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47 Responses

  1. Ben Brown says:

    “You know what Vikk? I’m very proud of you” – Tobi 2019

    How can you not like him?

  2. TheProCodPlayer9 says:

    Who’s going to win the rematch?
    Like = KSI
    Reply = Logan Paul

    Ill be streaming the fight live Just like last time so make sure to turn on notifications

  3. Pieter Lakerveld says:

    No one is gonna talk about how they used Harry’s diss track on jj pic?

  4. Leah Dooley says:

    Tobi is spider man confirmed. Peter Parker who? ??

  5. Marcel Tombura says:

    7:44 Tobi is the new Spider Man Bye Tom Holland

  6. Kyle Jonas says:

    Tobi should’ve picked JJ and Simon to reunite red team

  7. relja savic says:

    They didn’t wanna cut much of the video out so it could hit a 10 minute mark HAHAAHAHAHA G’S

  8. Hhh Moskov says:

    This video proves that KSI is gonna win the boxing competition not with his fists but with his legs.

  9. Raha Yaghmai says:

    When cool music comes on they either hit it and its really clean, or they completely fk up.

  10. JOLLOF MAN says:

    JJ: Imagine doing crossbar challenge in 2019

    Sidemen: Woodwork challenge

    Sneak 100

  11. something. says:

    9:18 tobi really set a smile on vikk’s face

  12. ShAv LAkA says:

    Spidertobi spidertobi does whatever a spider does he’s balck and a goalie spidertobi spidertobi

  13. Sohamsta says:

    Petition for KSI to play football as Babatunde next time

  14. shawty says:

    oi, after watching tobi just climb that fence with only his arms we badly need a sidemen ninja warrior challenge

  15. Notorious T.T.U says:

    9:17 Tobi: “Vikk I’m very proud of you”
    Vikk: “Thanks that means a lot” that little comment definitely brighten Vikk day. Well done Tobi✊?

    Also Harry being kind to him✊?

  16. Bright Shadow Cat says:

    That was a pretty smooth turn into a piggyback at the end with Tobi and JJ

  17. ohsosweetdd says:

    Why did I think they would be making birdhouses or some shit??

  18. Drop Of A's says:

    Music plays
    Harry’s turn
    Looks at video length
    He’s not hitting this ?

  19. sienna ang says:

    k black spider man is cool but why is no one talking about how satisfying 11:51 was ?

  20. Calimauryy says:

    let’s play russian roulette

    every 10th like dies ?

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