Shin Lim Blows Minds With Unbelievable Card Magic – America’s Got Talent 2018

Shin Lim Blows Minds With Unbelievable Card Magic – America’s Got Talent 2018

How did Shin do it?! Shin Lim performs incredible card magic with Tyra Banks, Matt Iseman, and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.
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In season 13, NBC’s America’s Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, “America’s Got Talent” has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America’s hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!

Shin Lim Blows Minds With Unbelievable Card Magic – America’s Got Talent 2018

America’s Got Talent

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72 Responses

  1. Ewenya p says:

    i personaly think this was way better than his final performance

    • Feisty says:

      +Josh Schwartzman the dream act is definitely his best act so he probably just wanted to use it for a guaranteed entry into the finals

    • Funkytrip73 says:

      The others did ‘burn’ a random number of cards though. Did he handle their left over decks afterwards?
      Never mind, he could force the bottom cards and he let them count in reverse other so the bottom card was at the top.

    • Hans Nuts says:

      +Funkytrip73 Remember, when Shin tells them to burn any amount of cards they want, the Jack was at the bottom of each one of their stacks. After the burn process, he asked them to count down how many cards they have left. In doing so, the bottom card now becomes the top card.

    • Dogon Backwards says:

      +Ewenya p i couldn’t see the dice at all. Except when she picked them up and showed the 9 to the camera. What did you see?

    • Dogon Backwards says:

      +Hans Nuts it was a petty sneaky peak though.

  2. Blaugrana Najar says:

    Never play poker with Shin lim

  3. Schnickohl says:

    Sometimes I have a basic idea how a trick is done.. Now, nah, impossible. What a guy.

    • jqbtube says:

      “Besides All that Gobblygoop you tried to Explain&Failed. ”

      It only failed because you’re a moronic godbot with an IQ below room temperature. Everyone else understood it.

    • jqbtube says:

      “but after doing the COUNT… there was this Burning of Cards”

      No, you cretin, the count comes last. Watch the video before typing and proving yourself to be an idiot.

    • jqbtube says:

      ” You only have to know how to force a card ”

      He didn’t force the card … he peeked; you can see it at 0:57.

    • jqbtube says:

      @Tyata Smrat Of course an imbecile like you will complain about smart people.

    • Jason Troiano says:

      JamieVegas Why is the one card pass needed? He makes four piles face up with the jacks on the bottom. When he flips the piles face down the jacks on the bottom then become the first face down card without the need for the one card pass. I can see him do the one card pass but can’t see why it’s needed if the Jacks are already on the bottom of the four face up piles? What am I missing?

  4. Elder Philbert says:

    I have never payed so much attention to magic acts in Got talent… untill Shin Lin…. .smthing about him…❤

  5. Milan Magic says:

    he is not shin lim, heis shin win!!

  6. Uta Rei says:

    Is he becoming more and more talktive during performance by days? 🤔
    Btw he’s my vote

  7. Fernando Panattoni C. Junqueira says:

    If you play the video in slow motion, you can see that magic really exists.

  8. H P says:

    “No, that’s impossible”
    Shin Lim: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. madstone72 says:

    I heard Akbar said, that is black magic! LOL

  10. XENOX says:

    white, asian , and black man at the same table. what are the odds of this?

    • Reagan Butrum says:

      +XENOX what do you mean whites don’t like blacks or Asians… Most of us aren’t racist

    • D4LETTERJ4Y says:

      And a drag queen

    • XENOX says:

      +Reagan Butrum bro u guys created the word racist just by being alive. yall are all fuckin racist fuckers who think you own everyone

    • TheScotchaholic says:

      XENOX –
      So, Shin Lim is a fellow Asian that brings people together, while you along with other racists and “supremacists” of different races/ethnicities, seek to divide further. The world would be a better place if we could take all the disharmonious people in the world, and put you clowns on your “pure” continents/nations.

    • Big Country says:

      U will never grow in life with hatred in your heart.. There are good people and there are bad people regardless of race.. Good vs. Evil with no color boundaries.. Wake up! Go on with that b.s.

  11. John Smith says:

    Shin is a superstar. He has a bright future ahead of him. Very talented and very polished. One of my favorite close-up card manipulators ever. Can’t wait to see him in person.

  12. Messi the G.O.A.T says:

    Who’s here after Shin Lim won AGT

  13. Mahnoor Mariam says:

    Im so happy he won
    Like if u agree 😄😄 good job shin!

  14. Script 2 Stage says:

    Who is here after his win??

  15. Mensah Mbro says:

    This is the best of his act with no doubt…congratulations for winning 2018 agt..simply amazing

  16. yodeling_asian says:

    So i bought all shin lims magic kits now im poor

  17. TOMOKIN / Ryota Tomogane says:

    You might be the best performer.
    You inspired me to aplly for AGT2019.
    I can’t watch AGT without commenting, I’m sorry.

  18. Jordan Henkle says:

    Random fact no one will care about. Shin lim inspired me to start learning magic tricks after seeing him on pen and tellers fool us. I used a beginner magic trick to propose to my girlfriend of 8 years. the moment was, dare i say, magical…
    She said no, she left me and kept my cat.. i gave up magic all together, then i saw he was back on America’s got talent, reminded me of all the good memories i had with her.
    I reached back out to her again, and things are going great! I Think im going to try proposing again, maybe a different more intricate trick this time?
    I’m just kidding, she said yes the first time! Our cat is fine and our marriage is super awesome equally as awesome as shin lims magic acts!

  19. neil ligue says:

    Finally America did something right when it comes to voting

  20. Maharandhi Banyu Kresna says:

    If shin lim doesn’t win , i will report this channel

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