Skip Bayless on reports Kawhi prefers Clippers over playing with LeBron’s Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless on reports Kawhi prefers Clippers over playing with LeBron’s Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to reports Kawhi Leonard prefers to play for the Los Angeles Clippers instead of joining LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip Bayless on reports Kawhi prefers Clippers over playing with LeBron’s Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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66 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Will superstars try to avoid playing with LeBron?

    • ese kay says:

      More lebum nuthugging. Nobody wants to play with lebum because lebum only can play ISO.
      Here we go with the kawhi h8 tryna shame him into playing with lebum bcuz everyone knows unless lebum has a stacked team he can’t do jack.barring any help from the refs who will throw away their striped shirts this year in order to don’t their new purple and gold shirts as to not confuse fans that they are neutral

    • ese kay says:

      Also with gambling being legalized all it takes if for everyone to think gsw will win and then the refs to cheat for them to make money hand over fist.

    • ese kay says:

      Rak shasa Ty they will never admit this on TV tho because it goes against all the lies they have been saying for years talking about everyone wants to play with lebum

    • Will Young says:

      rumple stilts preach….

    • Aaron Conway says:

      Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED no

  2. Xavier Solomon says:

    Just last year skip was calling kawhi the best player over LeBron

  3. Ben Dover says:

    If we can’t have Joy, we need to keep Holly

  4. Curtis Barlow says:

    Shannon is like a desperate side piece.

  5. Malevolent Elephant says:

    Kevin Durant = Robin mindset with Batman ability; Kawhi Leonard = Ant Man mindset with Thanos ability

  6. LeVelle Coley says:

    “Boogie cousins won’t be as big of a factor as y’all think he will be, Lebron and ol magic got that no look lol 😂 you can’t fool ol shay sharp.”

  7. The Nati says:

    Fake News the media just had nun else to say about the kawhi trade so this came off. There are no updates there are no new news nun has happen

  8. Chris John says:

    Don’t buy into the narrative that “Kawhi is a diva”. The media & the Spurs are the divas for trying to paint him in a bad light now that he wants to leave the Spurs due to them showing their true colors of disrespect to him this past season. He’s the type to leave after being disrespected & I don’t blame him

  9. Hair Jordan says:

    Don’t sleep on Jerry West being with the Clippers. His track record says that Kawhi will end up with the Clippers

  10. CP The Artist says:

    SKIP needs to be careful about saying he talked to any Dr who examined Kahwi because that’s leaking Medical Information, that’s a Federal Crime under HIPAA

    • Bmillersince92 says:

      Maurice Davis a thigh bruise could keep u out all year? Also kwhai allegedly said he would sit out again so what does that tell? It tells me he really sat out this year faking injures

    • shushishane says:

      CP The Artist, Skip would not be in trouble; but the doctor that told him would!

    • Keijii D says:

      Right! It’s either that or he’s lying.

    • Enrique Tiseeahneu says:

      shushishane thats the whole point! The doctor would, as a result none of his other “doctor” friends wouldn’t leak info to him, if he has any at all.

  11. Drager V says:

    If Leonard goes to Philly he would be the best player on that team.

  12. Ian Ford says:

    7:45 San Antonio is the 7th largest city (not including metropolitan areas) in the USA at 1.5 million. Larger, by population, than “Big D” Dallas, TX. I’m tired of hearing “San Antonio is a small market” like its Fargo, ND.

  13. Prodigy A.C says:

    Zaza Started This.

  14. Dominic Campbell says:

    They need to do a C’mon, Man for analysts, because Shannon get on here saying some crazy stuff.

    • Dominic Campbell says:

      *Tom Bekhor* Don’t think Skip escaping for all that mess he was talking about Tebow, Johnny Football, and Lonzo prior to his rookie year.

    • Chris Mog says:

      Dominic Campbell y r u attacking shannon? Doesn’t skip day crazy stuff too? Mehn u r unbelievable.

    • rumple stilts says:

      That’s cus skip is low key salty cus he’s a spurs fan & wants to call kawhi out for this whole situation

    • Pear Head says:

      Shannon? Nothing he said was a crazy as Skip saying Kyrie was more important to the Cavs than LBJ…

  15. BatSlayerMMA says:

    Shae Sharp at 4:22 LMAO!

    That’s why I love this show. The chemistry between these two. They can be talking about farming and I would watch!

