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20 Responses

  1. Joshua Smith says:

    It doesn’t matter what Shinedown does. It is always pure Excellence!

  2. SaraSmiles says:

    he stands up from the piano but it still keeps playing :D*magic piano*

  3. Breno Ulric #conTV says:

    BR por aí?

  4. Nick Kapa says:

    Love this video. Amaryllis was eons better than Threat to Survival

  5. NightFury_32 says:

    I went to the Shinedown/Five Finger concert at the Oncenter and it was amazing I was standing and singing every single lyric. I was a balcony seat to the right ( in the band’s perspective). I’m 13 and very few people like great music this. Happy Valentine’s Day

  6. PAIman says:

    nice.. :’D

  7. Madotsuki Aya Drevis says:

    OMG i really love this song, and the new video!

  8. Kleber Magalhães Silveira says:

    Sem Comparação esse clipe explosivo e muito mais massa que o outro.

  9. Landon Jones says:

    I’ve fallen in love again

  10. 난 상관 없어 Winchester says:

    amei!!! incrível! parabéns!

  11. Cele says:

    I LOVE YOU SHINEDOWN !! ????????????

  12. Denner Vieira says:

    adorei cara foi muito bem feito

  13. Alex lopes says:

    Até que fim o clipe do I’ll follow you

  14. 5inyoface1 says:

    This song is absolutely amazing and I love it so much

  15. Maxbro88 says:

    It’s good to see them go back to old songs like this one.

  16. Wendy Krisko says:

    I like this video better than the original..

  17. Börtöntöltelék says:

    Still Awesome! ^^ Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

  18. JokeR w0w says:

    If I jerk off on a airplane, would that be considered as high jacking???

  19. Tanner The SW Guy says:

    they’re just now uploading this?

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