Should You Watch Leaks? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

Should You Watch Leaks? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

To Leak Or Not To Leak?
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Leaked material hit an all time high this past year with four episodes from HBO’s season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones leaking, as well as major leaks in private photos from celebrities, most notably: Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. But what are the consequences of watching a leaked episode? On this week’s episode of Idea Channel, Mike looks to answer why there seems to be a division between those that watch, and those that don’t. Does it create a competition of status? Check it out!

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Written and hosted by Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta)
(who also has a podcast! Reasonably Sound:

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20 Responses

  1. errantcoyote05 says:

    I watched Guardians of the Galaxy leaked, an awful leaked camrip, since I
    knew next to nothing about it and considered the possibility that Marvel
    might just fucked up, I downloaded it and enjoy it completely, next friday
    I paid to watch it as intended and bought not only the iTunes HD but also
    the soundtrack

  2. GrayscaleRainbows says:

    You should do an episode on #wheresblackwidow and the severe lack of female
    super heroes in marvel and Disney’s (and other companies) merchandise where
    there are major female characters 

  3. Daniel Rowley says:

    There is a big difference between Trailer leeks ad episode leeks. Trailers
    aren’t monetized They are free content provided to crate hype about a
    product. One is looking at an advertisement the other is theft. The entire
    point of having a trailer is to get as many people to see it as possible so
    they buy the thing it’s selling.
    Trailers are only released even… No , especially to conventions as the
    start of an advertising strategy. Getting a trailer leaked make people seek
    out the advertisement, it adds pomp and circumstance to the message that an
    epic movie is about to hit theaters. Rather than having the trailer just
    appear on TV in between toilet breaks of an oblivious audience. Spreading
    rumours of a leaked trailer attracts fans and gets them more invested in
    the product than they would it the add just appeared on TV.

    Leaking an episode is just stealing the thing you’re supposed to pay for.
    Taking money from the hundreds of people making the movie.

  4. Fuzzmunky says:

    Unfortunately, I take the staunch stance of leaks = stolen. It is pirated
    goods, that is depriving individuals of rightful dues.

    My justification? If you watch a leak, you less incentive’s to watch the
    official release. Does that mean you wont? No. However, some will. Even in
    >1% of the viewer base chooses not to view the release, then that equates
    to a drop in potential ratings.

    While there are contracts and other deals for TV series that usually
    protect the members of the show from loss of pay with this, what about
    Albums? Movies? If you consume something like this that is: A) Leaked media
    intended for a large audience. B) The creator(s) rely on the sale of said
    media to produce income.

    Yes I know this stretches a bit into the Piracy argument, however, as I
    stated at the start, I view Leaked Media as Pirated Media. An unlawful
    consumption of mass media without consent of the creators/broadcaster.

    Can it be harmless? Sometimes. But think of this. If someone stole a penny
    from a rich and successful Musician, who would care? Now steal that same
    penny from a downtown pan handler with rags for cloths. Same act, but its
    the perception that makes it different. This is the crux of the problem.
    You are still taking something from someone against their will and/or
    authority. It is not right.

  5. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    I don’t get Games of Thrones!

  6. An Human says:

    It’s unethical to not watch leaks. It is also unethical to not pirate

  7. Juan Isidro Acevedo says:

    I disagree. I chose not to watch the leaked episodes. And I don’t think
    people who watched them had any higher status than I didn’t. Maybe it’s
    because I don’t really like “binge watching”. I prefer to process the
    episodes and mull over them for days. I also don’t really care about the
    communal experience aspect of it. At least not to the point of needing
    someone else to watch or talk about. I’m pretty content with doing it
    alone. It’s probably a by-product of not exactly following “popular
    trends”. Not that I don’t like popular things, but I don’t feel the need to
    swim with the crowd. If I like something popular it’s because I like it,
    not because I want to “fit in” or care about being “left behind”. Which in
    itself is a by-product of liking not exactly popular things, so I’m
    accustomed of not really having a “crowd” liking the things I like.

  8. 1trackkid says:

    I watch leaks (not the “private leaks”, the entertainment leaks). I usually
    also go back to watch the actual release to the content given that the
    leaks are usually lower quality and I get the chance to make sure I didn’t
    miss anything due to the fuzz and grain of the leak.

