SHOCKING Facts You Never Knew About Coffee! | FACTS IN 5

SHOCKING Facts You Never Knew About Coffee! | FACTS IN 5

Special thanks to Coffee-Mate! Be sure to collect all 5 limited edition Star Wars Bottles!
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20 Responses

  1. The Wonderful Pichu and Pachirisu says:

    Good think i’m addicted… wait, is that bad or good?????

  2. Lj Powers says:

    energy drinks

  3. ROCKMICHAnr2 says:

    hell sweden 2 in The Wold

  4. Angel Smith says:

    “In five minutes or less!” Six minutes later it finally ends…

  5. Ethercaste Nighthawk says:

    If you ever make a facts in 5 shirt, you should have it say FIV.

  6. Mark Williams says:

    Coffee is also a good pain killer

  7. Nameless Lion says:

    268 Dislikes all due to 1 person = Nicole Arbour……

  8. Diego Franco says:

    your girl is fucking fucked up dude

  9. Daniel Castillo says:

    Great video! And you should do the next one about chile.

  10. GrizzlyBear Gamer says:

    Hey that’s facts in six

  11. Badger Movie Studio says:

    IT WAS 6:00 MIN!!!!!

    Triangle has 3 sides

    Mathew Santoro=illuminati

  12. John Young says:

    brilliant…… love coffee

  13. Hiccup Games says:

    But I don’t like coffee… What do I do I’m gonna DIEEEE

  14. Nemo Nightmare says:

    I used to drink 3 cups of coffee a day – in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 1
    right before bed (because it relaxes me) – my favorite drink is cafe mocha
    (mostly from Tim Hourtons) – Whats yours? (whoever is reading this!)

  15. Drumdudeexplosives says:

    If you drink coffe when you’re really young, it can stunt your growth, so
    I’ll be 6 ft tall and all the Starbucks drinkers at my school will be like
    5 6 lol

  16. Magic Toaster says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t drink coffee or any hot beverages?

  17. Juniour Why i ant going to tell u says:

    I like the new top 5

  18. llazaro 凸 says:

    Does coffee actually make you short

  19. Pinkamena Diane says:

    I refuse to believe that the first guy to drink coffee wasn’t a ghoul. He
    was, I know it.

  20. Tamara Catalina Pino-Parra says:

    I feel that almost every video of him is an ad…. Boring!
    hitting the unsubscribe the next time one of his videos are sponsored or
    seem like an advertisement for something…