Should The Breakfast Club Be Held Accountable For Lil Duval’s Comments?

Should The Breakfast Club Be Held Accountable For Lil Duval’s Comments?

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20 Responses

  1. TRU 2 the Game says:

    Trannies = Science projects

  2. Marie03 says:

    Zap me back into the 90’s, this sensitive ass era 😏

  3. Arturo Cervantes says:

    Trannies are mentally ill

  4. David Drayton says:

    Just curious.. Do trans-men sleep with trans-women?

  5. wcbj186120 says:

    Transgenders want us to accept them for who they are, when they themselves didn’t.

  6. Hulk Jordan says:

    Doctor: Congrats! you guys have a healthy baby boy

    Parents: Did you just assume its gender? You dont get to decide that!

  7. Rico Ramirez says:

    this country is going straight to hell.. look at Satan working.. next they will legalize pedophilia and bestiality. MARK MY WORDS. If you want to be a fag or dyke.. thats on your soul.. stop pushing your satanic beliefs on others

  8. Jermaine Hatcher says:

    don’t get scared now breakfast club, lil Duval is right transgenders can’t go around manipulating people, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong!

  9. Dame Aluko says:

    People fight harder for gay rights than black people

  10. therock007dmx says:

    Why are people pushing this crazy agenda, you’re either born a woman or a man and those are the facts!!

  11. flybry1 says:

    Y’all are SHOOK… Scared of the Pink Mafia

  12. Django Tango says:

    Charlemagne respects trans people more than actual women. This dude ill.

  13. Tre Dad says:

    Fuc that……if u born with a penis…u a man. I will not call a tranny….a woman when i KNOW its a fucin man. I will not lie to myself of the world.

  14. Oro de David says:

    Envy: and yall had sex

    Duval: WE NOT HAVIN SEX.. lol that shit get me everytime

  15. Malik the Martian says:

    Accountable for what? What did he say wrong? You cant say shit nowadays.

  16. gloria mbolu says:

    Ya don’t need to apologize… LGBT community never speak on how they manipulate men for their own advantage, but be quick to get mad when someone don’t agree with their beliefs

  17. classlyfe says:

    U can’t trick someone into thinking they are a woman and they find out your a man and think they are not going to want to hurt u, that’s not cool at all….it’s crazy that 🏳️‍🌈🌈 community has more rights than black people.

  18. Dennicia Rowe says:

    I’m a woman. And if I had sex with a man who used to be a woman, and he didn’t tell me, I would feel violated!!!! That’s almost like rape. Taking something without giving me all the facts. You took something from me that I wouldn’t have given to you had I known the truth!!! So, with that said. Why can’t someone say that they would retaliate on someone that violated THEM?!!! People in America always talk about blaming the victim. Well that’s blaming the victim! The victim wants to protect his/herself and so their mentality is…if someone did that to me, I would……blah blah blah.

    And, the breakfast club more than covered their ass in that interview. They told him he couldn’t say that and condemned him for it….whatelse do they have to do? People have a right to defend themselves. Not according to the law though I guess. There definitely should be some repercussions for fooling someone in that way.

  19. Bryant Alcorn says:

    I’m with Duval on this. Sorry.

  20. chizplayaz says:

    Does anybody notice that they only push this fuckery on the black community? Non black celebs don’t ever get asked goofy ass questions like that to even be put in lose lose situations like that

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