Sister Q&A – Khloé and Kylie

Sister Q&A – Khloé and Kylie

Khloé and I are celebrating the launch of Koko Kollection ROUND 3 with our fun sister Q&A! Pick up the brand new Koko Kollection on June 14 at 3pm pst on and shop the original collection and “In Love with the Koko” collection in all-new updated formulas and gorgeous new packaging.

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62 Responses

  1. Yoster Amor says:


    • Sweetpea 3399 says:

      Yoster Amor Khloe’s maturing. People change. Everybody in LA gets work done….who cares.

    • Itzel Lopez says:

      I think it’s because of those white as veneers she has ?
      She didn’t have those before and Im guessing she got them recently. Her smile was never that white. Plus her mouth doesn’t close as much as it used to, I think that’s why.

    • T U R K - 1 8 2 says:

      She cut some of her nose off

    • Michael G says:

      Yoster Amor the nose surgeries, hard to breath lol

  2. __Sophie_ x says:

    I didn’t realise until now how much khloe is like kris?! ?

  3. Colorful Melodies says:

    My friend: would u eat a cockroach for a hundred dollars?

    Me: bish yas

  4. Miss K97 says:

    Kylie: Best beauty secret
    Me: Plastic surgery?

  5. Sarah Kokopuffs says:

    Koko is slowly looking like a different person.

  6. Julia silva montes says:

    Khloè:favorite Beauty secret (sunscreen)
    Also Kgloè:tan asf

  7. Becca Tobey says:

    “Because you’re a billionaire” IM CRYING ???

  8. gven says:

    Khloe’s nose is not working anymore she’s sounding strange ?

  9. Ashleigh Makes Art says:

    Editor: How many sound and visual effects do you want in this video?
    Kylie: Yes.

  10. MaRiAh BLoCks says:

    WOW! That’s why your skin looks so healthy and clear. Thanks, for that technique.

  11. MaRiAh BLoCks says:

    Kylie- Never in my life would I eat a cockroach for 1 million.

    Khloé- that’s because your a billionaire.?

    Me- I’m poor. ?

  12. Natalie Sim says:

    Khloe looks so much like Kris from the side x

  13. Alejandra Mariscal says:

    “Your hands and neck tell your age”

    Umm YES and Kim’s hands look OLD I notice if every episode

  14. josie ree says:

    Never knew that about the conditioner, thank you for that.

  15. XXV III says:

    Khole tan is questionable in this lighting ☀️?

  16. Smsrules1 says:

    Do they have speech therapists to help them sound snobby?

  17. Chalange ! says:

    *Khloe had*
    *To much tan spray*

  18. Grapes says:

    Khloes tan is so dark, she looks like that lady from “there’s something about Mary” ??

  19. Prince Nox says:

    Kylie: I wouldn’t eat a cockroach for 1 million
    Khloe: That’s cuz u’re a billionaire

  20. Andrea Barrientos says:

    kylie: i’m asking you really hard questions
    me: “omg jordan?????”

    kylie: shoes or bags?

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