SHORT HAIR VS LONG HAIR PROBLEMS || Funny Awkward Situations by 123 GO!

SHORT HAIR VS LONG HAIR PROBLEMS || Funny Awkward Situations by 123 GO!

Whether you have spunky short hair or long, luscious locks, you’re bound to have a bad hair day or two.

Sure your short hair may get in your face from time to time. And your long strands may have seen a zipper or two.

But at the end of the day, who has it worse? Today, we’re talking long hair vs short hair!

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43 Responses

  1. Nora Chan says:

    Hmm coincidence I just got a hair cut on the weekend it used to be long now it’s short

  2. Jamaican boi Jamal says:

    Could you girls do a Q&A please and if so here is my question out of all of you who acts like the mom

  3. kuki vlogs says:

    I have long hair really that’s very real if u guys have long hair like it anyways i love 123go u guys are awesome

  4. Amberlynn superstar King I’m a girl says:

    I have long hair and when I wake up it’s so messy

  5. Itz UnicornYT says:

    Relatable,long haired girls are some times lucky.
    But a lot of struggles….
    I always need a LOT of shampoo for my hair.Their long as HECK??

  6. diozmack says:

    I have a long hair and i was watching this for like a hole day repeating it if i should really cut mah hair because we have the same problems

    Like if u agree long haired girls ??

  7. BaoThy Playz says:

    I have long hair and when I wake up my hair is never straight..

  8. Narjes A.R.(norris nuts biggest fan) !! says:

    Long hair like
    short hair comment
    or if you like long hair like
    if you like short hair comment

  9. Nargis Mayel says:

    “Long hair beauties know that sleeping can sometimes be a challenge”
    That’s totally right

  10. Salma Khatri says:

    Why don’t you just make a ponytail or a braid or something
    I have long hair too
    But I relate to the shampoo one ?

  11. Carlee Cañoneo says:

    Wow that is very true but I don’t have long hair only short hair and true my hair gets very messy on the morning but not night

  12. Sean Ball says:

    3:51 oh no I can’t put my hair up to eat my soup.?
    4:38 hair in pigtails?
    5:12 hair up AGAIN?

  13. kk prasad says:

    How many people have medium sized hair??
    Hit like?

  14. Jordana Doge says:

    People with long hair be like: “I want to try a new hairstyle”
    *Cuts hair*
    “Wow I love i-”
    *Sees someone with long hair*
    “… I miss my long hair..” :c

  15. AGglittersparkle says:

    For short hair girls (like me) who just want a change, try parting your hair differently. That’s what I did, and it looks so cute now <3

  16. Chris Seesaran says:

    I have really long hair to it is a BIG problem what about you

  17. Shammo Amir says:

    I have short hair but I can do any styles with it


  18. Olivia Campbell says:

    I HIGHLY disagree with the first one. I used to have long hair, and having to comb my hair was a disaster.

    • BananaPandaStudios says:

      same, i have short hair its perfect every morning. i used to have long hair and that happened ALL the time.

  19. Dilip Sonar says:

    If I face problems in sleeping with open hairs just tie them. Simple af.??

  20. Jamila Khan says:

    I like long but my friend talking you short hair good styles

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