Shooting victim speaks to KHQA

Shooting victim speaks to KHQA

Shooting victim Devon Hawkins speaks directly to KHQA’s Reyna Harvey on live TV about what happened.

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20 Responses

  1. Pmanbiotches ~Road to 1K Subs!~ says:

    Well memed.

  2. CallMeLime says:

    I aint trippin tho

  3. Arlen Spatz says:

    this video is going to get quite a few more views now

  4. Reymon Reyes says:


  5. Doug Holmes says:

    This guy is my new hero.

  6. JaSumMakedonec says:

    Kendrick is that you?

  7. lenoah1234 says:

    All I know is I’m upstairs, I’m listening to my Will Smith CD.

  8. Mike Stevenson says:

    I’m glad he survived. Maybe this is his chance to change his life. There
    has been so many shootings lately and it is sad so to here. We should be
    reminded by this that life is short, and anything can happen. Devon and his
    family will be in my prayers this evening.

  9. 4manoj4ku says:


  10. ChiBoy Eric says:

    Great job Quincy, lol. My mom went to Quincy High lol

  11. rubber chicken says:

    The coolest muthafukka on the webz just gave a LIVE innnerview while
    sippin’ on a coco puff like a boss.

  12. Changzy says:

    he aint even trippin tho, its just another day in the trap.

  13. ZeroCast says:

    Your move, schmoyoho.

  14. Thug Lifest says:


  15. RainManModding says:

    Lol dude this guy is funny

  16. Bonbadil Moi says:

    seriously in that fucking country, police are like gang with a badge.

  17. Tim Zarraonandia says:

    Songify this!

  18. Sam Deen says:

    Niggas just want me dead..I’m done


    The point of this clip was to show black disgrace funk the local media news

  20. Ferenc Kocsis says:

    Smoking with a hole in your lung = THUGS LIFE!