Sierra Canyon vs. Christ the King | Full Game Highlights

Sierra Canyon vs. Christ the King | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from Sierra Canyon’s matchup with Christ the King.

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26 Responses

  1. Devon Rhodes says:

    I wish Bronny got more touches…. He had 12 points and barely touches the ball…. The presser for him to hit every shot is crazy. If he can just get some freedom offensive his game would really take another jump. He is an amazing player and really maximizes every touch he gets. He needs to go to a college where he has the freedom to make mistakes and learn from having the ball in his hands 💯

    • Kendall Green says:

      He should have went to a normal California public school instead of a private super team

    • jeremy brown says:

      @Isiah R he’s not a scorer but he’s also on a team where there’s more than 4 good scorers so he’s scoring efficiently and that facts. If you take away 1 less scorer his number sgo up and so does everyone else’s.

    • Matt A says:

      It’ll be important for him to know how to play off ball

    • tyheam mcwilliams says:

      @John jordan Ashton hardaway 4 star than Isaiah 5 and he close to 5 star at 34 he should crack top 25 easily hope they beat corona centennial in win the title

    • eiroch says:

      they won the game so who cares anyway about his point total lol

  2. Conversations with Zo Podcast says:

    Highlights at the end unreal
    Life is beautiful when you get to see time take its course

  3. IamVani Indu says:

    Kiyan can shoot and he has the confidence in his shot he’s gonna be crazy good and Bronny is killing it that boy got bounce only 6’3-6’4 I hope he gets up to 6’6 omg he’s gonna be a problem

  4. SelfMadeRuss says:

    Four NBA legends sons in one game… historic 🔥🔥

  5. EXPO says:

    Legendary Moment! 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Dezo APMG says:

    It’s krazy I was 11 watching bron and melo play each other , not I’m 30 and watching they kids play gotta love how time works

  7. Olympic Season says:

    Kiyan catch and shoot just like his pops 🎯 bronny athleticism just like his pops 👑

  8. Raymo BettyBoi says:

    Cant wait for Kaiyan to realize he’s the key and fully utilize that triple threat move like his father. I know high school is a pass first league but Take ya time young man.

  9. bytheriverinpeace says:

    Bronnys first bucket is a tomahawk
    Kiyans first bucket a contested jumper.
    Like fathers, like sons lol

  10. Quila _SOHOT says:

    Kiyan was open plenty of times and his teammates refused to pass the damn ball honestly wth is this. That boy can shoot good

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