Slow Mo Rainbow Flame – 4K – The Slow Mo Guys

Slow Mo Rainbow Flame – 4K – The Slow Mo Guys

Most fireballs are orange and will melt your face off. These ones aren’t orange… but they will still happily melt your face off.
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Slow Mo Rainbow Flame – The Slow Mo Guys
Filmed at 1000fps with the Phantom Flex 4k

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20 Responses

  1. villanelo1987 says:

    Wait… what colour was that flame?
    Was it… green flame?

  2. LailaIcePrincess says:

    Another amazing video! Absolutely loved it’s! Cheers from Italy! ??

  3. Chase Eckman says:

    the blue flame looked like water!

  4. Opalite says:

    The blue was sparkling like it was magic or something. *coughs* sans.

  5. Jourple506 says:

    Is anyone else getting flashbacks to Harry Potter?

  6. Ed Skev says:

    Nice vid, but should have done a head on collision with 2 colours of flame
    🙂 maybe next one?

  7. PerfectlyImperfect Art says:

    The blue is awesome!

  8. kfactor99 says:

    2:02 avada kedavra!

  9. Accriate says:

    I thought Gav’s coat said “Gay” lol

  10. bloop says:

    Leg was not the body part I was expecting Dan to say

  11. Fire Phoenix says:

    The blue one almost looks like water

  12. Danilo Eucaliptus says:

    Wow, hello from italy !!!

  13. Saphron says:

    Gavins V really looks like a Y

  14. e gio says:

    Gavin really is a flamer for Dan

  15. JazitJ says:

    Can you make a screen saver out of this?

  16. Something 2LookAt says:

    Well that’s just brilliant. Awesome visual crossing the streams like that.

  17. Cameron Scott says:

    Desktop wallpaper generator

  18. Unpleasant Fox says:

    Looks like some magic spell you’d see in a video game or movie.

  19. Alonso Morales says:

    Gavin said the focus was extremely hard to achieve, but actually it isn’t.
    I love them, but what stands them out is their terrific expensive cameras.
    They don’t really have many photographic techniques, copy ideas and lack
    the real explanation behind the experiments (sometimes Gavin may say
    something that sounds scientific, but it’s so general and vague) However
    they do have awesome personality and charm. But for real, invest time in
    learning photo, science and more OG ideas (because you have some, but many
    of them are just fire)

  20. stewart willis says:

    they should put the slow mo of the flames on a loop