Sky & JT’s Argentine Tango – DWTS Juniors

Sky & JT’s Argentine Tango – DWTS Juniors

Sky Brown and JT Church dance the Argentine Tango to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons cast during the Semi-Finals.

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49 Responses

  1. Jacqueline Mora says:

    They’re absolutely adorable 😩💛

  2. DizNala says:


  3. KaMorian McNutt-Parker says:

    1st comment!!! This deserves a perfect score. Amazing🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃💃💃

    • Hello says:

      KaMorian McNutt-Parker no you are not your comment says 18 minutes some say 19

    • Linda Hannah says:

      I didn’t like this music for a Tango it needed more Push and Pull and felt they needed more hitting on the accents to match their amazing expressions. But in all they did amazing. I would of given a 10, 10, and 9 as well. The reasons I gave for the 9 is what I gave before with the music and and the choreography was there I just felt the coach worked more on the teaching of the importance of Hitting the Accents in the music and working on the the back and the Forth of Push and Pull. It’s like seeing a physical version of a argument of back and forth with that passion they had and in also an idea of watching a fight between Romeo and Juliet with the idea that they fight the feelings they have for each other because forbidden love. It just was missing the importance of the tango for me I saw a great foxtrot not a tango.

  4. Jessica Carter says:

    She did a great job way to go sky. Her scores were 10,9,10!!!!

  5. kiera mcqueen says:

    Best couple ever❤️💖

  6. Sharifa Safiou says:

    Scores: 10,09,10
    Thank me later

  7. The Dream Team says:

    I love her face expressions through out the video

  8. Micky Dee says:

    Sky needs to win !!!!

  9. Taylor Lynn says:

    She’s 10x better then the guy who won the regular shows season 😂

  10. Conor George says:

    She’s honestly great, for a kid that hasn’t danced before this is incredible, she definitely deserves a chance to win this, wow

  11. San C says:

    Yessss #TeamAlan for the win

  12. Ximena Urrutia says:

    When i watch them i feel i am watching mini alexis and mini alan ♥️😂

  13. Peter Lim says:

    My favourite dance of the bunch this week. I prefer this over Mackenzie’s. I just love it that Sky commits to the emotion and dynamics of this routine.

    • Peter Lim says:

      +bolt8843 That’s what I was thinking too! Their chemistry is stronger than Mackenzie’s team. Not hating on Mackenzie though. I loved her Samba dance with her sister. I think Mackenzie fairs better in more upbeat/fun styles of dance, which sometimes does not really rely on chemistry between partners.

    • Peter Lim says:

      +fartun ali Yea true, technically Mackenzie is obviously better due to her background in dance. But I still think with Sky and JT’s chemistry and overall dance, they beat them out slightly.

    • bolt8843 says:

      +Peter Lim Definitely agree there! Her strong dances seem to be the fast paced ones like her Samba. I’m honestly shocked she didn’t even get a single 10 on that. I don’t think any couple left in the competition matches up to Sky & JT’s chemistry.

    • Emily Aguilar says:

      Well there all kids having the time of their lives thats all that matters

    • rebecca countryman says:

      bolt8843 I’m glad I’m not the only that felt like that when she was dancing. I think Kenzie and sages best dance was when she danced to sias song

  14. Desirée says:

    Babies 😍😍 oh gosh, I’m going to miss seeing them dance each week. They could not have gotten a better coach 💕 #TeamAlan

  15. Courtney Jones says:

    I hope she wins she’s so cute!

  16. Kristen Nelsen says:

    I hope they win!! So good and so precious!😀

  17. nikivictoria says:

    Watching both of their facial expressions is the best thing ever 😂😂

  18. Maria Sharp says:

    Simply awesome. Sky and JT have been my favorites since their first dance. Now all of these talented kids will be performing in the finale. Fantastic! And huge kudos to Alan. He’s turned someone with no dance experience into a phenomenal dancer. Also, Sky couldn’t have asked for a better partner than JT!!

  19. editing by caitlin says:

    Damn, sky continues to impress me every week! She is improving in every way possible! I seriously cannot believe she is only 10! Imagine what she could do in the future! Tricks were on point, a nice and mature dance + all the great little touches alan added! (the rose, stage lights, etc…) I adore them! 10!

  20. DWTS Observer says:

    BEST ARGENTINE TANGO OF THE SEASON!!! This was the most complicated routine of the season as well! Wow wow wow! She was way sharper than I expected! Some of that footwork and those lifts were absolutely stunning! I was expecting this style to bring her down, but this actually was her best of the season! That was especially evident in a move in the middle (Edit: it’s 1:07-1:08). I don’t know if this is the real name, but I call it the rocket, and when I saw that in the middle I GASPED. There was some complicated leg work in the air there! I’m so amazed with her. She has grown immensely. This is my favorite of the night so far! 10!!!

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