Skip and Shannon react to Walt Frazier’s comments about Kevin Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon react to Walt Frazier’s comments about Kevin Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NBA. Hear what they had to say about Kevin Durant after Walt Frazier’s comments about the Golden State Warriors star.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip and Shannon react to Walt Frazier’s comments about Kevin Durant | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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98 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Is Kevin Durant’s legacy tainted?

    • Daniel Kim says:

      Johnny Jones.. agreed. Especially when Durant and OKC was up 3-2 against the dubs and kD was every bit at fault for losing that. OKC shouldve won the chip that year. But instead of trying to climb the mountain, he goes white flag and joins a 73 win team.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED y’all sound like a bunch of millennials y’all have been around to see real men play and refuse to concede defeat to any man it’s easy for y’all to praise his accolades finals mvp’s etc.. but what matters is his road to all these things were paved with Golden pedals because he chose a path easier than any other man has ever chosen in nba history he can have 6Fmvps for all I care he’s supposed to have those with the easy bake route he’s chosen unc Shannon I mean teenage girl Shannon I’m disappointed in you cause you know Walt was speaking straight facts

    • Hussein Rizk says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED yes

    • TJ Gibson says:

      +Randy Page didn’t they lose 6 or 7 ppl? That makes them a different team right?

    • Jon Davis says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Yes

  2. 3LlTE says:

    Man this chick just can’t stop smiling

  3. Bryce Maximum says:

    It’s not about rules, he’s just saying in principle, Walt isn’t wrong, his analysis makes sense

    • 4 says:

      Peter – bro, stop being hypocrtical. When it comes to Lebron, you usually speak 100% and are exposing bronsexuals – but when it comes to warriors you become timid and two face. KD made the weakest move by a superstar in history, he joined a team that wen 73-9 and had a 3-1 lead IN THE NBA FINALS as well this being the same team that beat him in the WCF. He joined a team that lierally did not need his assistance and because of that he created one of the biggest superteams in NBA history. Dude, it’s weak and should have an asterik. That’s facts.

    • Peter says:

      +4 u do got a point

    • slack city says:

      4 why put an asterisk when you can just up the expectations. If they just one more ring you can say they underachieved by if they win three more it would be short sighted to disclaim them at that point. They should have the expectation of the best team ever and if they win more than any team has ever in a ten year stretch KD and that team are validated.

    • 4 says:

      slack city – It’s not the team that has an asterik, it’s KD legacy bro.

    • slack city says:

      4 yeah but it’s the same deal. If KD wants to be ranked up there he should be expected to get four or five rings before he’s validated imo. But the move doesn’t put a cap on his legacy he keeps playing that great in the finals. Only time an asterisk should come is if they fall short of expectations.

  4. Brando Williams says:

    Who makes fake Twitter accounts to argue with 13 year olds he gets an asterisk just for that

  5. Amani Amos says:

    79-3? 🤔

  6. Stephen A Smith says:

    “You are up 3-1, not once not twice but 3 different times you are 48 minutes away from a berth to the NBA Finals and you joined the team that beat you… IT IS THE WEAKEST MOVE I’VE EVER SEEN BY A SUPERSTAR” – Stephen A Smith July 7th 2016. I still stand by this even though MAMA DURANT told me to ease off

  7. RBTheBreakThrough says:

    @1:00 WTF?!? FALSE NARRATIVES!!!!

    The Lakers actually WON the year before, GS LOST the year before!!!! Smh #FalseNarratives #LetMeComeDebateTho

  8. Christopher Law says:

    *Never forget lebron said* “I’ve never been on a superteam” 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Francisco Pizarro says:

      Timo Cruz did you just start watching basketball in 2015? Bosh was a 25 ppg scorer. Draymond is a better defender but bosh is a way more skilled offensive player and Dwayne wade was finals mvps averaging 33 ppg LOL. Shane battier was also another good role player who played good defense and stretched the floor and you’re acting like he’s a scrub LOL

    • Fatima AL-Enizi says:

      LMAOOOOOOO. I had totally forgotten about that 😂😂😂😂

    • Harrison Wells93rd says:

      Andrew Jackson you sound stupid a young DWade yeah(but he wasn’t young) and can’t shoot like them(no matter which DWade you pick)and Bosh cool he was good because it was him in Toronto (which is why he faded in the big 3 thing)and yes I know all his stats came back home had Kyrie (who barely won 30+ games)we love him here tho and Kevin Love other than the cave here none of his so called all star teammates are even playing 5 years later man shut up

    • Ronnie Branford says:

      LeBron has had: finals MVP who averaged 34ppg Dwayne Wade, four time defensive player of the year, NBA champion and arguably the best PF defender of all time Ben Wallace, 2nd 3pt percentage to volume shooter, league record holder for playoff three pointers Ray Allen, arguably the most dominant centre of all time, dual finals mvp and 4 time champion Shaquille O’Neal, career double-double, gold medalist Chris Bosh, career double-double and multi gold medalist who posted the 2nd most points scored in a quarter in modern history 35pts in one quarter in 2017 Kevin Love, one of nine players in modern history to register back to back 40 point playoff games, was one point shy of back to back 40 point games in the 2016 NBA finals, dual gold medalist and arguable the best handles in league history Kyrie Irving, record holding 3pt shooter with 53.6% in 2010 season, all star, 4 time 4pt shooting % leader, and franchise record holder for threes made in a season Kyle Korver, he has had three 6th man of the year team mates Mike Miller, JR Smith and Antawn Jamison, a total of 14 all star team mates which is 25% of all eastern starters in his 15 years in the eastern conference, Europe’s most decorated and winningest coach David Blatt, NBA champion coach Tyron Lue, hall of fame coach and manager of basketball operations GM Pat Riley, please send this man more help

  9. humbled aldo says:

    Lol warriors fans are triggered because they know it’s true 😭😭 feels bad man

    • Get It! Work A Lot! says:

      Jason Was Here they lost before he joined as well but they haven’t lost. Since KD joined. I don’t get when they said the team didn’t need him. They lost the finals. That’s like saying Wade & the Heat didn’t need LBJ. They won 4 years before him. GSW won 2 years before KD joined them. They both lost.

