Slauson Opens For First Time Since Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

Slauson Opens For First Time Since Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

The busy street had been closed since the rapper’s murder on Sunday, which was followed the next night by a stampede that hurt several people. Lesley Marin reports.

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50 Responses

  1. King says:

    R.I.P. Hyde Park Hussle The Great! You will truly be missed King. We gon pick up where you left off African.

  2. Philip Theimer says:

    Dude was loved by many.

    • Adrian Green says:

      No he wasn’t. He’s loved by many at the moment because he’s dead. You’re envied, and hated when you’re alive and doing well.

    • Lol Haha ain’t shit funny says:

      Adrian Green

      There was a reason he felt as comfortable as he did that allowed this to happen.

    • Proof He's Real says:

      +Adrian GreenPlease help me understand. How is it even possible for you to know that, when you have absolutely no knowledge of how many people loved him to begin with? We’re talking about a matter of the human heart which no man on this entire earth can read.

    • HB says:

      ​+Adrian Green LOL I am from the UK and was banging his music for 4 years now. Please don’t speak about Nipsey Hustle like that; you don’t know him or his fanbase. You are a fool. Look how many views his music videos have gotten before his death and meetings he had with tech entrepreneurs.

    • Shesj Hukkinar says:

      Another dead thug.


  3. Alejo Zamora says:

    Nip the great forever will be loved bloods crips mexicans we all loved him

  4. G Hix says:

    The guy that was talking was big Thundercat..of course Nipsey is lil Thundercat. RIP’ll forever be missed!!

  5. California area says:

    I never realized how much he impacted LA man Rest in peace ?

  6. Kenny Martin says:

    CIP Nipsey from Miami to Crenshaw

  7. Dyna Young says:

    Lord I’m n tears he took his life over what

    • Michelle Williams says:

      Yes i cant quit looking at everything im from blog to blog ugh i hate senseless death Jesus rip nip. This is heartbreaking

    • lonewolf261000 says:

      Dyna Young Over words he takes a man’s everything. Everything he ever was and everything he ever could be Gone just like that. Kids have no father wife has no husband, friends lost a friend, family lost a family member. And all over a few words, Lack of relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the real culprit here. A man easily used by Satan to do this evil act. And such a harsh way to go ???

    • Dyna Young says:

      +lonewolf261000 man he told him to leave he cane back to kill him but like ppl saying a hit because he kicked n shot more bullets in to his body kicked ..come on now I feel he should of shit him when he told him to leave period ..wZke he run his bit h ass to a heatl health to play like he’s crazy turn his self in boom ..


      probably a shitty mixtape. its so sad.

  8. Deforest Shields says:

    I don’t understand why these people kill good people’s that are doing great things for their community, that’s just wrong how nispy died, people’s will hate on you no matter what, just so sad my brother was only 33 years old, my God got you my brother Nispy,

  9. Steve says:

    Im Korean n having listened to Nipsey n supporting him since 13′ i feel like i lost my own homie. I saw him perform at the Palladium few months back too.
    He took pics with us no problem, shook our hand n all. He was with the bizz.
    Nipseys supporters r beyond the Hyde Park Black community.
    RIP Nipsey ??????

  10. Alexander Reid says:

    March 31st national nipsey hussle day

  11. BiG JuiCe says:

    The homies are waiting for him in prison so he probably won’t last long! R.I.P Nipsey!

  12. James Stewart says:

    Rip Nip even though are hoods didn’t get along bro u didn’t deserve to get to done like that bro

  13. sabrina crawford says:

    She is his WIFE! Media get ish straight!

  14. M Tio says:

    If his legacy touches and saves at least one life, then his work is complete

  15. Marlon Barrientos says:

    REST IN PEACE NIPSEY HUSSLE, I LOVE HOW THE GUY SAID IT WAS A GIFT FROM GOD… I LOVE THAT, but the case of nipsey hussle getting killed is very sad

  16. Adrian Green says:

    He was respected for the work he did in the community. He wasn’t loved by many until he died.

  17. Vick KnewZeus says:

    Man I swear I hate jealous people

  18. Omar Castro says:

    Forever homie…..thank you for everything…..respect from the Mexican community…..its time to use are brains and hearts….we can make something of are selfs if we really try…..

  19. Haw Yow Eritrawit Hagerawit says:

    Our beloved brother ?? it hurts RIP Nip/Ermi ? ER

  20. Proof He's Real says:

    Nipsey is the only rapper that I know of that had people saying more GOOD about him than bad after passing away. God bless those who love this man.

    • SmokeKlouds says:

      I actually havent seen anything bad said about him. Which is actually insane, obviously was a great man. Rip

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