Show Me Your Phone w/ Kim Kardashian West

Show Me Your Phone w/ Kim Kardashian West

Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West face off in a game where they take turns being forced to randomly reveal things from their phone on the spot, like Kim’s last text with Kanye and a potentially cringeworthy challenge from Winnie Harlow.

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Show Me Your Phone w/ Kim Kardashian West


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98 Responses

  1. wigconic says:

    There must be so many booty pics on her gallery lol

  2. ScopeShot says:

    To the 1% of people reading this, I hope you reach all of your dreams!!

    My dream is to make people laugh through my content 😀

  3. R. A. DeGagné says:

    Everything Jimmy had on his phone seemed so staged. ?

  4. Liam Quiroga says:

    To all the people out there who always say “oh my phone camera sucks” when they have iPhone X-XS…Kim Kardashian has a iPhone 8plus so it ain’t the camera that takes bad photos it’s just ______.

    • myNEONCITY says:

      @PIX 27 but the camera is worse on that phone

    • Hiba Sobh says:

      I have an iPhone 8 plus!

    • PIX 27 says:

      myNEONCITY really, I know I can really tell the difference in quality & don’t like how the X camera looks compared to the 8/7 . I know there area social media people that I follow who also returned the X or keep an 8 specifically for photos. I guess it’s personal preference .

    • Isabel Aria Joachim says:

      Liam Quiroga yea i was think the same thing too

    • myNEONCITY says:

      PIX 27 The XS has a much better camera than the 8 and the X (those two have the same main camera btw). You would only notice a difference in quality if you use Snapchat, as the viewfinder is more zoomed in on the front facing camera than it is on the 8 series or previous iPhones. This has to do with the aspect ratio of the camera sensor and new display and how Snapchat displays the camera feed (full screen).

  5. Tea Baggins says:

    What happens if it lands on clock? It would be like what time is it? ???

  6. Genuinely Gage says:

    I wonder what Kylie messaged her 😛

  7. x Leilanix says:

    You know she deleted stuff before this

  8. Divy k says:

    She probably has multiple phones. I’ve definitely seen an iPhone X in one of her pics. This ain’t it lmao

    • Bangerz Radio says:

      You’ve got to much time on your hands smh

    • Dan Blair says:

      Apple’s now coming out with the iphone XI/11 this fall. So she might be seen soon with the upgraded versions this latter year of initial 2020 within her hands. The iphone is going to be twelve soon and the ipod is eighteen this year. People don’t even use ipods like they’d used to or tripods/walkman tape recorders/MP3s. People just use their iphones/smartphones or stream on their computers or Alexas with Youtube and Amazon’s Store. Makes sense why after nineteen years this upcoming January that they are getting rid of iTunes. Also after sixteen years of the iTune store. No more Bit Torrent. Limewire died after its tenth anniversary in 2011 and Napster died in 2001(after two years) with its dowloaded non-paid service/2002-2003 with its paid service. No more Pirate’s Cove or any other forms of downlaoding, it’s dying just like how the Video Stores died, which was sad instead of a happy death like dialled-up internet in 2003-2006.

    • Lola Xo says:

      Didn’t she have a BlackBerry that she didn’t want to get rid of because of memories

    • Ardina Angelica says:

      No she didn’t she just only have one phone and this phone actually has been held on for so long, she just only have iPhone 8 and it’s totally true. If you saw iPhone X maybe it belongs to Kourtney or maybe kylie

    • Dan Blair says:

      @Lola Xo Yeah Blackberries and Motorola used to be all the rage back in the 2000s. 1999 was when the first Blackberry came out it was a pager. Motorola used to make pagers too. If they she wants of her memories from the past to stay with her. Even the Playboy shoot photos from twelve years ago. The year When she’d begun to be a superstar, after being a hairstylist for Paris Hilton, and that porno from 2007. She just doesn’t want to forget what it was like being in her twenties and early thirties. I can’t blame her as she’s slowly getting old from the young adults of today. She’s approaching mid-age within the next twelve years. She’s near forty and still is depicting on television as living with Kris Jenner. Even though in reality she has her own place with kids. Why don’t they cancel the Kardashians after thirteen years and do a spin-off with Kardashaina being a mother at her own place? I can be stereotyping the show due I’ve only seen two or three episodes. None full episodes. Khloe is forty half way to eighty now and in five years forty-five half way to ninety. So she’s getting up there and Kris is in her sixties around the retirement age. Why does she take her huge payday from the Kardashians? And just plays a cameo in Kim’s new show as a mother. Kylie’s doing makeup and Kendall’s modelling. So they could leave from the show entirely and make brief cameos in Kim’s new show.

  9. iivan says:

    kims face when it said to show her last google search???

  10. Madison B. says:

    she looks like the old kim

  11. Kelley Broussard says:

    I feel like this game was more stressful then it needed to be.

  12. Deleted 2018 says:

    Why she seems so sweet and genuine lately… I love it!

  13. Kohul T says:

    This was staged and made it painful to watch because he thinks we wont notice. Jimmy moving like the WWE

  14. Annihil8 says:

    “i didn’t even clean up my phone before this”. Yeah, right

  15. claudia bedoya says:

    Plastic surgery or not that woman is stunning

  16. Tiffany dfskajflkjansdf says:

    Jimmys acting is so bad lol its clearly planned/staged

  17. Benny Ngoru says:

    I’m gonna pretend like it’s not staged ?

  18. Bobby Sandhu says:

    The real question is y does Kim still have A Iphone 8+

  19. Narmin Altameemi says:

    Ok kim is still using the iphone 8 plus and I’m thinking to get iphone 11 ?

  20. eltravos99 says:

    If you don’t think this is staged then you are lost.

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