Sia – Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

Sia – Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

SUBSCRIBE to Sia: Official video for “Big Girls Cry” the new UK single, out now. Download on iTunes listen on Spotify Watch the video for “Elastic Heart,” the US single download “Elastic Heart” on iTunes listen on Spotify

“Big Girls Cry” directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler, and choreographed by Ryan Heffington.

“1000 Forms of Fear” out now – download on iTunes Amazon or listen on Spotify


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20 Responses

  1. Melissa Crowther says:

    Maddie is an amazing dancer and sia is an amazing singer however I think
    this doesn’t show of Maddie’s talent as a dancer but ipgives her a
    reputation of being a little bit strange and not the excellent dancer she

  2. Laura Fajardo says:

    Of course its a beuatiful video, and Maddie rock it but it seems that Sia
    is settled with this type of video, she should try something new, without

  3. Tanya Barton says:


  4. gitadine says:

    She is so, so, so talented. I think she really succeeded in bringing out
    the emotions Sia intended for each song. I get chills. I am super glad they
    found each other.

  5. TheDeyton16 says:

    Ok I liked the first two but this really sucked . The song and video . Sia
    needs to move on from this weird child 

  6. Erik Ayala says:

    What the fuck did I just watch. Nice song and all but woah. 

  7. stonithetics says:

    is this girl on drugs or what ?

  8. Maillon says:

    Maddie Ziegler a big performance !!! bravo !

  9. Samantha Fee says:

    Maddie is so gorgeous

  10. destiny brown says:

    So beautiful! Thank you Sia for giving the world such beautiful and
    artistic videos. 

  11. aalizari says:

    This girl is a fantastic dancer. I want to see her dance!

  12. Christopher Markham says:

    I usually don’t comment on these things, Im not too fussed about the video.
    But i absolutely love this song!

  13. VincentParamore says:

    This is poetry. I’m speechless!

  14. Yannie Lee says:

    Maddie is so overrated. 

  15. Barbara Lorhaine says:


  16. James Blank says:

    This song gets me emotional

  17. Melanie Fosil says:

    Well done Maddie once again! She is so talented. I only wish the other
    girls would get opportunities like these but I guess they will get their
    turn in time☺️

  18. Mirle Querales says:

    This is so funny because you come here critizicing and blathering stuffs
    while Sia is so comfortable in her house plus this is what Sia is looking
    for lol, you fighting over a video that is gonna end up having 200Millions
    of views as always, you say the video is stupid although you’re gonna
    comment about it and talk about it and invite other people to go watch it..
    you say it’s stupid but you gave it the fame.

  19. Lewis White says:

    People posting their dislike of the video because they don’t understand it

  20. Hidden Talent says:

    What I got out of it was Sia always feeling ugly and insecure and to escape
    this, she took drugs, which were only a temporary solution, and gradually
    made her feel even worse.