#shorts The Best

#shorts The Best

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35 Responses

  1. Papa Taher says:

    So that’s what happens to them inside the wood. Wow!

  2. Doge to the Moon says:

    I watched this like 29 times on accident

  3. Chanced says:

    Somehow this is very satisfying

  4. Keiran Rooker says:

    This dude just hammered a screw

  5. Shania De Armas says:

    i don’t know what this video is showing me but it’s satisfying

  6. Jon Paul says:

    These soft Wood videos make me crazaaay.

  7. ratoncito says:

    I like how some of them aren’t even meant for wood but you just do it anyway

  8. NEX PAC says:

    I like how he used a flathead bit on that bolt. Now I know why my bit sets never have flatheads in them

  9. W L says:


  10. Mithlesh Goyal says:

    Thank you guys for 24 subscribers ab jaldi se 1 M Kara do 😂😎

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