Simone and Sasha’s Tango – Dancing with the Stars

Simone and Sasha’s Tango – Dancing with the Stars

Simone Biles and Sasha Farber dance the Tango to “Untouchable” by Tritonal & Cash Cash on the Dancing with the Stars’ Season 24 Premiere!

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20 Responses

  1. hgsh9811 says:

    Winner right here!

  2. Xenocide Gamer says:

    I hate that people are saying that she acts just like Laurie, but I don’t think so, she’s got her own style and it rocks.

  3. Shay91 says:

    I enjoyed this performance.

  4. mary turner says:

    My #1 pick for the mirror ball trophy

  5. kadeyobe10 says:

    This is Sasha & Emma’s season for sure. They have true contenders.

  6. DWTS Edits says:

    i cannot believe emma and sasha have real contenders this season… i genuinely haven’t processed it

  7. Naomi Higgins says:

    I’m so happy for Sasha. Simone is amazing. They might win this season

  8. Liz Scalzitti says:

    I’m honestly so happy sasha and emma both have amazing partners!!! TOP 2 ???!

  9. Savannah Montana says:

    I’m rooting for her and Normani.

  10. Karina Santiago Naranjo says:

    Ok I like it but this is not tango ??

  11. Naomi Higgins says:

    Please stop the comments about how Simone shouldn’t win and how she shouldn’t have been given the highest score of the night. Simone can’t help it that she’s good. Plus, she wanted to be on the show. We don’t know who will win. If Simone does win, it’s not her fault, that just means people voted for her and thought she was good. I seriously can’t stand this hate. Just because she’s a gymnast doesn’t mean she will win. Nastia and Aly didn’t win when they were on. We just have to see

  12. DANCE 4 YOUR LIFE says:

    I love Simone so much but I honestly feel Normani danced better. Normani danced like a pro tonight & it seems as if the judges are just showing favoritism ?

  13. Petreanna Aching says:

    So, we got the EDM tango out of the way, right? No more, right? RIGHT????

  14. Melly Bon says:

    She belongs on the show! Shes a REAL star!?

  15. Lala Haha says:

    Mani was waaaaaaay better

  16. Cowsgo Moo says:

    I just knew they were going to make her last. I predicted it at the beginning of the episode. Simone is going to dance last. They try to save who they think will be the best for last to end on a high note I think

  17. FunkyFuchsia91 says:

    She is so likable and it was a well deserved highest score imo.
    I will need for the salty Normani fans to stop being immature. Other people can shine too, you know!

  18. Ana Victoria says:

    I love Simone, but she was definitely over scored. She was really stiff the entire time and didn’t have very many facials nor performance quality. I think Normani honestly deserved the number one spot today, but hey that’s just my opinion as i’m a dancer myself.

  19. Gracie C. says:

    First time watching DWTS because of Simone, but why are some fans saying she was being favored? On the basis of what? Because she is an Olympic medalist? Maybe this fans are just salty their fave did not get the highest score LOL

  20. IzzyKunv4 says:

    We Finally may have Emma and Sasha in the FINALS!!!

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