SHOCKING Facts About Drunk Driving!

SHOCKING Facts About Drunk Driving!

These are the most up-to-date facts and stats on drunk driving-and they’re going to shock you!
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20 Responses

  1. kook pie says:

    *cough cough* UBER MOTHERFUCKA!!!!!

  2. Jim James says:

    I take cabs quite frequently. 40% of the time, I smell booze on the
    cab-driver’s breath…. scary :/

  3. TickedOff Priest says:

    The reason that this is so dangerous is because pf the semi-prohibition
    that we have in the US. Kids are more likely to try something that is
    forbidden. The age of purchase should be 18. If we put that in place, more
    than likely, less would be willing to risk it because all of the fun and
    risk is gone.

  4. hussein abbas says:

    “that affects us all” not really when im a muslim 😉 and the same goes with
    i know that some muslims disrespect islam and drink anyways but im not
    these kind of guys

  5. Jarvice says:

    Is that Alex from Car Throttle in the thumbnail? :P

  6. TheGaming Explorers says:

    stop discriminating the U.S.

  7. crystal stone says:

    i wonder if matthew can even see this message but i love your channel and i
    hope you sucseed in it which you allready are and i really want you to
    reply to this or put it in one of your vidieos because i want to be noticed
    by you!!!

  8. Quang Nguyen says:

    This video is more than 5 minutes

  9. Angel of Death says:

    Why can’t those silly drunks just use logic? hmmm

  10. BlazePlaythroughs says:

    Drunk driving causes all these problems… Please continue to tell me how
    dangerous it is to Use Electronic cigarette’s (Don’t use them I’m just
    making a point)

  11. Ryan Lougiuri says:

    How many people died from driving under the influence of marijuana again??

  12. Joe Smith says:

    Drunk driving is like a hobby to me

  13. Siliya Lin says:

    I got a fact: Matthew Santro made a video about facts about drunk driving.

  14. Tiny Bikini Photoshoot says:

    if you say so..for the white, the 2 items are on the same level of

  15. SickOfTheStupid says:

    what a bunch of governmnt manufactured propaganda …………….they make
    over $5000 for every misdemeanor DWI Arrest , and more if they can get a
    conviction ..those are the real facts .

  16. Rye Hots says:

    Self driving cars will do away with impaired driving (though I bet in
    theory we’d still have to be sober just in case of emergencies)
    Regardless, self driving cars will decrease accidents by so much that we’ll
    winner how we ever did without it.

  17. The Skating Crafter says:

    My neighbor was killed in a car crash. Two people were in the car when they
    hit her. 1 fled on the spot and and the other was in bad condition. We love
    you and miss you Marissa. Glad you can be with God. He > Me

  18. Michael Vance says:

    Drunk driving is the way to go

  19. Jason Price says:

    Here is the saddest fact of all. Alcohol related deaths (Drunk driving or
    not), kill FAR FAR more people than guns PERIOD and many times more than
    are murdered with a gun. In 2014 alone, almost 88,000 people died because
    of alcohol but because alcohol does not go into a place and kill a dozen or
    so people all at once, no one says or does anything. As a reference, there
    is about 11-12,000 people murdered with a gun in the US every year. Even
    the total of ALL firearms related deaths in the US only reaches around

    So because alcohol is only onezies/twozies, it is like Voldemort and never
    spoken of aggressively, yet it kills more than twice (Almost 3x) more than
    guns and more than 8x those murdered by guns. Even ALL murders in the US in
    a year only scoot in mildly higher at around 13,000.

    So think about THAT the next time you get sauced or are planning to and
    also the next time you freak out about “gun violence”. Alcohol is 8 TIME
    WORSE than the MURDER rate.

    P.S. — Not a teetotaler either. I do drink from time to time. RESPONSIBLY.

  20. Daniel Burge says:

    Can you please do a challenge were you grow out your hair