    • Lo Ki says:

      Jason Was Here he could have next, but right now it’s KDs time

    • Lo Ki says:

      Get It! Work A Lot! trying to explain that to LeBron Stans may take years or another Finals MVP by Kevin Durant this upcoming season

    • Yams420 says:

      Jason Was Here what

    • Jason Was Here says:

      +Get It! Work A Lot! I no they beat LeBron the first year I believe Kerr got their with a Spurs playbook dude.

  10. MrRay says:

    I have to disagree with Shannon. KD could’ve went to any team. But he chosen the team who beat him.

    • MrRay says:

      +DaevonTheSavage Tatum came from the Brooklyn pick. So he still would’ve been added. They just would’ve never signed Hayward

    • tomslick08 says:

      The team who beat him and beat everybody else without him. They’re just being nice to KD because people let him get away with stuff they’d crucify Lebron for. The standard people hold Lebron to makes it self evident that he’s at least one of the top 2-5 best players to ever do it

    • Cal Schmidt says:

      John Hawthorne Idiot because you don’t join the #1 team and having some balls? You from this sensitive generation huh

    • Basantdeep Singh says:


    • Sara Ilustre says:

      MrRay you’re just a salty guy..I feel sorry for you..

  11. Yeezy Dude says:

    Didn’t LeBron say he wanted to finish his career in Cleveland ? 😂

    • Get It! Work A Lot! says:

      BenBen Vorlon that’s not a reality post. Hahaa how does that make sense? So if MJ was suspended for gambling who was he gambling on? The Bulls? So he was suspended for betting on himself… Oh he betted on other sports? So he was suspended for betting which isn’t illegal. Come on man think. That doesn’t make sense.

    • Get It! Work A Lot! says:

      ryuken338 naw he trained. Rodman wasn’t going to stop Shaq.

    • ThePacemaker45 says:

      LMAO he did

    • BenBen Vorlon says:

      Get It! Work A Lot! – Ummmm there was a court case.. it’s called history and FACTS ! Yes he was gambling, paying off criminal, money laundering and point shaving!!! That man will bet on anything that’s how he got himself into trouble, the sad reality is that you think, I’m not making any sense when it is YOU who fails to understand how people with gambling addictions and obsessive personalities actually behave.

  12. KingMickD says:

    Lebron was a back to back fmvp as well but of course skip neglects to bring that up. #BustSkipUp

  13. Big Game Shane says:

    Walt Frazier is just keeping it real. KD is soft 💯

  14. Jordan Orick says:

    Its an absolute fact that most NBA fans will NEVER give KD credit for his Kupcake move to Golden State. And they shouldn’t. You don’t deserve credit when you make that move. Period.

  15. I am Groot says:

    Skip didnt bash kd for joining warriors yet till this day he bashes lebron for joining wade and bosh in miami

    • Lo Ki says:

      wrong buddy, skip actually commended LeBron for joining Dwyane Wade in Miami he thought it was the right decision you can quote that look it up

    • Gemini The Great says:

      Actually he didn’t. Skip never criticized LBJ for going to Miami, he criticized LBJ for melting down in the 2011 Finals. Different deal.

    • Fatima AL-Enizi says:

      I cannot believe you guys actually care about what Skip Bayless says. That man is a certified troll.

  16. Doah and Duce podcast says:

    With guys like Anderson, Ariza, Ayton, and Booker, the #Suns starting lineup may not finish 1st in the standings, but they will finish 1st alphabetically

  17. DIRECTOR FURR says:

    DRAYMOND IN THE BARBERSHOP **cuts to ending credits** 😂😂

  18. MrRay says:

    Let me get this straight? Skip was always on Lebron for joining D Wade and was screaming LeHelp. But is ok with KD joining a 2x mvp and 2 other allstars who already won the championship?

  19. Color Blind Entertainment says:

    Shannon is taking it easy on KD and Kawhi cuz he wants them on the Lakers next year

  20. aj mamora says:

    He didnt break rules he just Break the respect for most people/Fans.

    • aj mamora says:

      They just dont want to say it but they definitely kinda dont like that move…..

    • Harman Bains says:

      A Real Good Guy I was talking about among players

    • A Real Good Guy says:

      The only players that should of hated him would have been from the Spurs, Rockets, Cavs and Thunder. Because the other 25 teams were irrelevant.

    • Harman Bains says:

      A Real Good Guy that’s you’re opinion but you should search a lot of rookies tweets when durant signed with golden state

    • A Real Good Guy says:

      I don’t think someone like Durant would be worried about what a rookie thinks. They’re generally on bad teams anyhow. Not like they’re title contenders at the moment. They should worry about making the playoffs as a first step.

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