‘She’s a Good Kid’ Sneak Peek Ep. 916 | The Walking Dead

‘She’s a Good Kid’ Sneak Peek Ep. 916 | The Walking Dead

Carol struggles to accept Lydia in the wake of Alpha’s attack. Don’t miss the Season 9 Finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday, March 31 at 9/8c.

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The Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Season 9, Episode 16

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95 Responses

  1. Jonathan F says:

    I think what was more shocking were the ones who SURVIVED!!!!

  2. Serpent Lover267 says:

    Finally some winter weather lOl ?

  3. John Gresham says:

    The music made it sad for me

  4. John locke says:

    Dear AMC

    I not a fan of into the badlands. Please when a new walking dead is episode is over. Please show the preview after the IT’S show.

    This is a pathetic way of getting views for into the badlands.

    • Michal Rojas says:

      sure, your wrong opinion+Dennis Kirk

    • richard wright says:

      Dear AMC

      I am not a fan of into the badlands, when a new Episode of the walking dead is over please show the preview after it is over.

      This is a pathetic way of getting views for into the badlands.

      Fixed it for you since it seems you suck at English. Also the episode ran late

    • ÆRØ ŒM says:

      Its they they can claim they have high ratings for that show. They know most people will wait so it’s like artificially inflating the ratings for them. Looks good to some head honcho I guess

    • Michal Rojas says:

      WELL RICHARD WRIGHT, its the last 8 episodes of into the badlands, there is only one more walking dead episode, buddy stop fucking complaining+richard wright

    • Couch Time says:

      +zero what’s enter Badland? Is it the sequel to Into the Badlands?

  5. Generally Awesome says:

    We’re finally going to see them survive in the winter wow

    • Spiderman Toys VS says:

      i was so satisfied to finally see taras head on a stick lol

    • Philip Tucker says:

      Watch them show 10 seconds of winter snow, then time skip 6 months later ?

    • uppercaset12345 says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I get filming constraints but it would have been nice to see this sooner.

    • MediumRipeTomato says:

      No the walkers are all going to get frozen under it , preserving them , leaving the humans free from walkers for all winter long , is what would happen if this show wasn’t like how it is

    • AM Blake986 says:

      +Jeamus Great play on words lol! I see what you did there.

  6. Negans Mayo Sandwiches says:

    Negan wasn’t lying when he said it was a gotdamn wonderland?

  7. Jeremy Stanton says:

    Negan’s going to flip his shit when he finds out about Frankie.

    • Twelve says:

      I want carol to kill Alfa and began to kill Daryl

    • coasterboy456 says:

      he had like no screen time in season 9. F

    • Brandon says:

      +Ice_Wolf 0934 beta dies too but he died by jesus, who is currently dead on the show, also I think when they unmask Beta they are gonna have his real name be Ryan Hurst and use his real life, because when they unmask Beta in the comics he is a former famous actor/basketball player lol xD but in this version he will probably just be the actor Ryan Hurst

    • Free World says:


    • vidvidvid says:

      Negan is still alive? Wow, I stopped watching when he first appeared. Worst actor ever.

  8. Tombstone is the perk you need To survive says:

    I’m just glad jerry and the king are alive

  9. enilda rivera says:

    Carol is allowed not to like Lydia right now.

  10. Salvatore Palermo says:

    Michonne at the end of the finale is gonna ask negan for help and it ends with negan walking up to her and that’s when it cuts to the credits

    • Ryan Livingston says:

      I think Negan will escape again from another means, and they will try to trick the audience to make it look like he will team up with the whispers before he murders Alpha for Michonne/Daryl without them even planning or wanting him to do so.

    • Deranged Dude says:

      Where can I read these spoilers

    • Arch Angel says:

      How I see it. Michonne sets Negan free, ominious music plays, Negan raises Lucille in to view, credits roll.

    • J. S T says:

      The season is gonna end with hearing rick over the radio they are building. Also Negan joins the whisperers.

    • Moviestar says:

      +Ryan Livingston If anyone takes out Alpha I think it’s got to be Carol.

  11. Albert Aquino says:

    I’m happy that Ezekiel is alive.

  12. Sir Nickles says:

    Why did AMC not have the talking dead after that bomb shell? We need comfort from Chris

  13. RTRICK_ Clash says:

    I didn’t like Henry at the begining,but at the end he really got me.

  14. Striker says:

    Carol and Daryl are endgame. The last season 1 survivors left (still on the show) and they’ve made it this far. So proud of them.

    • Jonas Balili says:

      +Marvelconnoisseur sorry bud. They’re dead. It was in a deleted scene from one of their DVDs.

    • John Roberts says:

      +Northstar98 I really hope they don’t kill Rick and Morgan off. They’re the last two characters left who were in the first episode of TWD.

