Should Cavaliers try to trade LeBron James? Stephen A., Max and Will Cain debate | First Take | ESPN

Should Cavaliers try to trade LeBron James? Stephen A., Max and Will Cain debate | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, along with guest Will Cain, debate if the Cavaliers should try to trade LeBron James.

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70 Responses

  1. Dwyane 'The GOAT' Wade says:

    Lol with lebron James you can get whatever you want😂😂😂😂😂

  2. TheColecoVisionary says:

    Lebron James is UNCOACHABLE!

  3. P. Sharp says:

    Aye ESPN, Will Cain = Automatic thumbs down

  4. LeBron James says:

    Please trade me to Golden State.

    • YourComedy sSs says:

      qsplak are you mad my guy you should calm down but I didn’t know LeBron created two super teams thanks for the information

    • qsplak says:

      YourComedy sSs If u don’t know by now, then ur dumb ass should stick to watching sweaters dry. Basketball talk isn’t for u, at all fool. Just give up already. Smfh!

    • Kingslayer says:

      LeBron James It’s the only way to win more rings. Need a paycut.

    • Carrel Bickham says:

      The NBA is dying just like the NFL
      ..The fall of Rome😲

    • YourDAD says:


      But at the same time…

      Did LeBron go to a team that beat them in the conference finals and have the best nba record? No

      Ok I get the Miami heat thing but when he went back to the Cavs nobody knew that Kevin love was joining the Cavs till then and Kyrie was half a Superstar, they lost the warriors the first time, so when he went to the heat he won his first championship and won his first time..So actually he created one SUPER TEAM so ur point is invalid.

  5. Night Zerez says:

    What nonsense did I just read as the title of this video?

    • Erick says:

      Night Zerez it is not nonsense.

    • Prodigy says:

      Night Zerez
      LeBron is gonna leave next season and the Cavs aren’t gonna win the championship, if the Cavs wanna stay relevant after LeBron is gone, they should trade him

    • Night Zerez says:

      Prodigy should and would are two different things since Gilbert is looking to sell the team he’s going to do it with Lebron on it, also Lebron has a no trade clause he isn’t going to waive it for anyone I doubt he would want it on his resumé that he got traded when Kobe and Michael weren’t

    • JGHReloaded says:

      I mean if it was any other super star it would make sense. He probably won’t resign and his contract is expiring.

    • 91exile says:

      My warriors still on top , happy that the loserliers are no more !!!!

  6. TheBestFighter says:

    Lol what kind of question is this? This show is such a joke. I’ve been telling people this

    • MG23 says:

      R3TR0 R3S3Y
      You’re actually the fool. They can’t trade TT because he’s garbage and he makes too much money (thanks to LeBron) Nobody is going to pick up his contract.

      LeBron refuses to commit to staying. If he leaves they will be left with trash like JR and TT giving them too much money and a bunch of aging injury prone former stars.

      They should’ve tried to convince LeBron to let them trade him. He his holding them hostage.

    • Kris Radke says:

      TheBestFighter its a good question because Lebrons trash and should be traded.

    • Steven Kelley says:

      TheBestFighter keep sucking off lebron bum

    • Love Cher says:

      Man you trade james and get first round picks

    • Jalen Drayton says:

      It’s actually a decent question. Might as well get something for him instead of nothing if he chooses to leave.

  7. RBTheBreakThrough says:

    Funny how I made a video on this 4 MONTHS AGO!

  8. Dubem28 says:

    Wao! Kevin Love constantly gets treated like a stepchild. Kyrie was right about the Cav and all their drama.

  9. ashtonjackfanny says:

    damn that was cold blooded his own teammate didn’t help love up, but the damn spurs player did? yeah if i’m love i want the hell out

  10. Sarig Hasenfeld says:

    The DISRISPECT from Crowder! get him the hell out of clevlend he a bum
    Jr and TT too

  11. Jason Grimes says:

    I’m with Will on this one. Gonna lose him after the season,so get something for him. It won’t happen,but I would put out trial balloons,see what you can find.

  12. Thomas Vang says:

    Love sacrificed himself for this team more than anyone else. He didn’t bitch about anything. They told him to go center, he went to center.
    I hope Kevin Love can end up with his homeboy Westbrook or go to another team that will benefit him.

    Jae Crowder is bad. JR Smith is trash. LeBron is going to leave. Kyrie already left. Cavs is nothing but a mess.

  13. Stephen A Smith says:

    Just when you thought ESPN couldn’t get any dumber

  14. TheHipHopGuru says:

    The trading team would have to offer the entire franchise along with the city in the trade.

    • King So's Box says:

      Lebron for the mayor of the city…the head coach the assistant coach’s…the whole 10 man rotation of the team and every pick for the next 50yrs lmao

    • Joel Lopez says:

      OMG 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂 true

    • AFTW KING says:

      TheHipHopGuru this comment is tuff lol

    • Kingslayer says:

      TheHipHopGuru Won’t match salaries. Neither parties would still win a championship if it happens. I hate the Warriors but nobody is beating them unless LeBron is traded for KD. Only way LeBron can win a ring is join the Dubs.

    • Jalen Drayton says:

      No they wouldn’t. LeBron is unwillingly to commit long-term. No one would give up any all-stars. They would only look to add more. And only teams that’s were borderline finals contenders would do it. Houston, sas, Boston, maybe NO.

  15. Henill Patel says:

    Class act by Murray when he helped up love 6:07

  16. Rob Robbie says:

    Haha they cut out the first part of the segment where they made fun of Will’s shirt. Even Molly went in.

  17. riedstep says:

    If kawhi is really not happy in San Antonio, there is a clear fix. LeBron and San Antonio would take the win now option and kawhi still has time on his contract to get value. If that story was fake though then nvm.

  18. Dan Smith says:

    Trade isaiah for kemba. Fire Lue and hire Jason Kidd. Accquire deandre jordan somehow. The cavs pick and brooklyn pick need to go. JR and tristan thompson need to go.

  19. James Ross says:

    The only way the Cavs will win this year, they’ll have to start kidnapping opponents and that’ll be unethical.

  20. DeVanté Swing says:

    kevin love should get tf outta there. hate seeing him get treated like this.

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