Sia Is Officially Maddie Ziegler’s Godmother

Sia Is Officially Maddie Ziegler’s Godmother

Maddie Ziegler talks about rocking hand-me-downs from her “godmother” Sia, her latest book, The Callback, and she shows off the cringey bad dance move she does with friends at parties.

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Sia Is Officially Maddie Ziegler’s Godmother


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103 Responses

  1. thatrainyboy says:

    This is on trending even though it came out 6 minutes ago? Weird

    • Kevin Pauly says:

      Matt Morawski maybe you

    • HinkgoTV says:

      +Michael Scott Ah, good to know. Thanks!

    • Fuert Neigt says:

      It is not weird, Youtube is owned by Jews so they regularly promote the SAME channels every week for months, they mostly promote only JEW owned channels so that is why all the biggest Channels are Jews, because they were ALWAYS on the front page of Youtube. Jews make up only 1% of the US population, but they make up 50% of all Billionaires in the USA, and Hollywood USA actors are millionaires, 90% of those in Hollywood USA are Jews. It is heavy discrimination against nonJews from Youtube.

    • Joe Bocanegra says:

      youtube for you,

    • AlcoHashBo36 says:

      +Crazy Diamond funny, because YouTube is pushing propaganda out all the time, like this for instance.

  2. I got 5 on it says:

    I feel so old I remember when that Chandelier video came out

  3. Elmira Seferi says:

    I’ve always had sympathy for Sia and I’ve always loved all of her songs but I didn’t know she has this ‘delicate’ side.And the history of this dress that Maddie is wearing in the show just melted my heart. ?

    • Elmira Seferi says:

      +Globe Alone The victim is the person who has been harmed or injured by someone else in a psychologic or physically way. You might have listen to the song “Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones” and its not that the Devil is a victim or innocent its just you feel bad about that the Devil was kicked out of the heaven u know. So in this case I do feel sympathy for everyone that suffers by anything like broken-heart or an illness or a tragedy and whatever makes u suffer.

    • Sheroo says:

      Globe Alone Sia suffered from intense nervous breakdowns every 5 years, fiancées death (ripped in half by a taxi just before her wedding day), severe depression for years, drug addiction, abusive father with dual personalities, drug abuse since age 13, messed up family, parents’ divorce, bipolar disorder, severe loneliness, Grave’s disease (in which her eyes and thorax swell up, her voice deepens and she gains 20 kilograms, making her sick and lazy), migraines, and not to mention that she tried to kill herself twice in her earlier years. She also got a divorce two years ago

    • Globe Alone says:

      +Sheroo thanks I didn’t know all that and its interesting. Good answer but from the wrong person since I was asking the writer of the OP why they felt sympathy. I don’t understand their answer… to listen to Sympathy to the Devil…. sounded like this thread was headed to some funny places but you served up an A+ answer and they will now adopt it no doubt rather than being vague.

    • Rora says:

      Sheroo no offense i believe you but how do you know all that?

  4. ScarlettP says:

    When I first saw Maddie in Sia’s mv Chandiler, I thought she had no clothes on ?

  5. Truth Teller says:

    She’s quite the classic beauty. Classy, as well.

    • eliza says:

      +just joel She’s not ugly without makeup, you’re just jealous that you look like a rat with and without makeup.

    • Bintou Kane says:

      just joel no she’s not ugly.Im sorry that she doesnt fit your standards of beauty which is probably fake and plastic to look perfect but to me and many others she’s a really beautiful girl! Img model aswell so just shush if you don’t have anything nice to say!!!

    • ahlola says:

      Truth Teller her little sister is the opposite.

    • Nico Nico No says:

      just joel I’d like to see you grow up and learn some manners.

  6. Jess R says:

    Maddie’s bad dancing is my good dancing
    Edit: WOOWW thank you for all of the likes!! ❤️

  7. Elmira Seferi says:

    Sia has made history with all of her great songs but she chooses to stay camouflage.Literally people in public will think that she is Maddie’s mom. SIA is a such an inspiration of YOU CAN MAKE ART BUT YOU CAN ALSO LIVE A SIMPLE LIFE.

    • Paul Willard says:

      People thought she was Maddie’s mom simply because she was an adult figure who was next to Maddie. It has nothing to do with anything other than that. If I was standing next to Maddie in a movie theatre, people would’ve thought I was her dad.

    • Gabby . says:

      There are still videos on her YouTube channel with her face in it..

    • Phil Clarke says:

      +Paul Willard Is that your plan? Creepy.

    • Devon Pfeifer says:

      Gabby yes, of course there are videos and pictures of her, but the majority of people don’t spend their time looking up pictures of her. When she got really big, she always had some sort of camouflage, some sort of wig, some sort of mask to cover her face. So in media, that’s all the majority of people have seen her as.

  8. Caroline Winston says:

    2:13 Maddie says Sia is “The greatest”

    Edit: OMG.. I’ve never got 1k likes…thnx❤️

  9. Pia x says:

    How can a Maddie-fan not know what her mother looks like?

  10. Christian Lambert says:

    wtf she can’t be 16!!!!

  11. Pippi Wilson says:

    I swear chandelier came out yesterday but it was so long ago. ?

  12. nora njoku says:

    She seems like a really pleasant person.

  13. Jude Payet says:

    2:14 she’s “the greatest’’ do you get it

  14. Stephanie Reneé DeRamus says:

    She’s so grown up now! I’ve watched this little girl grow up. Huge contrast in comparison to Jojo.

  15. yolo swag says:

    Maddie Ziegler: stars in sias youtube videos, goes on Jimmy Fallon, is a judge on dancing w the stars
    Me: laying in bed watching youtube videos w my cat (:

  16. Apurv Dev says:

    Her mother must be so jealous of Sia.

  17. Sydney says:

    This is so sweet, it’s amazing how close they are!???

  18. Zquad and Swiftie says:

    2:12 “She is *the greatest* person”

  19. Bi Tea says:

    she’s so much mature now omg

  20. Jordan Sparks says:

    *I have NEVER seen Maddie nervous in an interview before EVER!!!! You can really tell how important it ACTUALLY is to her to be on Jimmy Fallon!! So sweet*

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