Skipping in High School

Skipping in High School

Story of how I skipped class to avoid taking a test and well… yeah. Things didn’t go as planned.

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75 Responses

  1. Rayhart Twins says:

    *Is anyone else a good kid and doesn’t skip?* 😂

  2. wenoobsyeah says:

    Dude that ending looking like a scene from brazzers with all those white chicks with the only black guy in there lol.


    There are like 10 other dudes in here- LOOKJNG like refugees.

    DEAD 😂😂

  4. GamerW 765 says:

    You got to help a bother out

  5. Joie Cao says:

    i dont skip…. i ask my mom if i can stay home and shes cool with it

  6. Chris Beaudoin says:

    Why are American students treated like prisoners? In Canada, if I want to skip school I can walk past five teachers, go out the front door and nobody would care.

    • marceronni says:

      +slap my hand

      “My High School ‘could’ give less shits about me skipping class.”

      Did you know they care if they could give less shits? Which is contradictory to your agreement with OP.

      “I’m already smart.”

      Your intellect sure isn’t rooted in your writing.

    • MrGreyjeep says:

      Wow when you put it like that…dang we are

    • D B says:

      Chris Beaudoin yeah bc the gov will assume less students attend so therefore they need less money. We even had “count day” where they encouraged everybody to come to school because the officials would be coming to count students. They’d throw us a pizza party and give us t shirts. But our class would deliberately skip that day smh

    • MrGreyjeep says:

      D B how do you skip class that much without failing? I’m pretty sure if you miss 3 classes you fail….

    • Sebastian Fernandez says:

      School is bullshit and that’s why people don’t like it here in the U.S

  7. Big Papa says:

    high key flexing the harem at the end LOL

  8. Kamalei T says:

    I skipped class to go beach 😂👌🏽🌊

  9. The real OG says:

    *Beat me with a fridge*

  10. Carolyn Grace Marie says:

    You’re an amazing storyteller Swoozie!

  11. sEoLa PrOdUcTiOnS says:

    I’m literally obsessed with sWooZie right now


  12. Sendy S says:

    I see Swoozie having girls on his snaps, his insta stories and on his youtube channel. And claims he can’t get a girl. Bruh look at u with all the lady friends. One of them has to have a crush on you some how lol

    • Rhythms of the Americas says:

      He knows de whey.

    • Sendy S says:

      Sweet Flower totally understand that. I just find it funny that’s all. I’m just happy he’s not a player

    • Aleksandra Dicheva says:

      Sendy S They’re quoting Pewdiepie memes.

    • Sendy S says:

      Aleksandra Dicheva well I didn’t know cuz I don’t watch pewdiepie lol

    • Shamarr Washington says:

      Sweet Flower no. Most men want validation. Not respect. I’ll know when a woman loves me based on how she respects me as her man. Loves brings trust and trust brings respect. And there is a difference between respect and fear as well. Sadly we live on a society that praises men who bangs many chicks and men who do watever it takes to have money. On the contrary men are also degraded for those reasons. So when a real man steps up, due to a nasty track record, they are deemed as an outcast. Or often shamed by other men who’s values are based on materialistic gain.

  13. Jayzzz 123 says:

    got alot of chicks on your bed swoozie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Oscar Flores says:

    Yooo how you get beat with a fridge ??? 😂

  15. Juno Okubo says:

    I am a subscriber from Japan!

  16. It's BeeRay says:

    Subscriber from Botswana 🇧🇼 Yes, we have internet in Africa 😂

  17. CivilGuy says:

    How do you skip school? Like how do you just walk out into the school yard and walk away? Like how?

  18. HENRY THE RC CAR says:

    Back in highschool, I remember skipping gym swim class for a whole semester, because i didn’t like swimming at school 😀 When i came back next semester, my gym teacher thought i had changed schools 😲 I told him, nope i had a doctors note to skip swimming. Which was a complete lie! 😏

    Surprisingly, the teacher kinda went with it and nothing ever happened to me after that. For the missed semester, i got a n/a grade for gym class, so it didn’t affect my average! 😂

  19. Officer Spooder says:

    I’m ditching in the bathroom rn

  20. UnPhayzable says:

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but *fridges will destroy me*

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