Skip Bayless: LeBron needs to go full MJ or Kobe and close games for the Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless: LeBron needs to go full MJ or Kobe and close games for the Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Stephen Jackson joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe in studio to help discuss the Los Angeles Lakers after back to back losses to the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns. Skip points to LeBron James not closing games as the reason for the Lakers’ losses and their late-game woes.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip Bayless: LeBron needs to go full MJ or Kobe and close games for the Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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91 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Has LeBron failed at closing for the Lakers this season?

    • C-Note Brewski says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED yes.

    • Ryan Anthony says:

      I’ll preface my comment by saying I grew up a Kobe fan – so naturally I feel like a lot of people have disrespected Kobe by putting Lebron in front of him, and overall I don’t agree with Lebron calling out his teammates… However, by doing this, the organization will get a good sense of what type of guys they currently have on the team by how the respond to LeBron’s passive call outs. Some silver lining there.

    • ettinabay says:

      Lebron has never been a closer. Imagine him being in the West for all those 8 straight final years. It wouldve turned out to be maybe 1 or 2 finals appearances ?

    • Jesus Amaro says:


    • Eric DeBlanc says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED MAMBA MENTALITY ?

  2. James I suck the refs off before games Harden says:

    • Micheal Jordan

    •Six NBA championship teams (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998)

    NBA Finals MVP six times (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998)

    NBA Finals single-series record for highest PPG average 41.0 (1993)

    NBA Most Valuable Player five times (1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998)

    All-NBA First Team nine times (1987-1993, 1996-1997)

    NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time team (1996)

    Highest career PPG ave. (minimum 400 games or 10,000 points) – 33.2

    Holds record for most seasons leading the league in scoring – 10

    Shares record for the most consecutive seasons leading the league in scoring – 7 (1986-1993)

    Had a streak of nine consecutive games scoring 40 points or more (Nov. 28 – Dec. 12, 1986)

    Bulls all-time leader in scoring (29,277), assists (5,012), and steals (2,306)

    13 NBA All-Star Games (1985, 1987-1993, 1996-1998, 2002-2003)

    All time scoring leader in All-Star history (262 points)

    Fourth highest scoring average for career All-Star games (20.2 ppg)

    Named the All-Star MVP three times (1988, 1996, 1998)

    Won the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest in 1987 and 1988

    • LeBron James

    Season MVP – 4 times. 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13.

    Finals MVP – 3 times. 2011-12, 2012-13, 2015-16.

    Scoring Leader – Once. 2007-08.

    All-NBA First Team – 12 times. …

    All-NBA Second Team – Twice. …

    All-Defensive First Team – 5 times. …

    All-Defensive Second Team – Once. …

    Rookie of the Year.

    Just reminding you guys why MJ is the GOAT

  3. Abdullah Alghamdi says:

    Wow ? man Skip was on fire ? he ripped Shannon to shreds

  4. ChiefVille says:

    Daffy Duck gonna close for LeBron in Space Jam 2.

  5. stephs cock says:

    YES! finaaaaaly everyone is seeing LEFRAUD JAMES THE MOST OVERRATED ATHLETE IN SPORTS HISTORY!! … what i’ve been telling people for years! HE’S NO KOBE! and now YOU MISS KOBE… 2005 kobe bryant had the lakers on their way to the playoffs WITH NO HELP WHATSOEVER but the great coach rudy tomvanavich almost had a heart attack and retired mid season then KOBE hurt his knee and out for rest of season BUT 2006 and 2007 KOBE takes lakers to playoffs with NOTHING TEAMMATES, SMUSH PARKER (starting point guard) … VLAD RAMVANAVICH (starting small forward) LANAR ODOM (starting power forward) and KWAME BROWN (starting center) in a tougher western conference than 2019 and FAR LESS HELP THAN LEBRON HAS NOW … AND STILL KOBE TAKES THEM TO THE PLAYOFFS AND GOES 7 games against THE 2nd best team in the NBA in 2006 !!!!! …. any fools out there still claiming lefraud james is better than KOBE BRYANT ???????????? KOBE IS THE CLOSEST ANYONE WILL EVER GET TO A

    • Kwadjo Otoo says:

      I honestly think LeBron is better skilled at everything basketball. His speed,court vision,passing,dunking,shooting,etc. It’s just that he doesn’t have that Mamba I can do this by myself mentality. When forced he dropped nearly 60 points a game. When forced he’s carried teams. Just my opinion

    • Kali Duncan EL says:

      He can’t shoot

    • Surya p says:

      +Michael Davis lmao 3 rings. 9 finals. And u think he’s just a stat sheet stuffer, how can you be so stupid man

    • Fly Lillady says:

      +G Money straight facts. People forget Kobe was 34 still playing at an elite level. No stat chaser but just the heart and mentality to win.