  9. Efrain Denyer says:

    I think fansubs are a part of this conversation, here in Mexico, for
    example, we haven’t got a spanish dubbed official version of Attack on
    Titan released yet, but everyone I know had already watched it with
    fansubs, and are exited for the movie and other stuff, in anime conventions
    official merchindise is selling really good, it happens also with american
    shows like Game of Thrones and a lot of other popular shows, we get the
    fansub for a new episode generally a day after de US release, it’s not
    leaked in essence because it has already been released, but it’s
    “unofficial” to watch it here, a lot of the time we cant wait for the
    “official” dubbed or subbed versions because we kwow that the are not
    comming, very soon sometimes months or like a year, (we got the official
    dub end episodeo of How I Met Your mother last month) but some people here
    want to have these conversations through the internet with people from
    another countries and cant wait for the official releases, this
    conversation about leaked media turns different if you take into
    consideration the media in different languages, i wonder if its the same
    thing or the language barrier somehow excuses us and other language
    speakers just a little bit for watching leaked media, and if an official
    release counts as official only if the media authority in your country says

  10. Jim Cullen (Zagorath) says:

    I’m surprised that in this video there wasn’t a single mention of the idea
    that some of these leaks may have been completely *intentional* on the part
    of the studio/creators. When the Supergirl pilot leaked, the community was
    pretty unanimous in assuming that they had deliberately leaked it (on
    account of how far before release it was leaked, and the quality thereof).

    There are a number of potential reasons that a company might want to leak
    deliberately, especially for a TV series, and *especially* if it’s their
    first season. But there’s also some similar benefit for films or later
    seasons. It allows them to gauge fan response, and can allow them to adjust
    the direction that they take the rest of the season when they make it, or
    to make minor alterations with regards to which aspects they emphasise or
    downplay, so that when it goes out to the full wider audience, they can
    have a better product that people will enjoy more.

  11. therealitybeforeyou says:

    Reported you to the FBI for pirating episode 2.

    JK! cool channel. I’m suddenly finding all these cool PBS channels. Also,
    you are like the epitome of a redditor (gifs, IRC, subreddit) lol

  12. Monty Cantsin says:

    I definitely believe in examining ones own life, choices, actions, etc, but
    this seems a bit like philosophically nibbling off a hangnail.
    In other words, whatevs. If you watch leaks, but can’t be courteous enough
    to shut up so as not to spoil it for others, you’re no different than
    someone who spoils a movie out in theatres that someone you know hasn’t
    watched yet.
    On the other hand, if someone asks you (like in the video examples) if you
    watched a leak, and you respond coldly and judgementally, then you’re being
    a jerk. Better just to say, “no, but don’t tell me. I’m waiting until it
    comes out.”

    If the internet and social media are so big a draw for you that you stumble
    across spoilers, either start blocking your spoiler friends, or turn it off
    more often. Books are nice, too. So is the outdoors.

  13. TheWarrrenator says:

    I don’t believe in leaks. Hollywood is WAY too calculated and meticulous
    with their intellectual property for it to be handled so carelessly.
    Otherwise you’d hear a lot more about people getting fired from the studio
    for it. It’s all for promotion.

  14. Yin2Falcon says:

    I guess leaks are more than up to date. Beyond up to date.

  15. Mitori Itoshiki says:

    for me it’s simple – hd or not. i watch only hd (or at least try to). it’s
    rare that i get to watch something in resolution less than 720p

  16. Lord Marcus says:

    I’m waiting for the leaked Mike Rugnetta sex tape.

  17. clara oswald says:

    I watch leaked media most times, I’m from Latin America and most shows and
    movies don’t get here, and the ones they do they get here way too late, so
    it’s pointless. But either way, I’m surprised you didn’t ask, how can we
    even know what has been accidentally leaked and what was on purpose to test
    the waters? Studios “””leak””” stuff nowadays to see how the fans react
    too, what they think all over the world, and based on that they can make
    changes faster than they would the classic way. And by modifying (or not)
    their leaks/stories, they can capture a wider audience, get more people to
    consume their media in the first place.

  18. thescowlingschnauzer says:

    Tangent: eh-STET-ic or es-THET-ic or if you want to get really classical
    with your pronunciation ice-t’HATE-ic, but please not ASS-THET-ic.

  19. thescowlingschnauzer says:

    On topic: Spoilers are rude, and that’s not some new development of the
    internet age. “The butler did it” goes back to 1930 at least. The only
    thing social media has changed is people’s ability to publish spoilers and
    vent their spoiler-rage immediately before the repercussions of social
    awkwardness, confrontation, and/or shunning can set in. It’s on each
    individual not to spoil TV series, movies, books, plays, magic tricks, song
    lyrics – anything with a dramatic reveal. Yes, this requires that
    individuals develop very specific conversation skills to tease out what
    people know and share and withhold information as appropriate. Or decide to
    just be rude. It’s up to you.

  20. Filip Bergström says:

    that’s the best Godspeed You! record.