Ski Mask The Slump God – Faucet Failure (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Ski Mask The Slump God – Faucet Failure (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Check out the official music video for “Faucet Failure” by Ski Mask The Slump God (Prod. ChaseTheMoney)

Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by ChaseTheMoney
Director of Photography – Logan Meis




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68 Responses

  1. TheLordLavish says:

    Im glad he posted this I neeed something to calm me down after making love to my pillow on my channel ?

  2. Marley Spy says:

    0:25 When you land without a gun in apex

  3. Lazykid Gaming says:

    Let’s make a deal this really fire ?

  4. Aksel M says:

    0:25 when you are grinding a girl from behind and she turns around…….

  5. Abdullahi Mohamed says:

    Remember days me n X hiting licks ???

  6. thuggin 223 says:

    Who else thought when he was taking off the mascot head it was gonna be xxxtentacion ?

  7. slump god says:

    ?”remember days me and x hittin licks”?

  8. daddy please says:

    *Waiting on the memes ?*

  9. Doctor Yizzle says:

    ski’s flow and lyrics are so different from everyone else and i love him for that. this shit is hilarious. i am going to converse with you one day ski as a musician and hopefully make a song together one day

  10. Anthony Krantz says:

    Dang I want to see a music vid for Nuketown

  11. Ghetto 114 TV says:

    Ski mask = like ??
    Travis Scott = comment ???

    Who’s better !? ✅✔

  12. NoobJamesPro says:


  13. TearsXSouls _ says:

    *That one weird kid at the corner of the room* 0:38

  14. Co GAMER says:

    Lets make a ?,
    ?want to ?my purple ?⬆️ in the windd… ?

  15. Luke D says:

    1:36 every white kid when they try buying weed for the first time and the dealer runs

  16. Dr Taing Tek Hong says:

    Yoo did ski just hit the woah??! ???

  17. Why Cue says:


  18. Luke D says:

    make this button blue if you ain’t gay

  19. Unsubscribe says:

    Who else is scrolling trying to find comments about 0:26

  20. Asa Jake says:

    I’m a blind 17 year old rapper that loves Ski. Mind giving me a listen? You won’t be disappointed.

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