Shocking Evidence Links Bryan Kohberger to Idaho Student Murders: Police

Shocking Evidence Links Bryan Kohberger to Idaho Student Murders: Police

The probable cause affidavit police used to arrest 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger was released by Idaho authorities Thursday morning. The affidavit claims that various pieces of evidence link the Ph. D candidate to the Idaho student murders. The Law&Crime Network’s Jesse Weber has the details.

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42 Responses

  1. Andrew Manning says:

    This is truly sickening. God bless the police department for their hard work and dedication

    • Drain Bamage says:

      @dragon ballz With people calling for the total abolishment of the police force, it will probably only get worse.

    • SAHB says:

      @Jesus Saves Yes he gave us free will. 🤣 This has nothing to do with a supposed omnipotent being who has a god get outta jail free card with that lame excuse. It’s not his fault because you can’t blame the nonexistant.😳😳😉🤣

    • Greg Kasza says:

      @The Pit Patrol they didn’t. First they were given a name to the suspect, then from there they were able to link him to the evidence they had.

    • Atheistme says:

      @Angela Pyle fables, fables, fables, NEVER HAPPENED!

    • Lana Rios says:

      @Atheistme I thought I made it clear that I’m not playing your game. You’ll want to try this with someone else. 😂

  2. MrLoptukqrick says:

    Just speculation on my part, but to all the people wondering why Bryan did not kill the witness; there have been countless murders where an individual was spared because the killer gets satisfaction knowing that the survivor is living in terror. He probably enjoyed the idea of the survivor spending the rest of her life with PTSD. A lot of killers like to have witnesses and know that they are leaving fear behind because they can feed off of it as they relish in their accomplishment. Yeah, it’s strange to think the roommate didn’t call 911 for a long time, but she had no information and didn’t know if she was next. She probably was just waiting in silence for the next 5 or 6 hours too scared to move.

    • Tuan Nguyen says:

      Rule #1 when you are in danger: Call 911.

    • Kattttttt says:

      He went back to the house around 9am for about 10 20 mins…. I almost feel he went back to kill the others he left behind, or to see if anything was happening at the house yet..just like what killer goes back a few hours later and checked on the place they just murdered people at.

      And that poke roommate she will be traumatized forever and will have a long hard time forgetting this.

    • Adriana Rodriguez-Boseman says:

      I believe he was obsessed with crime that he did this for fame, trying to be the modern day Ted Bundy. Having this opportunity would undo all this insecurities and rejection a omen like the ones he killed. He would feel vindicated and unbeatable even if caught.

    • Chrissy Chris says:

      That was my concern and question as to the surviving roommates. Someone said their rooms were locked. But now we find out that one of the roommates saw him pass her. Why didn’t she call the police then?! 🤔 Lock your doors, everyone. Be safe

    • BoHo Xplorer says:

      @retroguy94 maybe she had lost her phone or her charger cable was out in her car…( at that age my daughter lost hers ALL THE TIME )
      ….or she herself was so stoned and drunk…she just shut her door …it was finally quiet and she just simply passed out.

  3. Hit the Streets Photo says:

    Finally a law enforcement community that did things by the book and helped encourage witnesses and people with first hand knowledge to keep quiet and not jeopardize the investigation. Most cops threaten the witnesses and it always backfires. When you explain how important it is to only speak to law enforcement until the indictment is filed in court, you get cooperating witnesses. Hopefully the University has provided some strong, knowledgeable detectives in this small town.

  4. A R says:

    I’m so sorry for the 4 families who lost precious members.. heartbreaking.. I just cannot understand this kind of evil..

    • Kendall Hughes says:

      The evil is out there and very rreal- there are MANY active serial killers out there in the US population….

    • retroguy94 says:

      Perhaps you don’t understand because it might not BE evil. Maybe its mental illness. That’s what it is with MOST of these guys.

  5. Maria Gonzalez says:

    This new info has brought tears to my eyes. Just to know that one of the victims yelled to warn the rest of them, it’s truly heartbreaking. May all the families of those angels receive peace.

  6. Diana Braley says:

    Now I know why they didn’t reveal the details they had. It would have tipped him off. I had chills up my spine when I read that one of the roommates opened her door and the masked man passed her while she froze in fear and he did nothing. He just walked past her and left. She had no idea what he had done. That is so scary.

    • G Force 27 says:

      If I was a roommate in the house like that, I might have just thought the guy was a rando that came home with the girls from the bar. Lots of people party / hang out at other people’s homes after hours. I definitely would have thought that before thinking the guy had murdered my roommates.

    • Adam Moore says:

      ​@ErkFX she knows who set it up or maybe she instigated the whole thing the police there haven’t investigated a murder there for 7 years they don’t know wtfs going on I could get a clown car that could figure this out

    • ErkFX says:

      @Yolanda Love can they really take her claims seriously if she was drunk? I don’t think people would remember all of the details she gave the police if she was drunk or sleep walking.

