Skip and Shannon disagree on LeBron James calling himself the GOAT | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon disagree on LeBron James calling himself the GOAT | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the greatest player in NBA history following LeBron James claiming he is the GOAT, after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a come from behind title against the 73-win Golden State Warriors.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip and Shannon disagree on LeBron James calling himself the GOAT | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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95 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Is LeBron the GOAT?

  2. Liam Petersen says:

    I’ve learnt that you never say MJ or LeBron online ?. It don’t matter what your opinion is there’s always that 1 guy who brings up irrelevant points that for some reason the other person’s fans will start to keep stating that same fact

  3. GOAT 23 says:


  4. Deandre White says:

    LeBron’s Primary objective is to be the greatest, Michael Jordan’s primary objective was to win. That’s what made the difference in their careers. LeBron’s goal to be the greatest has at times interfered with the teams goals of winning more. Lebron is not a selfish person, but there are times when as a player he has had selfish motives. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be another athlete that was under the control of the professional sports world, but don’t allow your personal goals and stats to interfere with your team winning.

    • Chris NZ says:

      Well said. How many teams, often within the same season, has he destroyed/replaced vs practiced/developed? One failed over and over but percervered and succeeded. The other ran when the going got tough and traded his way to a balanced team

    • M M says:

      Well said!

    • SlimDoug Maddox says:

      +Chris NZ How did he destroy the team? (Guess you men the Cavs) They had the #1 overall pick for a reason. He took em to the finals a couple of times in like 7 years of getting drafted. Sounds like a team-builder to me.

    • Kyle Sanders says:

      Chris NZ I will day this: Cleveland in his first 7 years was good solely because of him. He kept them out of the lottery every year, so they never drafted early, and couldn’t convince free agents to play there, because Cleveland.

    • Chris NZ says:

      +SlimDoug Maddox his passive aggressive, melo-dramatic antics, of which he started to do earlier in the season on the Lakers, saying stuff like, “you don’t want to be around me I’m frustrated”, or “I almost cracked, but then realized what I got myself into”. He HAD D Wade, Rose, Crowder, IT4, Jeff Green, all on the same team but started giving up on them as well!! He’s a quitter, a beta male, like most of the Y/Z generation is lol

  5. eazyduzit5150 says:

    Jesus man Shannon’s arguments as to why MJ isn’t the goat are pathetic lol.

    It’s like he reads these twitter accounts ran by LBJ stans who hate MJ.

    • DaevonTheSavage says:


    • Mysterious J says:

      +DaevonTheSavage you know he did. Just waiting to see how bad he is this time.

    • Legacy13IV says:

      His argument is pathetic because there is no reasonable argument as to why Jordan isn’t the goat. All I know is that in the Jordan era people weren’t getting titles. Everyone has been eating in the LeBron era. Duncan ate, Dirk ate, and omg have the Warriors been eating of LeBron’s title plate.

  6. Ø.G DeRrIcK says:

    The media again takes what Lebron says and twists it…original ?


    Facts M.J accomplished way more than LeBron did in a shorter period of time in his career look it up…. Facts…. U must understand that M.J also retired for almost 2years…. Facts…. Please compare LeBron to some of the other great Hall Of Fame basketball players….

  8. Robert Warinda says:

    Tiger woods birthday was also yesterday. It was a GOAT day

  9. Cedrick Carson says:

    Michael wouldn’t even allow himself to be down 3-1.

    • King P says:

      You mean pippen wouldn’t allow Michael to be down 3-1. There was no winning before pippen.

    • TonyandEmily Morrison says:

      +br 1251 his first 2 season, after that there hasn’t been a year. Nor has he ever had a first round exit.

    • King P says:

      He couldn’t get to finals without pippen. LeBron first finals was by himself.

    • Lorenzo Ramos says:

      cmoneyno5 and this warriors team has two of the greatest shooters of all time in curry and klay, possibly the greatest scorer of all time in kd, a defensive player of the year in draymond, and a finals mvp coming off the bench in iguodala

    • Charles WoodsonGOAT says:

      The Flash 2024 lol he only beat the pistons and Celtics once the we’re old and he complained to the league about how he was being defended.

  10. Eduardo Herrera says:

    Jordan didnt have a co-star who averaged 27ppg in the finals. Kyrie played just as well if not better than LeBron in those last 3 final games. I still remember him looking unstoppable even with klay guarding him.

    • King P says:

      +demetrius 2000 and he still got to the finals.

    • PP Wieners says:

      jordan had a better well-rounded team as a supporting cast. how kyrie played doesnt diminish lebron.

