Silksong News and Trailer Analysis (Xbox Showcase)

Silksong News and Trailer Analysis (Xbox Showcase)

No, you are not dreaming. A huge thank you to everyone in the community for talking with me while making this video! There were so many details you helped me find.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
02:01 ESRB Rating
02:28 First Shot
03:17 Second Shot
03:44 Third Shot
04:04 Fourth Shot
05:27 Fifth Shot
06:02 Sixth Shot
06:52 Seventh Shot
08:09 Eighth Shot
08:44 Ninth Shot
09:37 Tenth Shot
12:12 Eleventh Shot
12:29 Twelfth Shot
12:45 Thirteenth Shot
13:01 Fourteenth Shot
14:18 Fifteenth Shot
14:32 Sixteenth Shot
15:10 Seventeenth Shot
15:26 Eighteenth Shot
16:37 Nineteenth Shot
17:16 Twentieth Shot
17:23 Twenty-First Shot’
18:05 Twenty-Second Shot
18:30 Twenty-Third Shot
19:31 Twenty-Fourth Shot
20:04 Twenty-Fifth Shot
20:29 Twenty-Sixth Shot
21:02 Final Three Shots
21:23 Conclusion

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51 Responses

  1. mossbag says:

    So… an earlier draft of this script had my overall thoughts on the trailer, but I ended up cutting it out. However, I accidently left it in the subtitles, and people found it. They seemed to enjoy reading it, so I’m posting it here for you to read if you want!


    I’m really excited to fight these bosses! Outside of the lore, the boss fights are probably my favorite part of Hollow Knight. We’re actually up to about fifteen revealed bosses for Silksong already. Moss Mother, Bell Beast, Trobbio, Scarface, Lace, Camelita, Seth, Sharpe and his buddies, Last Judge, Golem thing, two members from the band Devo, Hideous Vine Hag, American guy, Wears a skull on his head guy, and the Scholarly Suite. And I’m hoping there’s plenty more bosses we haven’t seen yet.

    And obviously, the areas look incredible. You have no idea how badly I want to play through that clocktower level. Seriously, it’s killing me. That said, one criticism I’ve seen of Hollow Knight is how samey some areas look. And Silksong kinda falls into that same category. It’s hard to know what areas I’m even looking at when I do these analyses. But that more muted palette is a deliberate choice from Team Cherry, and I do think it helps keep the world feeling more grounded. But I will be curious to see what more casual people have to say once the game launches.

    I think the biggest improvement here over Hollow Knight has to be the platforming. It looks so fun and engaging. As much as I love Hollow Knight, its platforming is a bit limited, mainly due to so much of the world being accessible with very few movement options. Hornet is more agile out the gate, so Team Cherry should be able to push the envelope a lot more in that regard.

    So much of the lore is still shrouded in mystery. I feel like this time around we got to see a much better look at how silk is really screwing things up in Pharloom. It’s getting everywhere, it seems to be what’s responsible for whatever is plaguing this bug. So that’s nice, but we didn’t really learn anything more about the song aspect of Silksong. And we still don’t really know what’s going on with these white flowers and bugs. So looks like there’s still plenty of lore to uncover about this game.

    I haven’t mentioned the music in the trailer at all. And that’s because you should know by now that the music is just fantastic as always. It sounds like a frantic battle theme, maybe a generic boss encounter song. I honestly have no idea, so we’ll have to just wait and see.

    • Holy_Crusader Of The Holy Land says:

      3:06 VOID?

    • Minh Nguyễn says:

      Hollow Knight has samey looking areas? Hmmmm

    • hi bye says:

      One thing I wish they would add are areas without straight platforms, but hilly and bumpy uneven terrain, to make the world feel more real and alive.

    • Anthony Beschastnov says:

      why does seth sound like seath the scaleless from ds1

    • Grey Fox says:

      I think the song aspect might come from Hornet playing music on her needle like a harp, maybe it connects into the story somehow, like playing a special song to calm down whatever hk/radiant equivalent is causing all the problems in pharloom

  2. Animagician says:

    Amazing video 😀 There are a few things I noticed that might be a bit interesting that you didn’t cover:
    In the sixteenth shot, the tool that Hornet uses is the same tool she used to pogo in the first Silksong trailer. Given that here it’s used in combat, I’m very excited to see the way TC has implemented more of these multi-use tools and how they might even be used in things like speedrunning and skips 😮

    Also, in the eighteenth shot, I’m fairly certain that the bind animation has been made a bit longer than it was previously. I’m not 100% sure on this as a direct quote, but I’m fairly certain that I read TC increased the duration of the animation on purpose to try and add a bit more intent to the action – the previous time made healing a bit too easy and trivialised a lot of damage.

