Shooting at Madden tournament in Florida: What we know

Shooting at Madden tournament in Florida: What we know

Multiple fatalities occurred in a shooting at a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Fla.

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75 Responses

  1. Carin Hall says:

    Shooter has been identified as a 33yo wm Sam Hyde

    • BeFore Real says:

      Joshua Frank Very welcome; still scratchin the surface, We are all living a learning experience; there is a lot more to life than we understand but thru history we can kinda see how things originated & evolved; U know a lot more than most people tho and I enjoy the scholarly convo, thank you also! HISTORY BEST REWARDS RESEARCH.

    • BeFore Real says:

      Youtubers Union by census identity manipulation we are led to believe that, the same census also reflects that the # of whites will decline due to more deaths than births over the next 20yrs and minority populations will increase…and whites will still lead in causing chaos!!

    • ShariYah Y'israel says:

      Alex Thompson yeah, and your SAVAGE BIGOTED NEANDERTHUG FORE-FATHERS, taught the WHOLE WORLD how to be SAVAGES.

    • ShariYah Y'israel says:


    • ShariYah Y'israel says:

      Ahmed Koroma WRONG! Everybody is so quick to wanna blame SHIT on Black people! SMDH

  2. Raging Rob says:

    This happened to take our minds off John Mccain and Mollie Tibbetts

    • Lisa Libby says:

      +Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN just got a notification for your previous comment about the woman in the fire. That is so sad! 😢 I’m not saying you don’t have a point but I don’t think it’s as black and white as you seem to. My neighbor is white and she has been stabbed 3 times by her ex who was an illegal from Mexico. They separated while she was pregnant with his baby. He stabbed her in the tummy during her pregnancy. She survived and so did baby. Her son and my daughter are good friends now in elementary school. But anyways he has came back twice to succeed killing her the same way. This last time he was hiding in the back of her car and started stabbing her in the stomach again. She was able to lay on the horn and draw attention. She hasn’t gotten any coverage. She lives scared everyday because he hops the border and comes back although he is wanted by the FBI. Another lady that lives close to me got her arm sawed off by an illegal and no national coverage, not even much for local coverage and we live in a fairly small city in Washington state. There’s a lot of f’d up shit going on on all fronts. ☹

    • god says:

      Raging Rob john mccain was a racist piece of shyt. may he rot in hell

  3. 10,000 Subscribers Without Videos says:

    Sad but, this event is going to be politcally motivated

    • Mirmulnir Mirmulnir says:

      +Just MeMe dang lmao you sure showed him, anti-retardation skills! Epic comeback!

    • Collins Ongaya says:

      +Just MeMe it’s good to be afraid and in denial. That’s what they want from you. Easier to mold.

    • Just MeMe says:

      *+Collins Ongaya* How does a person who is willing to go against the sheeple retard herd qualify as “afraid”? You haven’t even mastered basic English comprehension. This is a gun battle , not a knife fight. I’m guessing you have a trophy case full participation awards. It is you in denial and afraid. You are the zebra among zebras, afraid to lose your stripes.

  4. 111xelent says:

    And cue the anti gunners and the gun grabbers. David Hoggwash better hurry up and get his bike so he can get to Jacksonville.

    • Dave Anonymous says:

      Dee: Please educate me as to the reasoning behind your thought process as to why his chronological age “tells you everything”. I’m over twice his age and I’m curious as to, from your perspective, his age was the defining measure of motivation to kill innocent people.

    • Jerry Locanza says:

      KaiserSchnitzel I think you need some medicine. Your irrational posting is concerning. Outright and downright scary, to be quite honest. Not sure if I should report you to authorities or not because you seem very unhinged. Convince me otherwise

    • KaiserSchnitzel says:

      sweet do it

    • Buttered Toast says:

      +KaiserSchnitzel pretty good, but I think in getting sick

    • theNameisSnake says:

      KaiserSchnitzel im guessing you needed to vent out some anger? that’s alright, everyone does it in their own ways

  5. TheCrashdawg says:

    a shooting in a gun free zone . yeah liberals laws work lol

    • Mr Mister says:

      +Zionic yes, it will

    • Collins Ongaya says:

      +Sensational Potato Man same here.