      Homie DoMore
      Lamar Odom was a Star? I didn’t averaging 14ppg was star level!

  6. queitso cool says:


    • Anthony says:

      Mj has easier opposition

    • Timothy Short says:

      Surya p I love when people bring up the Game 7 like they lost. LBJ fans are a bunch of 3-6 losers lol.

      Talk about Kobe’s game 5 that series where he dropped 38 and lost.

      Would you have 38 and an L or 24 and a W?

      Winners take the W however they can, losers and selfish people take the stats and the L.

    • Surya p says:

      +Timothy Short lol so r u not gonna talk about LeBron’s game 6 vs Boston in 2012 as well where he missed 3 shots? Or LeBron’s game 6 vs GS in 2016 where he forced game 7, or LeBron’s game 5 can Detroit in 07 where he scored 28 STRAIGHT POINTS TO BEAT THE DEFENDING CHAMPS. Kobe has had significantly more help and was a second fiddle for 3 of his titles

    • Surya p says:

      +Timothy Short and exactly, the Lakers won that game 7 vs Boston IN SPITE OF Kobe. Kobe was absolutely horrible, he won, but it’s cuz his team was great. For LeBron, if he’s off the team loses

    • Timothy Short says:

      Surya p No, his team wasn’t great lol. They all played defense and that’s credit to Kobe. If you see your Leader hustling and giving it his all on the defensive end, you will be inspired to do the same.

      Everyone shot poorly in game7 because of the great defense played by both teams. Nobody shot over 50% that game.

      I’ve seen you LBJ fans rave about LBJ’s game 1 stats last year like he ain’t lose. And then blame JR. LBJ almost turned the ball over trying to get Curry on him, finally got that, and then passed the ball to George Hill. That’s horrible basketball and none of that is on the stat sheet.

      You have to watch it with your own eyes to believe it. A 6’9 265 pound man didn’t body a 6’3 190 pound man to win the game. Unbelievable

  7. queitso cool says:





    3. LEBRON

  8. Billy Bob says:

    Notice how the FORMER NBA PLAYER, brings up Kobe because he actually knows how good Kobe really was

    • Timothy Short says:

      herby sylvestre I love when people lie and say “I’m a fan of this dude, then bash dude” or in this case “Kobe’s my favorite player but LBJ is better at everything but iso scoring”.

      I find it hilarious. Kobe is the better defender and no LBJ can’t guard all 5 positions. He would get cooked by PGs and destroyed by Centers. LBJ can effectively guard 2-4 but Kobe can guard 1-3 at an elite level.

      Kobe is the better scorer/shooter. Kobe and Hakeem have the best footwork I’ve ever seen. LBJ travels a lot and lowers his shoulder into the defender. (both rarely get called violations or fouls)

      Getting rebounds doesn’t always
      mean you’re a great rebounder. Rebounding is about positioning, boxing out, and timing. LBJ gets more rebounds than Kobe because while Kobe is contesting shots, LBJ is in the paint and the ball lands in his hands. Kobe can jockey for position and box out just as good as LBJ can.

      Assists are a team stat. Curry is one of the best passers in the league but is never in the top 5 in assists because his team runs a system. LBJ system is PnR and drive and kick which leads to easy dimes. Kobe’s system is the triangle which leads to more dimes by different people.

      Stats didn’t show me this, the eye test did.

    • The Tony Royster says:

      Timothy Short you saying lebron is better than Kobe players defense but lebron not playing defense at least Kobe would play defense as long as he in the game and not give up like lebron always do

    • Timothy Short says:

      The Tony Royster I said Kobe was the better defender

  9. Raki says:

    To me personally I don’t care what kind of stats you throw at me, percentages, triple doubles, efficiency, PER, whatever, Kobe Bryant will always be a better player than L36ron and I’d take him over the crying, blaming, finger pointing L36ron all day. Because at the end of the day even if he didn’t shoot 56% on the night and had 15 boards or dimes he willed his damn team to victory. And he won 5 times. Basketball is played for the chip, not the stats and some things real champions have can’t be translated into metrics. As for the MJ thing that was only ever a debate for clicks and idiots. That’s just laughable.

    • Mystic _ 5111 says:

      Listen here bud. Kobe is not better than lebron and never will be. He’s not even in the top 10. He’s a poor mans Jordan and he won 3 rings by getting carried by Shaq. Lebron was injured for 18 games and when we didn’t get AD, the season was over right their because of the chemistry.