    Loved the video though, that catch on the scholarly suite members + the windmill was insane

    • A.T.F A.T.F says:

      @PixelZnimation Like the deep focus charm

    • PixelZnimation says:

      @mossbag I’m pretty certain it’s based on the crest, since some crest require less silk to heal, maybe some crest will heal more than 3 masks but have increase duration. Something like that.

    • Ancient Guard says:

      @mossbagHonestly, I figured it was a base change. Didn’t even consider it could be crest based. That’d be interesting.

    • mossbag says:

      I noticed the increased bind time, I wonder if that’s crest specific or a universal change.

    • Xeraclom14 says:

      It may be related to the crest, as it also changes the bind cost

  3. Ben Broadbent says:

    A little over a minute trailer = 22 minute analysis. Love this channel

  4. Rocket-sprocket says:

    Heavy is the head that wears the lore crown!

    cant wait to gladly watch this another 100 times before Silksongs release.

  5. Necromancer says:

    Hope you didn’t end up pulling an all-nighter finishing this. Looking forward to watching it!

  6. Grey Fox says:

    You know what? Team Cherry’s silence for the most part has been a good thing. A lot of lore videos tend to grasp at straws and dig out unused assets from early dev to make their theories, and I’m sure a developer like Team Cherry would not want that, but only want players to piece together lore based on information that is available in the game and not some outdated thing they scrapped early on. I expect lore videos of SIlksong to be a lot tighter and more grounded in the in-game experience, which is what I personally prefer.

  7. Silina Luneli says:

    I am still grateful to you for the fact that every video has subtitles. As a person from another country, it is very nice to see this. Besides, your work has been done incredible! Thank you for this

  8. Jan Hex says:

    “And when the lore analysis was needed, he crawled out of the mossy grotto.”

  9. Jacob P. says:

    I personally don’t think that the forest of bones is a firey area, I think the firey region is specifically deep docks. Team cherry usually refrains from having two areas be too similar in terms of theming. Hollow Knight, and presumably silksong, have very distinct color schemes for each region. Moss Grotto is a lush, bright green, and deep docks is a bright orange; my hypothesis is that Forest of Bones is more of a literal forest, the area with an olive green color palette that we’ve seen a lot, in between the two. I think it’s likely that the ants live in the forest of bones given their bone architecture, and many of the shots we see ants in have that same olive green hue. For example 14:19 and a few more in the first trailer like shown at 6:00 in this video. I do think it’s possible the lower forest of bones has lava, but I think it’s not necessarily that the forest of bones must be a firey area just because that’s how it was when it was cut from hollow knight.

    • j lin says:

      @Jacob P. oh yeah, that makes sense. If you showed someone a screenshot of queens garden and greenpath, they’ll know which is which

    • Jacob P. says:

      @j lin That’s possible, but even with those very similar areas Team Cherry did a lot in terms of artwork to distinguish them. Queen’s gardens has bright green backgrounds, flowers, and ornate architecture, while Greenpath has darker greens, more moss & vines, and ancient-looking architecture. With Deep docks, the bone aspects and mechanical aspects are interwoven so frequently that I can’t discern two separate areas, and I think team cherry would probably make them more easy to differentiate from one another. I could always be completely wrong though, and even if aren’t similar areas I think Forest of Bones will definitely have some lava elements.

    • j lin says:

      Well, they did have two areas with similar themes in hollow knight: the queen’s garden and greenpath. Maybe it’s something similar to that

    • Faustino o.O says:

      makes sense. although I liked the idea that the forest of bones is lava 🙁

  10. W4LT3R says:

    I think it’s interesting how the twenty-fifth shot (20:26) enemy has these huge claws from who you’d think you’d get that HUD with the claws, but Hornet already has them during the battle. So maybe this is a second stage fight to upgrade the fangs?

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