    • ErkFX says:

      @Kimi Erwandee she literally watched him leave through the glass door…

    • Jess says:

      Yeah I mean it’s pretty obvious why they don’t reveal every single detail.. some people act like it’s their right to know regardless of the fact it could completely mess up the case

  7. EL says:

    It’s crazy to see how careless a killer with a PHD in criminology could be. His cell phone records indicate that he had been to king road “at least 12 times” within 3 months prior to the murders. That he left his DNA and a witness behind. I’m almost curious if he wanted to get caught. Or, if adrenaline and arrogance blinded him. This was premeditated. He saw an opportunity and took it. I previously stated that this was either a crime of passion (hatred), or a crime of opportunity. How scary is it to think that there are people out there who, literally, drive around looking for an easy opportunity to kill. Unfortunately and sadly, it’s not the first time something like this has happened and it won’t be the last. Don’t be too trusting of your surroundings and invest in security cameras for your homes. I’ve also noticed people are really focused and questioning why the roommate didn’t act to call 911 right away. Everyone processes fear differently and it’s usually in an illogical manner. Fear can make people react with irrational behavior. So, I can understand how she could have backed away into her room, and likely, hid under her sheets until she fell asleep. She was petrified. Some people don’t spring into fight or flight, they back away.

    • Thomas says:

      @This is America it sounds like school has been rough

    • Adriana Rodriguez-Boseman says:

      @Pasta Chocolate I believe he was obsessed with crime that he did this for fame, trying to be the modern day Ted Bundy. Having this opportunity would undo all this insecurities and rejection a omen like the ones he killed. He would feel vindicated and unbeatable even if caught.

    • Neto Hernández says:

      @J true true. There’s a process and the justice system. But he sure got locked down from selling their data to DNA to video canvassing

    • This is America says:

      @D.H.D D.H.D. Thanks for that information, it just proves that in the USA, “Education” as well as “healthcare” are Just Businesses, Not about Really teaching and learning.

    • This is America says:

      @E K that’s fair amount of Time dedicated to his studies on that topic, even he didn’t finished the PhD Degree, it’s four Years of Regular College, plus 2 more Years for a Masters and Add to that Completing a Whole Semester of his PhD. In my BOOK, that’s a LOT of Studying TIME for one subject in school. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Krystal Tiffany says:

    Prayers to the families of those poor babies. Prayers to all officials involved in this horrific case. The public bashed them so much, maybe this will make them think twice about the hard work they put into this nightmare. Something I wish no parent ever to experience. So so sad. I hope he pays in this life and the next.

  9. Diddy1970AD says:

    This reminds me of the Cielo Drive murders in 1969, a house invasion followed by the brutal murders of multiple young people. Truly horrific the stuff of nightmares, what on earth could have tipped Kohberger into doing this. An absolute tragedy, my thoughts are with the victims and their families and I also feel for Kohberger’s parents and siblings who had nothing to do with it.

    • retroguy94 says:

      Or perhaps he’s just mentally ill like most of the OTHER men who have committed these heinous acts. It could really just be that simple.

    • Pasta Chocolate says:

      Diddy1970AD, my friend suggested that the reason why he could have done with murders is the feeling what it feels like to murder someone or people. Remember he posted that question online asking for any volunteers of anyone that has committed a crime. It could be that he wanted to experience what it all felt like killing someone and the after effect. Even before leading up to that. Then he could write about it because he actually been through it. He could even write a book about it. Now he has the experience. I thought just my theory is that he went to one of the parties there at the house or maybe a few. He got to be interested in one of the blonde girls. Tried to pursue her ,but she rejected him. Maybe she made fun of him or called him names. Then he got offended and decided to kill. One of the parents of the victim said that they saw connections between them but didn’t recognize the name Bryan or him.

    • The Duke says:

      His college professors.

    • Matt Delany says:

      @Kurt Franz  Tate, Frykowski, Folger, Parent, Sebring. Well known cocaine, lsd, and mdma dealers. You’re welcome.

    • Matt Delany says:

      @Kurt Franz  you don’t know your history. Do some research. Go watch h. Allegra Lansing’s work, or read every book, parole hearings, interviews. Also Nicolas Schrek’s work. See you in a few months, when you know what is going on.

  10. says:

    My question is… did D ever text or call any of the victims after she saw BK and heard all of those noises? Even if she didn’t call 911 you’d think she would text or call her room mates to see if they heard or saw what she just did. You know?

    • THOSE TUCKERS says:

      I feel like they know more than they are saying.

      This story seems so weird.

      she’s just scared cause she saw someone in her house and heard some talking … but too traumatized to call the police but falls back asleep for 8 hours SUPER SUS!

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