Skip Bayless reacts to Jerry Jones’ ‘Zeke who?’ remarks after Tony Pollard shines | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless reacts to Jerry Jones’ ‘Zeke who?’ remarks after Tony Pollard shines | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe give their thoughts on Jerry Jones’ ‘Zeke who?’ comment after the performance of backup running back Tony Pollard in the Dallas Cowboys’ second preseason game. Hear why Skip doesn’t think Jerry was joking.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip Bayless reacts to Jerry Jones’ ‘Zeke who?’ remarks after Tony Pollard shines | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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77 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    YES | NO — Is Ezekiel Elliott replaceable for the Dallas Cowboys?

  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    agghh Finally!!! uncle skip and uncle shay. is back!! I can watch undisputed again!!!

  3. Ty Redd says:

    Shannon went from Mike Pollard to Jimmy Pollard. ?????


    • Michael Mangum says:

      MyNoseisDirty nobody considered him to be what he is today, well we actually don’t know if he’s still that guy right now but the season is around the corner, but yes I was very familiar with that Michigan state team while he was there, he was actually 40 pounds heavier at that time but still pretty athletic

    • Lamar Miller says:

      Michael Mangum Leveon was not a nobody

    • Lamar Miller says:

      Michael Mangum he was takin in the second round so the potential was there

    • Logan Roy says:

      Jihad Da God i can tell you dont watch football LMAO

  4. Michael Ramirez says:

    We missed u uncle leshannon and skip “hmm”bayless

  5. Furiosa says:

    This show is unwatchable without these two

  6. FloridaMadeJayB says:

    Skip going to call Zeke “21” soon watch ?

  7. Mac 26 says:

    uncle shay and uncle skip always arguing at the bbq

  8. Mac 26 says:

    zeke please turn into kawhi-No 21! i wanna see skips reaction for a year!

  9. Buddah Theepoet says:

    Anybody else stopped watching undisputed when Shay and Skip went on vacay?

  10. Tae Kim says:

    Wow skip is clueless come on now. He is not proven!!!

  11. bigmassive69 says:

    “That was a 14-yard touchdown run against backups of backups.”- Shannon Sharpe ?? ?

  12. aka_ceejay says:

    Skip so fake for turning on Zeke smh it’s sad to see

  13. Youngboy_uzi_Kodak says:

    No zeke No playoffs

  14. Alan Rice says:

    Skippppppppp stop trying to co-sign for him, y’all need Zeke ??‍♂️

  15. Superduper A says:

    If they put a chicken in at runningback, skip would still think the cowboys would make the playoffs??

    • Josh Rodriguez says:

      Tbh a chicken would be very efficient if trained right ! Fast and little so he would go between the legs and the defensive would not see the chicken so they don’t know where they o go

    • United States Citizen says:

      The Flash 2019 I was gonna say that lol

    • TheKman1014 says:

      thedarkemissary Skip just cast Zeke to the side xD. Skip is just as bad. He did the same thing with Kawhi.

    • Nick Garcia says:

      TheKman1014 Zeke cast his team to the side. Dude is under contract in a league with a cap. Between the holdout and the suspensions Zeke has been a headache. Hope Pollard continues to impress

    • Mr Davis-Young says:

      I’ll smash on a chicken like Popeyes.

  16. Volkor: 316 says:

    Pretty pathetic when you try to put stock in pre season to make an argument. Delusional

  17. Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil says:

    Skip is crazy ? running against backups doesn’t tell us much yet.

  18. Ultimate Roryor says:

    Skip tripping, the Rams front 7 was all backups


    Soon as zeke come back and run for 200 yrds in a game (Skip: Zeke is the mvp of this team ive been saying this since his rookie year)

  20. KBR Sports says:

    Tony Pollard is not Ezekiel Elliott and to even compare the two really got people off that HEN DAWG!!!!!

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