Skip and Shannon react to Drew Brees’ comments about protesting during national anthem | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon react to Drew Brees’ comments about protesting during national anthem | UNDISPUTED

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Drew Brees said he could quote, “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.” Brees said he stands with his teammates for their fight for equality but also that he stands with family members who have served in the military. Brees was heavily criticized by many athletes including teammates Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Brees’ comments.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
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Skip and Shannon react to Drew Brees’ comments about protesting during national anthem | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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59 Responses

  1. David Miyamoto says:

    Omg skip. Just when u almost drive me to the brink about lebron, u bring me back. Nice

  2. ChaaKam #igotcha says:

    Damn Shannon out here sounding like a Hebrew Israelites

  3. Mr Wrong says:

    When you fumble the easy pass.

    • Michael Reynolds says:

      @Big Mike I don’t think that’s it honestly. Sure some probably do worry about that and others simply may not really care either way seeing as how we all have the right to express ourselves as we please.

      All I’m saying is that it’s getting ridiculous that many claim to say the military feels one way about something when that simply isn’t true. I’ve personally talked to some who feel it’s fine and others who think it is disrespectful. It goes both ways and people need to realize that

    • Steve Palmer says:

      @Eliecer Mesa And people like Breeze who voice their uninformed and ignorant opinions do in fact to have the right to do so, but that doesn’t mean they are free from being criticism fro the b. s. that comes out their mouths. Freedom of speach comes with responsibility and consequences.

    • iKratosx10 says:

      @Eliecer Mesa actually kap has a lot of great highlights. The only highlight I actually remember of drew Brees was him getting turned into a girrafe

    • Eliecer Mesa says:

      Steve Palmer And why is his opinion uninformed? All he said is that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful (to my knowledge at least). Nothing wrong with that. People these days just like to over exaggerate and are super sensitive. You should be mad at Jake Fromm right now, not Drew Brees.

    • Nation Of Kings says:

      Doesn’t Matter nah he was insensitive in his statement, now he has to face what is coming to him he’s a red man and his spirit shown

  4. D says:

    They both did a good job commenting on this.

  5. GaFFLe says:

    17:10 – 17:22 … this sums it all up.

  6. Tyrone Croutch says:

    Unc is my boy!!! Told it like it’s supposed to be said!!!

  7. Christian Mincey says:

    “The man that can’t see isn’t the blindest, its the man who chooses not to see”
    Very powerful quote

  8. jah mills says:

    skip we may disagree on sports but in life u cool with me 💯

  9. Mrs Neanderthug says:

    That part right there☝🏾✊🏾💪🏾

  10. stephom says:

    This hurt me so much dreeeeewwwwww how could yoooouuuuuuu…..(that’s my quarterback…that’s my teammate T.O voice)

  11. Wil Rodriguez says:

    ” When a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
    Maya Angelou

    • Gordon Payne says:

      Shaming the devil is an impossibility.

    • Robert Cherry says:

      @Khaotic 1 – Your comment has merit.

      The issue I have with Mr. James comment is it implies what happened to Mr. Floyd was well deserved karma for an aggravated robbery from 2007. He did time for that and as far as we know, he hasn’t repeated that behavior.

      Conversely, the qb just recently commented in, at best, an insensitive way. He clearly demonstrated his lack of understanding of the issue. What’s worse he implied his opinion was without exception.

      Given the context, in implied solidarity with the qb, Mr. James comment is inappropriate and doesn’t apply because it speaks to who Mr. Floyd “was” in contrast to who the qb appears to be now.

      As I said above, Mr. James is unwittingly communicating much more than I believe he intended.


      Still true.

    • Wil Rodriguez says:

      @Jeremy James So being publicly executed was befitting? You sir are sad little man. You have my sympathies.

    • Wil Rodriguez says:

      @M P Since my last name is Hispanic I don’t belong in America. Really? Born in LOS ANGELES. I know Brees has a right to free speech but there are consequences to his words. So go put on your MAGA hat and join the the other Marching Morons of Trump Worshippers. Intellegent people are having a conversation here. Shoo!

  12. Theo Dixon says:

    Skip’s emotions have allowed me to see him in a different 💡! Good job gentlemen.

  13. Thanks says:

    Drew Brees gets to avoid getting booed by the opposing team and his HOME this coming season due to no fans will be at the games

  14. Bhagavad Gita says:

    I love Shannon Sharpe’s and Skip Bayless’s righteous mind.

  15. Monster022178 says:

    Damn Shannon!! That went way over my head.

  16. FAT JAXSON says:

    If someone could help me find the Missouri Senator James Bartleman quote Shannon read at 4:00 it’d be much appreciated

  17. TheSandman714 xx says:

    Though you’re my rival you actually had a solid conversation today way to go Skip 👏👏 🦅-Gang

  18. Rafael Bidgewater says:

    My grandfather’s fought in ww2 and Vietnam

    • skbwolverine says:

      Both of my grandfathers and a couple of great uncles fought in WWII. My father, step-father, father-in-law, and a couple of uncles fought in Vietnam. That goes the same for many black families and other families of color- yet still treated as sub-human when they returned.

    • joshua benjamin Scott says:

      Rafael Bridgewater My relatives fought in WW1 Vietnam and WW2

  19. rasheka bennett says:

    Shannon you always touch my heart. Thank you for being a strong intelligent black man

  20. ProphetDev says:

    The whole time shannon was talking

    Method man- “GET EMMMMMM!”

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