Slow Mo Gargling Uvula – The Slow Mo Guys

Slow Mo Gargling Uvula – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav shows you a super close up and intrusive simulation of what it is like to make out with Dan.
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Filmed at 1000fps with Phantom Flex 4K
Slow Mo Gargling Uvula – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. Clock ʘ͜͡ʘ says:


  2. Bryce p says:

    The sounds in this are amazing. I love the noise the uvula makes when it
    hits the back of the throat!

  3. knickersonurface says:

    I wasn’t ready for the slapping sounds

  4. KoalaPerson!! says:


  5. beyah89 says:

    ahhhh the slaping noise had me dying lol

  6. Zakaria Kass says:

    Waxing your legs in slow motion

  7. Tom Fuller says:

    Why is Dan back? I thought we’d got Steveo now?

  8. Mark G says:

    you guys were much better before you started doing a bunch of slow motion

  9. Numbers says:

    Looks like the uvula is beating its head apart because he can’t stand the
    noise Dan is making

  10. Andi Lolz! says:

    Thats so weird

  11. Owen Patton says:


  12. Moymoy Poypoy says:


  13. Mr. Muffin says:

    The description XD

  14. Matthew Gerlach says:

    That’s what she said

  15. Marshall Family says:

    You guys should gleak in slow motion I want to see what it looks like

  16. CSIL says:

    so gross

  17. Captain desdes says:

    Sounds like a motorcycle

  18. mychinchillaeatsrainbows says:

    This is not at all what I expected.

  19. BaZOoOK 10 (BaZOoOK-11) says:

    Look like pussy ?????

  20. JeanProds says:

    Just close your eyes and listen xD