Side Effects May Include w/ The Jonas Brothers

Side Effects May Include w/ The Jonas Brothers

When James Corden kicks off a segment of Side Effects May Include, something doesn’t feel right when the first topic is about brothers. As a man with two sisters, he calls in the Jonas Brothers for a special edition of Side Effects.

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36 Responses

  1. Adaia Perez says:

    Love bug , burning up, and year 3000 made my middle school years much more bearable

  2. Alesia Chambers says:

    “Harry would have never said that” I’m thinking of Harry to James

  3. Amely Sulia says:

    loving that harry styles reference

  4. khadija ahmed says:

    Baby shark WAS A total banger
    No one and I mean NO ONE will argue on that…

  5. Vale Frenchy says:

    I swear if James doesn’t bring Harry Styles on the show while the Jonas Brothers are there, I will sue.. ??

  6. Lerayasha Allen says:

    Kevin has a new found confidence about him…so sexy ???

  7. Yemi Abayomi says:

    James: “No way Lovebug still slaps”
    This man speaks truth lol

  8. Kylie's Corner says:

    My favorite thing is James cordon still brings up Harry

  9. Deborah Toco says:

    4:14 Nick is so freaking cute ? I’ve always had a huge crush on him ?

  10. Melanie Donis says:

    Does anyone remember when Harry Styles did this?

  11. J Ikirah says:

    *Nick* : Each time try to help out, James telling Harry Styles would do it this way.
    *Crowd* : *Gasp*….OOOoooo

    *James* : Harry would have never said that
    *Me* : ??

  12. gabby t says:

    “lovebug still slaps” yess james knows what’s up

  13. vanessa lieb says:

    we love harry and 1d being mentioned in every video?

  14. Paige Hilliard says:

    did nick actually write a song about his brothers being annoying?

  15. Becky Boncheveaux says:

    Remember when Nick Jonas and the Adminstration was a thing?? ~memories~

  16. Reeree Alhawari says:

    What’s up with jonas brothers bringing up harry into the conversation all the time ????❤❤

  17. Christina Richardson says:

    Kevin: “yeah, I’ve been here for the last 30 shows”


    • Liz Lingo says:

      Christina Richardson I liked how they incorporated that, because that’s all I see in the comments and people making videos about it lol

  18. Idek123 says:

    I’m convinced the late late show has become the Jonas brothers show now and I’m not mad about it?

  19. Sabah Raza says:

    I love how they bring Harry up EVERYTIME. Makes me tear up a lil.

  20. Debbie Dominguez says:


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