Siegfried, updated edition 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. V Hanes says:

    Best duet of the day. (So far.)

  2. Bek Tatlun says:

    I don’t know why I laughed more than I should. I don’t even know what’s so

  3. Felicity Graham says:

    *Via **+Brett Hanisko** – The Most Amazingly Timed (and Pitched!) Chair
    Fart You Will Ever Hear*

  4. starwarsjunkie7777 says:

    Lol, nice job transposing the Siegfried call to match the chair.

  5. MauMusic says:

    Now this is how you get First Chair! 5 Second duet with French Horn…

  6. Leonardo Réditarmí says:

    These men look like true scholars! They would fit right in over at Reddit
    (particularly r/classical, i’m a moderator there). G’day to you sirs!

  7. Summoner A says:

    As a [le]rker from reddit, I can finally prove my claim that music takes no
    skills to make. Look even a chair can be an instrument. 

    • TazTalksYouListen says:

      +daver787 …and those with absolutely no musical talent will never
      understand that. This was pure gold in all respects.

    • daver787 says:

      +Summoner A But it took a professional musician to play the chair well and
      to its full potential.

  8. Narwhal Bacon says:

    Classic redditor, am i right guys?

  9. Betty Fondlezer - Reddit Lead Cheer-leader says:

    Very impressive. As someone with perfect pitch this video has just become
    my new favorite meme!

  10. Shruk says:

    That was a C#minor chord, from the scale of classical blues and jazz

  11. PharoahAC says:

    So didn’t know orchestra hired new chairist. he’s looks pretty damn good.

  12. MatticusGames says:

    This whole comment section is just filled with Redditors… literally a
    jungle. The weird, hipster lunch table of the internet.

  13. Daniel F says:

    Hitler loved Wagner. This video has something to do with Wagner. Somewhere
    in there exists a correlation which should upset me uncontrollably and
    irrationally to no end. But for the life of me, I can’t pinpoint it.

  14. Trent Ivie says:

    Hey, they’re playing musical chairs. See what I did there?

  15. Phạm Tiến Hùng says:

    They should put it into Vine