  16. Lord 2wice says:

    😂😂🤣🤣 Bronsexuals hurt that nobody wants to play with their Queen 😂😂🤣🤣

    • Ronnie Branford says:

      HarpoSpoke LeBron should not have even been an mvp finalist this year. He did run finals difference-making point guard Kyrie out of town after trying to have him traded for his childrens godfather, he became one of three players in league history to average more than four turnovers for his career after averaging 4.2 this season and moved inside the all time top five in turnovers committed, he had consecutive months of having the absolute worst plus/minus out of all 500+ players in the league before and after all star break, he finished the season with the worst defensive efficiency rating on the Cavaliers roster, and he spent the year fraternizing with his opposition on social media after unfollowing his own club.

      Dominant in what sense? He hasn’t led the league in any statistical category since 2008, many of his contemporaries have now either matched him or surpassed him in championships, people like Sam Cassell, Dwayne Wade, Steph Curry, Manu Ginobili, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. He has a losing record against every team he has faced in the finals except OKC. He has been swept in the finals twice, lost a series by a world record deficit, lost a close out game by a world record margin, has only managed one win in two separate series equating to two victories out of four entire series, and let’s not forget he was outplayed and outscored by the Mavs 6th man who averaged 11 less minutes per game for the series. Four times now his direct opposing small forward has taken home the finals mvp trophy. He got those nine conference titles by playing alongside 14 all stars which accounts for 25% of all eastern starters in his career which is a league all time high for an mvp winner and because of that, he only had to face 10 50+ win teams in the playoffs. Sam Jones, Frank Ramsay and Tom Heinsohn all have more conference titles than LeBron, and no one refers to their legacies as “dominant”. Only one player in league history has a worse finals winning percentage, has lost more finals games, and has lost more finals series than LeBron.

      LeBron is also the only mvp in league history to have lost at an Olympic and a FIBA level, having taken home bronze at the 2004 Olympic Games, and bronze two years later at the 2006 World Championships. Not until he had Kobe as an Olympic team mate did he win a gold medal.

      He did surpass Jordan in total playoff points but it is seldom mentioned that it took him 57 more games to do so. Jordan still holds the record for consecutive games played registering double figure points at 1,041 games whilst it hasn’t been 350 games since LeBron finished with 7 points vs Indiana in 2014.

      Between 1991 and 1998, Jordan won six championships, six finals mvps, four regular season mvps, five scoring titles, never lost more than two games in a row, with a combined 44 team mates through dismantlement of the team in 1994 when he retired for the first time. That includes two three peats and only two game seven appearances in the playoffs where he had to face 20 50+ win teams. Please tell me how anything LeBron has done compares to that level of dominance.

    • Foodyore Foore says:

      GamingWith Keon A no life hater calling others the worst. That’s a new one…

    • Reimel Hayward says:

      They hate playing with him… Then leaves to not win.. Seems like they care about stats more than winning…

    • Vincent Contino says:

      Ronnie bradford goods points bro michael jordan is galaxy miles ahead of lebron james mj developed pippen and turned him into a all star and great player he was lebron has never made anybody around him better people complain he has no help when the help he has turns them all into spot up 3 point shooters which does not make anybody better it hamstrings players into a limited role ing lbs system thats why hes not that good mj killed everyone in a tough east in the 90s 20 50 win teams with just 1 all star pippen lebron needed 2 all stars and a stacked roster in miami all top 10 players in the league at the time dwayne wade and chris bosh just to barely beat the aging celtics and fraud pacers and when he beat the spurs in 2013 he had 3 turnovers in the last 2 minutes of gm and had kawhi made both free throws in tht gm 6 and chris bosh doesnt get rebound lebron would finished another choke job again and would be 1-8 in nba finals if draymond green is not suspended for a gm 5 and bogut got hurt yea lebron is really the Goat give me a break i mean kobe bryant won 2 straight finals injured hobbled badly in the stacked west with pau gasol bynnum he didnt have much help then and won 2 championships with a mediocre team lebron would never accomplish something like that never hes not the goat hes a top 10 player all time yea but top 3 no too many failures on his resume

  17. Bué de Vídeos says:

    but why is so hard to admit that he does not want to play with Lebron! damn these lebron dickriders are so delusional

  18. Veridian says:

    But I thought he wanted to win

  19. Veridian says:

    Maybe he can fix the 1st round syndrome if he goes there

  20. jossylopes says:

    These players have so much ego. Golden State has put all their egos aside and are just caring about championships.

    • j says:

      ORRRRRR, everyone in goldenstate is taking the easy way out, kawhi wants to earn his chip by being the main contributor. I wish more players in this generation had this mindset.

    • Sean Rojas says:

      totally agree man everybody hates them bc all they care about is basketball.

    • Cyril Carisosa says:

      j easy way out? are they sitting on the bench the whole season? 😒

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