Skyrim VS Dark Souls (Dragonborn VS Chosen Undead) | DEATH BATTLE!

Skyrim VS Dark Souls (Dragonborn VS Chosen Undead) | DEATH BATTLE!

The Last Dovahkiin and the champion of Lordran cross blades!
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– “Fireborn” – Battle Music
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Additional Credit: Jocelyn voiced by Lisa Foiles.
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47 Responses

  1. Mr Wholegrain says:

    This is going to be the first Death Battle where somebody wins because their opponent glitches out and crashes the fight. Good ol’ Skyrim.

  2. Markel Craig says:

    Intro (0:00)
    Chosen Undead’s Rundown (0:52)
    Ads Part I (7:19)
    Last Dragonborn’s Rundown (8:31)
    Ads Part II (14:34)
    Fight (15:26)
    Results (18:55)
    Next Time (22:10)

  3. ghostly_number says:

    Dang this just makes me want to see a full on cinematic of a fully powered dragonborn vs alduin

    • Zombie Gangster says:

      Its always going to be the Dragonborn if he’s full powered

    • James McDonald says:

      @Zombie Gangster  he had to use dragonrend to even hurt him though, so not exactly fair, it’s like going to fight superman with kryptonite

    • Kai Mobley says:

      ​@James McDonald not really bcus if you manage to run into Alduin in the overworld you can actually “kill him” ahead of time. I got close to doing it when he got glitched into a mountain keeping him in place but eventually he got unglitched and flew away. Dragonrend on the other hand just forces him to be grounded for a period of time and doesn’t do any damage

    • Jose Guadalupe Martinez Torres says:

      The fact that Dark Souls games don’t let you unlock a Dragonborn character after defeating the game at least once is criminal. The Souls games would be so much more fun if you had various characters from other games

    • KorgCrimson says:

      would have been far less underwhelming than what we got I’m sure.

  4. DragonRuler says:

    i must say, little sad yall didnt have the dragonborn stop to eat cheese and the chosen undead stop and drink his flask but it was still amazing

    • Soldier of God, Rick says:

      I full on expected that to happen in the fight, shame it didn’t though

    • Fox Scout says:

      thats the first thing i thought when the fight started

    • Jay Cub says:

      After seeing Arrow To the Knee and Ludwig’s Moonlight Great sword reunion I really expected to have a full 5 second time out where they’re both cramming their mouths with healing items

    • Trolldier of Fortune says:

      The dragonborn doesn’t stop to eat cheese, the dragonborn eats cheese at instant speed. Probably did it several times during that fight, and the chosen undead didn’t see it so assumed it was some kind of honor duel thing and just didn’t heal.

    • Salted says:

      It wouldve changed the tone of the fight

  5. Matthew Reynoso says:

    That Thomas the Tank Engine bit during the Dragonborn rundown had me laughing 😂😂

  6. Pixis1 says:

    I love that at one point the Chosen Undead took an arrow in the knee. Nice touch.

  7. Landon Mathews says:

    Dragonborn: *Walks into water*
    Chosen Undead: “Wait, that’s illegal”

    • Timmothy says:

      Dragonborn: “Don’t worry, I’m completely helpless in here!”

    • World Man says:

      @Timmothy not if you get the boots that let you walk on water.

    • Cesare Cavallini says:

      Dragonborn: *jump*
      Chosen Undead: And I took that personally!!

    • MoFo Mr Tayto says:

      Dragonborn: Walks on water
      Chosen Undead: “Oh didn’t think the water was shallow. I guess I’ll just follow y-“ *falls to his death because he’s to heavy or something*

    • domo mitsune says:

      That’s right, the Dovahkiin can swim. In fact you could just win the fight by knocking your opponent into the water and having them instantly die. Good Ole instant drowning mechanic.

  8. Axe Soul(OSC) says:

    I honestly thought they were going to do a Guts vs Nightmare thing where the Dragonborn is significantly more powerful, but it’s exactly what the Chosen Undead has delt with on their entire journey.

  9. Loose Saber says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that the chosen undead basically grabbed the sword that was stealing his soul WHILE IT WAS STILL STABBING HIM AND NOT ONLY THAT
    And also
    “Prepare to die”
    It sent chills down my spine

    Edit:thanks for the 62 likes!!

  10. Relentless Visions says:

    I’m glad they covered the dragon borns true feat of being able to carry so many damn cheese wheels

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