Skip’s Cowboys rout Eagles 33-13 in Week 14: Prescott 2 TD, PHI lost two straight | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip’s Cowboys rout Eagles 33-13 in Week 14: Prescott 2 TD, PHI lost two straight | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless, Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson and Richard Sherman react to the Dallas Cowboys win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14. Skip’s Cowboys tallied their 15th straight home win and handed their rival Eagles their second consecutive blowout loss. The Undisputed cast recap the game, talk Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts, the Cowboys defense led by Micah Parsons and more.

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Skip’s Cowboys rout Eagles 33-13 in Week 14: Prescott 2 TD, PHI lost two straight | NFL | UNDISPUTED


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57 Responses

  1. @UndisputedOnFS1 says:

    Check out The Carton Show on TikTok:

  2. @Need-You-Tonight says:

    As a Cowboys fan that was a good performance, took care of business. But that performance against SF instead of Philly is a 2 td loss. Unless SF suffers injuries(hopefully not), itll take a perfect performance to beat them the way they’re operating this year.

  3. @Supersmashmike101 says:

    So good to see them all together in person

  4. @jaysrandomnesschannel says:

    Keyshawn going over his notes at the beginning is like that kid whose parent shows up in the classroom unexpectedly 😂😂😂

  5. @MikeBNumba6 says:

    I’m glad Michael Irvin on this show. He’s great for TV

  6. @ld3336 says:

    Skip about to break his hand pounding that desk 😂 keyshawns and shermans face is priceless

  7. @user-lt1fx2he5s says:

    What a win! They dominated!

    • @seanmcnally4818 says:

      Eagles defense is capital B-A-D, BAD!!! They rank 30th in red zone defense, and DEAD LAST on 3rd down defense.

    • @ecbighitters says:

      @@seanmcnally4818okay what about offense though? They have all pros across the board.

    • @JoshuaAvery-gp5dm says:

      U field goal ur way to victory Niners scored six consecutive touchdowns not impressed!

    • @BusterCherry1 says:


      FG their way to victory? DAL 1st 4 drives were: TD, FG, TD, TD. +3 on turnovers. Cowboys spanked’em, and I think you Whiners fans might be scared. Cowboys are the hottest team in the league rn.

  8. @user-lt1fx2he5s says:

    Skip made sure Sherman was in the studio today 😂😂

  9. @ryglizzie9114 says:

    After 14 weeks of the NFL, Richard finally called the Cowboys elite. Loved watching Him and Keyshawn eat crow.

  10. @t.k.1319 says:

    When Philly beats a team, they are proving how great they are. When Dallas beats a team, suddenly that team sucks.

    • @carlosjones1104 says:

      Perspective. When Philly beats a team, the other team lost it. When the Eagles lose, that team winning the Superbowl

    • @timwalley9780 says:

      Hmmm… wow😂😂😂

    • @BusterCherry1 says:


      Bwahahaha! Pure sophistry! No one said the Jets are going to the SB. They lost to the Whiners and they are arguably the best team in the league. Stop it. Philly has been coddled the entire season regarding close wins.

    • @Blair-designerwear-LBD says:

      Dallas didn’t beat us we beat us it’s not about them and we don’t suck but something is clearly wrong with us 😂😢

    • @loripetersondc4l79 says:

      ​@@BusterCherry1exactly 💯 when they were 10-1 last month they kept screaming it like they just won a SB!😂😂

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