    • NoR CaL says:

      laws only work for law abiding citizens.

    • Brian Frank says:

      +Hugh Jass Insults are the tool for idiots who can’t make a valid Argument. I have used words and facts, yet when someone disagrees, all you can do is talk shit. And you have the balls to call me uneducated… How about you learn how to get your point across to another person without sounding like a bunch of pissy teenagers before giving me shit.

      Wait… Before you answer. I know what your going to say. Blah blah, Hilary. Blah Obama taking guns, blah blah second amendment, blah fake news liberals. Why do i know this? Because none of you have anything else to say besides resorting to insults.

      But by all means, keep shooting eachother. Because what were doing now as a country is super successful.

  6. David Alexandrovitch says:

    Madden 19 looks like trash anyways

  7. 3lectroPC says:

    And they say video games cause shootings

  8. anti brony master race says:

    He should’ve shot up a Fortnite tournament.

  9. Fierce Born Woman & Warrior -Alex- says:

    Florida can’t catch a break

  10. porgLit says:

    Oh no school is starting up again…

  11. Martine Davis says:

    Madden competition ? I didn’t know video games had competitions. It’s not safe to go anywhere nowadays. That’s why I stay my ass home. I barely be wanting to go to work. My job sees thousands of visitors a day. I’m always frightful something like this would happen there. I make sure I pray. This world has gone down the crapper. It seems we have more psychos than human beings now. My condolences to the victims and their families. R.I.P to the victims🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Daniel B says:

      You have a better chance of winning the lottery than being a victim of serious crime. Just being 6ft and 200 lbs almost drops your odds of being mugged to zero.

    • darklordixor says:

      I like crack addicted dragons

    • Jeewoong Chang says:

      Maybe, just maybe, praying won’t do anything to stop mass shootings. Maybe, just maybe, mass shootings are a very rare risk factor for an average person (despite them being tragic events nonetheless) and we shouldn’t be frightened over it.

    • John D says:

      Martine Davis Staying home will kill ya faster, you know.

  12. شيخ جوجل says:

    Man that shooter really doesn’t know how to take losses. It’s sad though because of the lives taken and the stigma this applies on gamers.

  13. Anon Mason says:

    Gamer shot in the thumb. That’s the worst.
    You don’t even know.

  14. Caleb Hardman says:

    I feel bad for the victims but I also hope they don’t blame this on video games.

    • charles says:

      any thing to take the blame off the fact that GUNS are the problem ! anyone can buy one , any one can get one …. no matter the age , mental health …..

    • Bud Grimfield says:

      Raven Strahd Not sure that I can see the logic there. I mean, would he not go after the company instead of his fellow gamers, had that been the case?? That’s like me saying that I hate a certain dairy farmer so now I’m going to kill anyone I see drinking milk.

    • Nicholas Parker says:

      charles the gun did not do this!! The madden game clearly affects the brain somehow and rotted this young mans brain. So clearly the gaming industry is to blame

    • William Hickorus says:

      They will.

  15. Dat Boy says:

    (No disrespect) I’m sorry madden tournament?

  16. D Based says:

    I was literally just thinking 2 days ago, how we have not had a mass shooting in over a month…

  17. Charlie Tophat says:

    The shooter used a handgun, police confirmed. So anyone saying it was an ar-15 is fake news

  18. Grandpa the Grey says:

    A gamer… who happened to be a poor loser with a gun. Now he’s a dead gamer…who used to be a poor loser with a gun.

  19. Tuel says:

    As school starts up again it is a terrifying concept to realise that we are still in danger. At school, at concerts and conventions. We are never safe. At my school we have new regulations that during fire drills we do not leave until we are told it is a real fire in fear that it is someone trying to shoot our school up while all the students are in the hallways. We gave been taught on how to prtect ourselves from bullets with textbooks. And how to deter the shooter with desks in front of the doors and how to to take down the shooter by throwing backpacks , textbooks and desks at them. We are growing up being taught on how to deter people from shooting us in our own high schools. Isnt that just crazy?

  20. Steffen Krauter says:


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