Simone Biles Gets a Scare!

Simone Biles Gets a Scare!

The record-setting Olympic gymnast shared some exciting firsts with Ellen and got quite the fright!

Watch Simone and Sasha’s performance, here!

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20 Responses

  1. EdunchiVEVO says:

    8 likes & 0 views…ok

  2. I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers says:

    I have heard she is more flexible than a Slinky.

  3. Jay Kay says:

    #NoDislikes ?

  4. IRÈNE Michelle says:

    She’s fucking so pretty ?

  5. BrooklynCinderella says:

    She’s 20?!? Wow she looks younger than that!

  6. eboy94 says:

    Where is Normani?

  7. Princess Kaylah says:

    dude I was so interested in the video that I forgot that there was gonna be a scare and I got super scared when the guy jumped out ?

  8. Karoline Veland Johansen says:

    Simone’s laugh is just great! Hahaha

  9. Savannah Miller says:

    I did not know Simone was 20!

  10. IRÈNE Michelle says:

    She’s looked like Obama child ???

  11. OhheyitsSoumy says:

    “she;s 20? she looks younger”
    yes gymnasts look younger especially their bodies the more they train and build muscles the more it stops their puberty or rather slow it down… so they have bodies of a 13 year olds when they’re adults it’s because of the training

  12. Prince Nash says:

    Opps… It seems like Ellen forgot to disable the comments btw :p

  13. Chloé LeBlanc says:

    I really wish people would stop asking her about her romantic life… Why can’t they get that it’s none of their business?

    Maybe it wouldn’t annoy me so much if it hadn’t been a constant focus in almost every interview she has given, even during and right after the Olympics when she found herself under the spotlight because of what she had accomplished as an athlete.

    No male athlete would ever be asked questions about his personal life so insistently. She’s only treated that way because she is a young woman practicing a so called «girly» sport (seriously, what the hell is so «girly» about gymnastics?).

  14. Danielle Carter says:

    She acts a little immature for 20 just my opinion. I like her though.

  15. Katie McNeely says:

    She’s the human equivalent of a giggle. I just want to put her in my pocket.

  16. Hello Bye says:

    As soon as Ellen touches collar it cues the scare

  17. Little Kitty says:

    Simone biles is my favorite gymnast

  18. amoureuxdelamusiq1 says:

    I love her, she’s so cute.

  19. Sam says:

    she’s so adorable i wanna date her !

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