    • Raki says:

      +Mystic _ 5111 Yeah he’s poor man’s MJ. That still makes him better to me. Yeah Shaq was the alpha for 3 rings and Kobe woldn’t win without him. Shaq wouldn’t win without Kobe either. Or Rick Fox, or Fish, or Harper, or Horry. That’s cause it’s a team game and Kobe could play in a real system. Lebron can’t. He only plays his system. For all the stats too one dimensional.

    • M says:

      Raki Are you serious? Lebron was the best player in all 3 of his rings and Kobe was the best player on only 2 of his.

      Lebron has 4 MVP awards, Kobe only has ONE despite 20 seasons in the league. Jordan and Lebron are top 2 all time and kobe is not top 5.

      I grew up watching Jordan and he’s the goat no question, but saying Kobe over Lebron is biased hate.

    • James Honeycutt says:


    • Raki says:

      +M Well I grew up watching MJ too and then Kobe and Lebron and yes I am serious. Shaq has only one MVP also, Steve Nash has 2 MVPs, so Nash was better than Shaq? MVP is often used to build or carry some kind of narrative. But either way with or without accolades just based on watching them play out their careers I would rather have Kobe on my team. Even if he’s not MJ he was a straight dog and obsessed with basketball in much same way MJ was and a no remorse killer. And like I said he allowed himself to be integrated into an actual system. If Lebron had done that he would probably not have a losing finals record. To me, when players are all time greats then those become the only numbers that I care about. But he didn’t. .

  10. KUKU LIVE says:

    How good is LeBron if you all keep saying “he is used to having shooters”. Whoever came up with LeBron being the best player in the world should be investigated.

    • AHFactor04 says:

      Lebron called himself the GOAT so that’s where we should start the investigation ??

    • ItzJustVon says:

      Scott Bennici in a weak eastern conference

    • EcClair Mayo says:

      Agreed! The best player in the world has to be good at all parts of the game including defense, free throws and long range shooting, which lebron is not. He also should not need others to do thode things for him. Lebron had been coasting on his siz, hype and the easy east

    • tashun` miller says:


  11. JusMykeTV says:

    If you go to work and your co worker tried to get you fired or transferred, you going to rock with them??

  12. Michael Aaron says:

    What happened too activate playoff mode ???

  13. JusMykeTV says:

    Lebron doesn’t care about loosing. He don’t like his teammates or coach so he’s quit on everyone except his stats , his best friend.

  14. LeBron James says:

    *I don’t play defense coz my delusional fans does it for me*

  15. Tony Ruiz says:

    Mr Jackson knows the cure for lebron. Mamba mentality!

    • Corey Masters says:

      Im an L.A fan. So i was a Lebron hater. But obviously i want Lebron to succeed now. Ive always said i just want to see him be a killer.

      Lebron fans used to argue with me saying “Lebrons better because he makes his team better” well that aint working right now, so its time for him to be a killer!

    • slither king says:

      So your the typical I hate him ohh he’s on my team know I like him really the fact is he still has passed up Jordan in a water up league in points and he’s played 3 more years

    • slither king says:

      Has not passed up oops

  16. Savage Kay says:

    Bruh as a lakers fan I would trade Lebron for Kobe in a heart beat

    • Fabian Lopez says:

      RASHTG no superstar teammates? probably had a bad coach as well huh???? headass move around

    • Surya p says:

      Lmfao Kobe isn’t same level as bron, did u forget Kobe also missed the playoffs like 4 years in his career. He’s less than bron on every single stat while being less efficient. It’s not even close, lbj is way better it’s a joke to compare kobe

    • Ven Em says:

      +Shark Arise by getting knocked out by the suns and swept by the mavs? Fan goggles…

    • John Gray says:


  17. Daniel Andre says:

    Lebron cant because hes not Kobe nevermind MJ

    • Surya p says:

      +Timothy Short the rockets were a spectacular team too, and yes that warriors team would probably win 4-1 vs those Celtics r u joking. Steph and KD r better than everyone on that team by far

    • Timothy Short says:

      Surya p So KD/Curry/Klay/Dray are WAY BETTER than KG/Pierce/Allen/Rondo? Yeah okay, you’re not of drinking age.

    • M says:

      He’s light years from MJ. Jordan always felt it was his responsibility for the team’s success, and he always put that burden on himself publicly to win. He never went to the media to point fingers at his teammates when they were losing.

    • Coolin mir18 says:

      Exactly it’s not in his blood he’s not gonna takeover passing out to those guys is his game

  18. SaintsRow says:

    Lebron is not better than Kobe. F*** OUTTA HERE!

  19. Walter Oliva-Gonzalez says:

    How much help does Reggie Bullock need!?

  20. Adrianne Cooper says:

    Skip facial expressions are priceless! ????

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