    • polsdofer says:

      +Jonas Balili i really liked that deleted scene, shouldn’t of been cut from season 2 episode 1

    • aicdragon says:

      Proud that the writers allowed them to not die? Hmmm interesting pov lol

    • Marvelconnoisseur says:

      Jonas Balili I don’t think that deleted scene is considered canon so the Vatos (how many of them are left) are still out there and the people from the hospital are still out there too

  15. For the Love of Film says:

    Henry was the saddest one he was just a dumb kid who fell in love

    • LovingChristian says:

      He got cucked, That’s why you don’t wanna fall in “Love” with the first bitch you find

    • Eqhb says:

      I’m telling you Sidick that little bitch fucked everything up I’m betting that he’s a traitor and that he turned on everyone and he’s the reason why everyone died.

    • RMK says:

      The kid was annoying as all hell. I’m glad he’s gone

    • Atiq R says:

      had to add the ‘dumb’ lmaoo

    • Donnie Newhouse says:

      I’d like to know how the hell all of them even got caught to begin with. I’m glad Tara was gone. She was a sucky ass leader but I’d give anything for Jesus to not have died.

  16. YANKEEbomber 152 says:

    Fans: “now we get to see the Carl arc replaced by Henry that’s awesome!!”

    Producer: Hold my beer

    • Samiek Allen says:

      laz101 yeah Henry is the soft pussy boy who risk his life and died and still didn’t get some???

    • laz101 says:

      +Samiek Allen true ???

    • XxInf3ctedxX says:

      Samiek Allen They didn’t kill Carl for “no reason.” His death was fundamental to Rick maintaining his focus on uniting the communities and not just killing all the Saviors. Rick was incredibly angry about the situation Negan had pushed him and everyone into to the point where he was seeing red, figuratively speaking. Not thinking rationally.

      In his death, Carl made it clear to Rick and everyone that he believed in the power of humanity and bringing people together, and not to give up hope on rebuilding civilization. This kept Rick grounded to making progress… it was largely the focus of the first half of this season — Rick trying to unite the communities. And when Rick left the show, the ideals of rebuilding society (that were imparted by Carl) were then passed to Michonne, Daryl, Ezekiel, and all the other communities leaders as his legacy of uphold.

      So, Carl inspired Rick to never give up hope on humanity and civilized society. Rick then left those ideals as his legacy, which lead to big, hope-inspiring events such as The Fair we just saw in this last episode.

      Without Carl’s death, it can be suggested that none of the societal progress we’ve seen this season would have taken place. His death highlighted the importance of humanity within the apocalypse… so in a way, his death meant *EVERYTHING* and was utmost important in leading to where the show is now.

    • Samiek Allen says:

      XxInf3ctedxX alright so I didn’t read everything you commented because I’m not trying to read a story on youtube but I got the gist of it.

      1. There was an entire different storyline they was going to do before they decided to kill Carl. He was excited to come back along with the crew you research that and I’m sure it would better then the one now.
      2. The whole reason for Carl being created because he would be taking over for rick when he died and leading the new generation.

    • VALERiE ERiN says:


  17. Dawson says:

    Poor Ozzy. All he wanted was to watch a movie. He didn’t deserve that. Rest In Peace, cowboy. Never forget.

  18. TheTowvalee says:

    Saddest part is the fact that Henry died a virgin.. he ate a worm for her and everything…damm homie R.I.P

    • 1% says:

      +MikeZilla54 ;D Now that Henry is dead, there was no point in killing Carl off, I understand the kid playing Carl was about to turn 18 and wanted a higher salary, but, since there were two time jumps anyway, they could have used a different actor to play Carl. I wish Judith would have died over both Carl and Henry. I still hope they pike Judith in the season 9 finale or in season 10, we still have RJ who could be the TRUE Grimes legacy. I upvoted your comment. If they only kill off characters being played by children who are about to turn 18, I hope that’s not true, because, we would have to wait for Cailey to turn 18 before Judith would be killed off, I can’t wait another six years (in our time) for Judith to be killed off, the show might not even make it that much longer, I wish six years could IRL go as quick as the time jump in season 9, episode 5 “What Comes After” to turn 12 year old Cailey into an 18 year old, lol!

    • BackYard Sky says:

      Now I think he got him some Lydia

    • Jayden h says:

      This show is ruthless

    • Hebin Yao says:

      Dude probably thought he was gonna get laid that night.

    • 1% says:

      +Jayden h Ruthless for the wrong reasons. I wish they would be “ruthless” enough to kill Judith off, LOL!?

  19. David Abreu says:

    ” Sometimes you gotta to fight the Devil with a Demon – Release #Negan!

  20. Spiderman Toys VS says:

    i was sooo satisfied to see taras head on a stick muahahahha

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