Slapjack with Jason Statham

Slapjack with Jason Statham

Jimmy and Jason Statham compete in a high-stakes game of blackjack where the loser of each round gets smacked in the face with a giant rubber hand.

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Slapjack with Jason Statham

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19 Responses

  1. ajtee721 says:

    They are having so much fun im jealous

  2. FromRussiaWithLove says:

    test comment don’t thumbs up

  3. Heather Edwards says:

    Jason is always one of my favorite guests with Jimmy

  4. Majesty D says:

    Yo GAmers
    Mind if i get a like on my vids guys Check it!
    Appreciate ya!

  5. Halil C says:

    Jason Statham is a Legend and total badass…

  6. randomnessocity says:

    If Jimmy was going to win anyways Jason should have taken another card,
    which would have given him the 2, which would have given him a 19.

    He should have won that first round.

  7. dakika Woodard says:

    What is up with this guys skull ?it looks tight again.

  8. DTHB says:

    Jason Is The Best !!!

  9. Marjory Pimentel says:

    @MaliAussie they made the water war and the arm wrestling

  10. madjennsy says:

    so much fun!

  11. Joe Smith says:

    video length=420

  12. Byron Cai says:

    noticed the length of this video is 4:20?

  13. Pedestrian AtBest says:

    He hasn’t done Face Swap in a while

  14. toushiify says:

    First round should have gone to the dealer since the next card was a 2…
    Rigged game is rigged

  15. Javiersthebest says:

    Jason Statham is an awesome guy

  16. Ajie Kurnia says:

    +faqih salban your father is somewhat funny =))

  17. yesi cortez says:

    this was on bfvsgf video when they were doing this challenge.

  18. Joseph Mongkeya says:

    The fake laugh again

  19. DatCorrupted says:

    1:27 Jason was nervous as H