Shooting Down a Lost Drone and why Dogs Tilt their Heads – Smarter Every Day 173

Shooting Down a Lost Drone and why Dogs Tilt their Heads – Smarter Every Day 173

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20 Responses

  1. Piotr Krzewinski says:

    Great way to teach children problemsolving 😀 i have a question: will you ever touch religious topics? At least for one video?

  2. a casual name says:

    What if the haters dab back?

  3. Alex ChinChinChin says:

    “Son go get a rifle” a very american thing to say

  4. Sirkristofer says:

    Kids with guns… that’s smart!

  5. Adolf Hitler says:

    smarter every 3 month

  6. Joel Miller says:

    Destin, I wear an ear piece in my ear to use my portable radio (I’m a police officer)… Do you think by wearing that ear piece it could affect my ability to hear certain frequencies due to retraining my brain? My wife definitely thinks it’s possible. Would stopping the use of this earpiece improve my hearing in all circumstances?… Anyway, great video! Made me think a lot.

  7. Luke P says:

    UK: Go get a ladder
    US: Go get a rifle

  8. MaxWvM says:

    shooting a drone out of a tree… that is so American… here in Europe we throw sticks or rocks at the tree, and hope we miss the drone

  9. SmarterEveryDay says:

    Thank you to those who are taking the “blood oath covenant” seriously. (LOL.) I look forward to your tweets. Also, thanks to Patreon supporters for the Pupper videos!

  10. عمر الساعدي says:

    The idea is beautiful
    But did you know that your sister is very beautiful
    Can I communicate with her on Facebook please

  11. Godzilla McDolan says:

    Owls cheat this by having one ear above the other

  12. thereisaplace says:

    My first down vote ever for one of your videos. Firing a rifle at 75 degrees to retrieve a child’s toy is irresponsible & dangerous. 3 miles of down range property is not a rationalization. Was it clear? Was it marked as a live range?
    Disclaimer: I love this channel but not this video.

  13. Bladen Martin says:

    US: you get the drone

    Afghanistan : the drone gets you

  14. Cheevo Central says:

    Are u stupid, never shoot a rilfe straight up in the air like that.

  15. Matt J says:

    I’ve noticed when a plane is far enough away the sound it makes trails behind where I see it.

  16. Tanmay Luthia says:

    Anyone read the full thing at 2:02 … I did ??

  17. Jonathan Harvey says:

    Ignore all the liberal haters condemning you for using your 2nd amendment right Destin! You and your kids are educated in gun safety and that is a great thing that is rare nowadays

  18. Micah Philson says:

    That’s not the only theory for why dogs twist their heads that I’ve seen. It could also be because dogs with medium to long noses can’t see vertically as well with their nose in the way, and so they twist their heads to be able to see up and down more, like to be able to see a human’s entire face to see the micro facial cues on the entire face. That’s also well correlated in a study that found that dogs with short noses almost never do it, but those with medium or long noses do it quite a bit.

  19. Your Wife's Boyfriend says:

    Please never let that Communist fear mongerer Hank Green hijack this channel again!

  20. Daniel Renard says:

    It’s the same as how we’re told that we don’t have any sensors in our body that can feel if something is “wet”. True. Even though I can easily detect if something like a towel or a surface is wet. I’m pretty sure our brains have the same calculations going on, between hot/cold/touch/pain, etc. sensors.
    Pretty fascinating. It’s one of those questions you normally don’t ask, because it’s something that just “IS”. 😀 Nicely done.

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