says:

    so did the tardis take them there?

  16. Ozan GÜNER says:

    this is how Sherlock was supposed to be. I don’t like the series but i
    definitely gonna watch this

  17. blowfishrule says:

    can’t wait to watch gay Victorians fall in love

  18. Viktor Veksler says:

    oh my goD :))) brilliant!

  19. daisylove i says:

    gibt es die trailer bald auch auf deutsch habe leider nur die hälfte
    verstanden 🙁 aber freu mich schon auf weihnachts sherlock special XD

  20. veronica watts says:

    “Two Hundred and twenty one B”, instead of two-twenty-one B. I’m not sure
    how I feel about this. :|