Smart Houses Are Kinda Tacky

Smart Houses Are Kinda Tacky

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28 Responses

  1. Jake Taylor says:

    Wow these houses are really cool. I think Danny should upgrade his house like this by maybe adding two smart light bulbs into a room? And he could do it himself? Idk just an idea

  2. Jonks says:

    As a cybersecurity specialist, I am very happy that all of these people are filling their homes with insecure smart devices. Keeps business booming lol

  3. Double J says:

    The “Bluetooth speaker” is a sonic cleaner/sanitizer. The reason the have the small washing machine is because there isn’t a lot of room in Asian apartments so they made these. It’s actually kind of neat and useful for them!

  4. franl155 says:

    I’ve seen too many horror stories of “smart” gadgets to ever want to buy one: as if smart TVs that spy on your conversations weren’t bad enough, there are washing machines and ovens that won’t work unless you allow them access to your Contacts List; smart cars that won’t work because the software needs updating; smart gym treadmill that won’t work because the software licence needs renewing.
    Even when it’s not a way for companies to control us even more deeply and completely, there’s the old saying about putting all one’s eggs in one basket. So your whole house is connected electronics and can be controlled from your phone – until there’s a severe storm that knocks out power.
    Griff Rhys Jones did a programme ‘way back on sci-fi predictions from the 60s. One of them predicted that we’d all have household robots [lumbering things like Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet]; the wife, with her very 60s hairstyle, was shown pushing buttons on the book-sized control box: six buttons, one of which was labelled “get hat”. So the robot only has six jobs, and that’s one of them?

  5. Melissa Crav says:

    i did my senior project on this! (the chip girl thing) i took a whole class about human/tech augmentation for it. basically, capitalism bad, and the creator of the chips can use those things to track your every move and can learn an insane amount of info about you (after all, they still own it), not to mention their security isnt great. even things like pacemakers can be hacked and turned off. Some implantable chips can store info like your credit card, and work the same how you can tap your card on the reader at check outs, except, woooo, its your hand!!! They are also used for things like clearance cards, to open doors or access computers, like how chip girl uses hers, except the government is considering it too. you can also get magnets installed under your fingernails which are completely pointless! Commerically, however, the risk of infection for these augmentations is insane, because you typically go to a shady body piercer instead of a doctor and they usually have to be replaced and reinserted every couple of years.

    besides medical device augmentations, which are fascinating and diverse, there isn’t any real benefit to doing these things. it’s mostly for show, or to unlock things and look cool, i guess. I would definately say the risks do not outweigh the one pro. why risk an implant when you can use a fingerprint/face scanner, as Danny said?

    • Someone Idk says:

      Unless there’s something I don’t know, I seriously doubt it can track your every move any more than your phone can. In a literal sense definitely not- A chip would need a battery to track your GPS location.

      Anyway. I can see this chip tracking where your purchases are made and when you enter your home, but other than that? No. Credit cards already track when/where you make purchases. If you don’t turn off location tracking data then your phone knows when you go home or to a store. I don’t think a chip is more dangerous in this regard tbh.

      Everything else is valid though- it’s weird to chip yourself for something like this.

  6. Kalle Mattila says:

    Man I hate digitalising things that don’t need it. My city’s public transport recently forced students to use a mobile app instead of a travel card, and now my phone’s shitty battery dictates whether I have to walk home. Of course the card does also require an electronic reader, but at least I won’t get fined if it doesn’t work 😄

    • lightningwaffle952 says:

      damn, thats awful

    • Elia Kazmi says:

      Same! My phone died one time though and I explained it to the bus driver and they still let me on the bus 🙂

    • illessi says:

      @Lanky Carrot nah mine is a college town in the midwest. Ours doesn’t have as many options as that. Bascially you pay for whatever pass you want on the app. Then when you get on the bus it generates a qr code on your phone that you just pass over the screen.

    • Kate A says:

      Yes Disney World I’m Florida made ordering food digital so it sucks if your phone is dead lol

    • Lanky Carrot says:

      @illessi omny

  7. K J - Princess Aria says:

    Part of why this annoys me is that it’s just so wasteful. They aren’t automating things to make it more accessible to disabled people, they’re doing it to cater to wealthy people who want to look cool. It’s a completely unnecessary waste of our planet’s finite resources. Rare earth metals are called that for a reason, and the process of mining them is often done with unethical labor methods and is extremely damaging to the ecosystem. And in addition to that, it requires electricity to run them!

    Reminds me of that idiotic “smart composter” that was billed as being eco-friendly, but actually has a net negative impact on the environment because of the amount of electricity it required. And all because wealthy people don’t want to just keep a compost bin in the cupboard under the sink or in their backyard?

  8. JJ Metrejhon says:

    When my brother was doing his engineering degree, the designers of a certain car manufacturer told them how dangerous biometrics arewhen you link them to expensive things – especially when you announce it, like chip girl – because then everybody knows that, instead of mugging you for your keys, they will have to take your forearm.

  9. Jaret Hanson says:

    I feel like after a week of having to awkwardly use my wrist to unlock every door, drawer, and cupboard in my house, I’d just start leaving them all slightly ajar

  10. megs says:

    Technically, the Beast had the first smart house until Belle straight up ruined it. Him and Maurice could have changed the game.

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