    • Madman_473 says:

      This is straight facts. When people say lebron had no teammates they’re just making excuses for him. If you go back and look at those cavs rosters and look at the individual players on those teams, all the players were GREAT individual players. But for some reason when they got to the cavs they didn’t play well together, yet nobody says lebron is the reason the teams didn’t work. Crazy man

    • Cody says:

      Jordan didn’t play against a 73 win team. He also didn’t play against a team with 4 all stars. Jordan invented the “Big 3 super team” to win also but we won’t talk about that.

  11. Super Cam says:

    So we going to overlook curry only one time in the finals. And he won 3 rings against Lebron on 1 team ???

  12. Cameron Lompre says:

    kyrie won it for lebron….

    • SlimDoug Maddox says:

      Kyrie was DYNAMITE scoring the ball and making big shots, while playing with James. But James did almost EVERYTHING else. That’s why James didn’t score, AND why Kyrie had the energy to score. #Harmony #Chemistry

    • 1 -9 says:

      @br 1251 name two players that LeBron played with that was better at playing defense than Dennis and Scottie….I’ll wait. If you know anything about basketball, offense wins games but defense wins championships.

    • Joe William says:

      +br 1251 you know when LB block the shot they was tired right , so you dnt think if they would of made that shot, it woulda been over?

    • King P says:

      +yung Stoney right. If you remove Jordan and still win 55 games, you’re a super team like the Kevin Durant warriors.

  13. Kahlil Alexis says:

    Muhammad ali called himself the greatest of all time ..and people loved it because it showed his confidence ,Michael Jordan does the same thing and everyone loves it again…but when LeBron does it all of a sudden if u have to call yourself the goat then u are not the goat but everyone else who does it is right ???

    • Raphael Hilliard says:

      Mike never said he’s the goat he never had to he’s universally recognized that way

    • M B says:

      MJ never said he’s the goat. Doesn’t have to. It’s understood he is.

    • InvictuZ says:

      Even if Michael Jordan did say he was the goat, who could dispute that at that time? But Lebron James saying it? That’s a joke, and disrespectful to all the goats there ever was. Lebron James doesn’t even know what a travel is.

    • Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP says:

      +Kahlil Alexis Was it on public camera or during a game? There’s a difference between being competitive and saying it on public record.

    • gary smith says:

      Mike never said he was the greatest but he has said his 72 -10 team was the greatest. He said “His Team!”

  14. the truth says:

    Hate to admit it but Skip killed Shannon w this debate.

    • Ayhdas says:

      the truth I’m just curious what points did Skip make that killed Shannon? Most of the points Shannon made were pretty accurate.

    • darkeye says:

      +Ayhdas Shannon never brought up the fact that LeBron chokes at the free throw line. You can’t be the GOAT and have that big of a flaw in your game.

    • Remington Steele says:

      When dickriding fanboy logic is all you have to go on, common sense will crush it every time.

  15. Sean Johnson says:

    skip bayless neck turning red tryna defend his man mj ????

  16. James Hendricks says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t call yourself the greatest of all time. That is for everybody else to say not the person to say.

  17. geno wells says:

    Bron have the audacity to call him self the goat,, but yet he still wears the Superman number #23 on his chest smfh,, The late Walter Payton quote,,
    “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.”

  18. ERIC GRAVES says:

    LeChoke is going to Lose not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 NBA finals!!! Lol this is a joke. Got swept. And lost twice 4-1 and by the largest deficit (14points average) against spurs.

    • Porky DaBull says:

      I grew up an MJ fan and sad to say PHIL is the reason he got 6rings, it’s a team sport and individually LBJ has carried a bigger load and is much more of a complete player than MJ…. MJ more rings tremendous scorer, LBJ play all 5 positions on both ends of the floor never had the supporting cast MJ did especially a coach

    • Charles WoodsonGOAT says:

      ERIC GRAVES MJ’s team went 55-27 without him. The cavs have become the worst team in the league both times Lebron has left. That’s the difference, MJ played in a weaker era on an all time great team.

  19. Chad and Pearl Hoyt says:

    No……Jordan hands down. Enough debating this subject, he will never pull Jordan off the mountain, ever!!!! Best closer in the history of the game…..

  20. PhoraOne Sinatra says:

    Lebron be like: “I came back & won a Game 7, that makes me the greatest.”

    Jordan be like: “What the f*ck is a Game 7?”

    • Leslie Robinson says:

      Lol, fact. Also, its funny how people keep bring up how Lebron n company beat the 72+ win warriors acting like MJ just had a cake walk to his championships, failing to acknowledge just how soft the league is now than it used to be. Think I’m wrong, see reference; James Harden.

    • Aries Anderson says:

      +Leslie Robinson for that comment harden just shot 10freethrows and you got a technical foul

    • bep 2 says:


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