Sia – Bird Set Free (Audio)

Sia – Bird Set Free (Audio)

“Bird Set Free” from Sia’s new album THIS IS ACTING out January 29. Pre-order now in Australia/New Zealand for an instant download of this song & “ALIVE”:
Get Sia’s new single “ALIVE.” Apple Music: Spotify:
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(C) 2015 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records.

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20 Responses

  1. jose nino says:

    when you ove Eye of the Needle, this is better than Alive.

  2. me ooow says:

    sia NEVER disappoints?

  3. Dianna Del Cid says:

    Such an amazing voice gotta love Sia (:

  4. Nahraine Abid says:

    She is not human like omg ??‼️

  5. Mis Nii says:

    Queen Sia does it again. I truly ? this song??

  6. Dasha Stepanova says:

    Wow, Maddie grew up so quickly?

  7. FloralNotes4 says:

    Anyone know any chords that work good for this song???????

  8. mimide arraj says:

    sia has a voice, nobody haven’t

  9. diegho Allen says:

    too much photoshop on the cover…

  10. Dharae says:


  11. JulianMartinMusic says:

    this song is a about her not caring if she sings off key or not scared to
    sing!!! this song is so fucken powerful!!!

  12. abdullah959511 says:

    Even if she says “I think i farted on my melody” she still can touch our

  13. Juniper Jellybeans says:

    This is such an underrated song. It has quickly become one of my

  14. Fernando Mori says:


  15. blueandgeeky_7373 says:

    This song made my week tbh

  16. Meilyn Torres says:

    She’s everything. She’s amazing, I cannot describe how I feel listening to
    her music, makes me feel unique, just like her.
    I’ll love her forever.

  17. Grecia Terol says:

    Veo mi notificación y mi corazón de acelera ?????

  18. mickel adrian lam cortes says:

    omg that voice is unmistakable

  19. Jess Express says:

    Amazing! I’ll def be buying her new album

  20. LPSSunnyTV says:

    I’m not a bird set free. I need to get out of the hw zone