Single by 30 | Official Trailer | YouTube Red Original Series

Single by 30 | Official Trailer | YouTube Red Original Series

“Single By 30” is a romantic drama that anyone who’s been through the wild ride of their 20s can relate to. Motivated by an innocent pact in high school to be each other’s backup plans, Peter and Joanna explore modern dating and relationships. Of course falling in love is far more complicated than we thought in high school, but hey, we also thought 30 was SO far away.

Thank you SO much for supporting our first full length series! So much hard work went into creating it from so many different people. We’re so grateful to New Form Digital, YouTube Red, Sawhorse Productions and our amazing cast and crew!

Working with YouTube Red allowed us to create on a level we’ve never reached before, so definitely take advantage of the 30-day free trial!

If you don’t have YouTube Red in your country you can visit the link below for information on how to get the show!

And don’t worry! We’re still making lots of free content on both our channels!

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20 Responses

  1. enragedgohan says:

    The only YouTube Red series that looks half decent. Like.. This would be
    the sole reason I would sign up.

  2. wordys says:

    “WHAT ARE WE?”
    Damn it gurl.

  3. Samten Dorji says:

    niga higa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jason Wilson says:

    So whos 30. the girl?

  5. Joel Mandaya says:

    Holy . Shit. Damn.

  6. Perry Notes says:

    So much drama that I’m TOO EXCITED FOR!!!! But boi, I hope this gets leaked
    somewhere else Cuz I can’t afford frikkin Youtube Red XDDDD (Sarcasm; Keep
    Doing what you are doing Wong Fu!)

  7. moderafo54 says:

    so are they gonna fuck after they get married?

  8. Nicole Dy says:


  9. megan chang says:


  10. William Alvarado says:

    Am I the only one unimpressed?

  11. Jojober Reharvian says:


  12. Allen Sha says:

    i was thinking “of course harry and kina are gonna be together at the end”
    but with wfp, im pretty sure cliche endings are not their thing

  13. lu(◠‿◠) says:

    Ryan Higa!!!! Ryan is there! I saw it!!! Dam I wish I had money to watch

  14. juanandlife says:

    damn this looks really bad. shout out to them for trying tho

  15. Kayla P says:

    Why hello mike chang <3

  16. MaiHead says:

    It’s really really hard to make romantic movies or tv series work these
    days. I’m not a fan of the genre but i was hopeful that Wong Fu would
    deliver with this. But it just seems really generic, and i feel like this
    trailer pretty much spoiled the plot anyway. The writing seems quite lazy
    too. It has the same “appeal” as every Cameron Diaz’s rom-com has, which
    isn’t really an achievement imo. I like Wong Fu and i’ve been watching them
    for a long time but maybe try something a little out of the box. This will
    however appeal to teenage girls and some guys too, so in that sense it
    works. However as a person in his early 20’s, i can’t really say i’m
    excited for this. But props for doing it anyway. I know YT Red is a very
    controversial platform and maybe this will succeed since it is obviously
    geared towards teenagers, who are the major user base on YouTube.

  17. 。Kuro Yuri 。 says:

    Omg I’m dying inside! This is definitely worth watching! ???

  18. Antonio Robinson says:

    HAHA Wtf is this? This movie should be re named The Losers. Just look at
    it, low level fashion designer at 30, threw away there 20 because of
    partying and sleeping with multiple people. Get so desperate they marry
    other trainwrecks. They blame everyone else because they’re single. Movie
    will do good because of the lazy gen y people

  19. iLoveMusicQ8 says:

    cant wait, love the casting

  20. Theeeee Meeeeee says:

    This looks so cute