Sisters of Vegas gunman’s girlfriend say he sent her to the Philippines so she wouldn’t interfere

Sisters of Vegas gunman’s girlfriend say he sent her to the Philippines so she wouldn’t interfere

As days go on, more details about the Las Vegas Massacre and the gunman his self is being revealed. His girlfriend, Marilou Danley was in the Philippines while the attack was happening. her sisters spoke to Australia’s Channel 7 TV network and they believe that the gunman, Stephen Paddock, sent Danley to the Philippines so she wouldn’t interfere with the attack. NBC News reported that Paddock had recently wired over $100,000 to an account in the Philippines, Danley’s home country. The reasons behind her travel and the money is unclear but many people and authorities all believe it links back to him planning out the attack.

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20 Responses

  1. Nobodys Business says:

    Sounds like she knew about it beforehand. If so she deserves a long prison sentence for not trying to stop it.

  2. Henry Paumgarten says:

    Like to respect

  3. Dr. Cavett says:

    Yeah Blame someone else! Pieces of shit in this nation!

  4. AdiusOmega says:

    Everyone and their dog is a investigative journalist nowadays.

  5. Ben Dova says:

    I heard he transferred $10,000. now i’m hearing over $100,000.

  6. LiveJ5 says:

    They “believe”…. that kills any semblance of fact regarding whatever they had to say. Either they know or they don’t.

  7. Brandon Leech says:

    This is all bullshit something tells me

  8. Naashon Williamson says:

    *It’s hiiiiigh noon*

  9. William Hughton says:

    White people refusing to believe one of thier own is a terrorist

  10. Jacob Venevongsoth says:

    I like how you white people are forcing yourselves to believe one of your own isn’t a terrorist and blaming it on his gf, saying she should be killed, locked up, etc

  11. Kyle Clifford says:

    Why are there more pictures of this women than the terrorist dude? WTF

  12. Dog dog says:

    Terrorist ! Not fucking gunman. Terrorist

  13. Kiel Rias says:

    this is just my opinion about this matter. why blaming her about someones else’s crime??? and why are we so shocked about mass shooting here and there??? we are all aware that every legal immigrants and citizen of this country can bare firearms. therefore, we already knew that there is a risk of this kind of criminal acts. When we are ok about every individual in this country to have a license to carry firearms. then this kind of events shouldn’t shock us or for whatsoever reasons. Because we are ok for every individual to carry a gun. It is not hard for any individual to get a license to carry a gun. so chances are those crazy people who have criminal minds are susceptible from committing this kind of crimes…. Why all of a sudden you are all shocked about it…. asked the government why any kind of people can just easily get a license to carry a gun… why people can collect different high-end weapons and firearms…. when a person is suffering from anxiety, insanity, and depression these people have a questionable capabilities on their decision making. that is when people go crazy and use their 2nd amendment of rights to commit a crime…. ask yourself, what is important to you??? GUNS or LIVES of innocent people???

  14. Adam Withrow says:

    Bullshit. He didn’t do it. Media lies. Incestual information being fucked by every news channel. From the top down.

  15. R Strella says:

    Everyone is complaining about the woman in the video.

    But, I’m here like shit this dude’s voice is freakn annoying

  16. Rocky XiVICIOUS says:

    Government paid her 100k to keep her mouth shut smh

  17. Mr. Banana FTW says:

    Fucking dumbasses. Screw this shit America, I’m moving to Mars.

  18. edd olivares says:


  19. L0p3_Coraima says:

    You mean terrorist

  20. bmotx says:

    They want a Police State. Because they benefit at your cost.

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