Sia’s Big Reveal

Sia’s Big Reveal

Music superstar Sia is known for keeping her face hidden, but made an exception for her good friend Ellen. Check it out!

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20 Responses

  1. Lita Owen says:

    But you can still find pictures or videos of her face on the rest of the

  2. Soph side says:

    Her covering her face all the time is boring and old already. It’s like her
    “schtick” now and I think it’s ridiculous. She will be a has been soon.

  3. Daniel Gutierrez says:

    Lol! I love her! Shes sooo happy! And funny! My type of funny! Fun funny!

  4. A Najjar says:


  5. mutia rizki says:


  6. em says:

    i love her sooo much omg

  7. Penguin Queen says:


  8. Jonah kingi says:

    I love her laugh

  9. Olga Boson says:

    I think it’s really cool that Sia doesn’t show herself or her face in
    performances or musicvideos, it makes you focus on the art around it
    instead. It’s really uplifting to see since pretty much all other famous
    women in the music industry promotes their name through their bodies and
    looks (other than the music obviously). Although I don’t get why she’s
    covering her face in interviews, that just feels confusing I think to not
    be able to see her expressions when she speaks. ‘Cause I mean, it’s not
    like her face is a secret, she has been an artist for quite some time and
    she hasn’t ALWAYS covered it. Also, if you google her you’ll see plenty of
    images on what she looks like. I guess a lot of people do google her as
    well since you do get curious about her face. What do you guys think?

  10. mik bugs says:

    we are hoping that you would guest #4th impact in your show.they were too
    amazing and really good.
    dancing,singing,choreo and doing ballad.
    their audition bang bang on xfactor has reached almost 32 million views now

  11. Sogol Hedayati says:

    so??? where’s her face?? no reveal actually

  12. theBloomie says:

    You can everywhere find how Sia looks like, She started to hide her face
    just for past few years. You can google it and there will be millions of

  13. Barj Jub says:

    Did anyone watch the episode ? Did she reveal her face or not

  14. love less says:

    she isn’t real sia !!?

  15. Garrett Spring says:

    “I can do it, I can do it…” “okay well it’s pinned in so I’ll help
    you”… “Okay well I can also do it” I’m dying ?

  16. Vida Bozzi says:

    shes 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? whaaaaat!!???

  17. Kitty Kat says:

    I didn’t know sia was so adorbs. XD I thought she was like overly serious
    and everything but she’s so sweet and funny not to mention her smile is

  18. Karloss Coletti says:

    You guys would be surprised how many people actually DON’T know how she
    looks like. How many people actually DON’T know she had a whole career (as
    a singer, not just as a writer for other people) before Chandelier, a
    handful of albums in which she DID show her face. I’m a huge fan of hers
    since I think 2011, so when I started liking her music she still showed her
    face in peformances and stuff. If I saw Sia on the street, I’d totally
    recognize her – most of my friends wouldn’t, though (I’m just saying this
    to show how many people don’t know her face, not that I consider myself
    superior for that or anything).

    I think what she’s doing recently is very interesting. I mean, she
    obviously has some social anxieties and self-esteem problems, so that’s
    part of why she doesn’t want to be seen – but hiding her face also lends
    focus to her music and opens up possibilities in the performance department
    that are honestly fascinating. She’s taking an appearance-obsessed world
    (pop music) by storm without ever showing her face. Sia’s not
    conventionally pretty (though I personally think she’s beautiful), so who
    knows if people would be listening if she did show her face? They didn’t
    for years…

  19. khalid saleh says:

    you know you can just google “Sia” and see her face XD

  20. AsiaMaesLife says:

    It’s not really a ‘Big Reveal’ if they didn’t reveal anything…